Buying Watches at Costco or Sam’s club, IWC, Breitling,Cartier.

Buying watches at Costco or Sams club is it a good idea, in this video we talk about the discount watches that you often see if you visit big warehouse stores,.


martyjanderson says:

What about online Grey market like joma?

CLO27 says:

Your right on the money with everything. Costco doesn’t have a big selection but you won’t beat their prices. They have watches in certain stores depending on the cost of living in the area. The more expensive the area is to live in the nicer the watches.

Jeffrey De Jesus says:

I found a vintage Omega with painted logo sub seconds, gold dot markers on odd numbers, maybe 2503 movement, 33-34mm stainless steel manual wind running looking 8.75/10. $300 Canadian GOOD DEAL???

tim fenrich says:

Oh man are the ADs gonna hate ya over this one!! Lol! Great information! Funny thing I bought my ex wife’s engagement ring at Costco in the 80’s for $300, a VVS1 3/4 carat, nice solitaire ring and about $1500 less than Zales… good stuff you got today, sure wish I had the dough for that Portuguese!

Roberto Rodriguez says:

Very good info !!!

Salvador Cano says:

Bought a brand new tag heuer Monaco calibre 12 for 3 grand. Same piece at Jareds was selling for 5400. Totally jumped on it

Michael Gisiger says:

Thanks for the warning in advance. I will not set foot in any of those stores next time I’ll be in the US. Otherwise I will blow my budget 😀

Terry Riley says:

Brother, you speak the truth! Every time I go to my brick and mortar shop, Costco, I open my phone’s browser and login to and see whats online compared to WHATS ONLINE! Around Christmas time Rolex Sky-Dweller in Rose Gold, personally my least favorite watch, but the PRICE was to die for! Right now online Cushion-Cut and Round Brilliant 11.52ctw VS1/VS2 Clarity Fancy Yellow Diamond Platinum Earrings-$139.999.99, if your credit card can handle that! Go online and check it out. I am amazed and astounded at the Costco members who don’t have a clue as to what is online compared to whats in the warehouse. Right now on the west coast, the most expensive watches are a couple of junkers a Versace and a Gucci. Not worth my time or effort. JUNK FASHION WATCHES!. But in the warehouse, they had an Omega Seamaster, but I forgot the price, they had a Breitling Chronomat 44 Stainless steel item # 1191634 for $ 4999.99. Membership has its benefits. Love your channel. Yes I liked and sub’ed.

Ivan Rodriguez says:

Thanks, Will you ever consider making a video beginner guide too shopping for watches on ebay, I think I’m more of the art of the deal guy? any tips on a beginners guides to flipping vintage watches. im building the courage. my fear is repairing

I.J. Rodriguez says:

Who knew!! Omg thanks for the tips

B98k Finnegan says:

There’s a costco in my area that has an omega constellation for $4500

M Riley says:

Great discounts, but very limited selection. However, I find Cartier is always overpriced at Costco. It’s good to sign up online for stock updates or availability. I haven’t seen IWC sold at Costco, but I hear HUGE discounts on IWC. Makes you wonder how much AD’s get them for and how much they get marked up.

Ka Yo says:

If you ever get a chance to travel, go to Japan specially Osaka Japan. The prices there are phenomenal, for example, at Sam’s Club an Omega Seamaster chronograph will cost you $5,000 plus tax, but in Japan that same watch new in the box and fully warranted is $2,600. Oh, and NO Tax, courteous for travelers in Japan. Now why Osaka, Japan, because it’s traditional to bargain in that city. So that means, you can get that watch for much lower than $2,600. I have made a great relationship with one of the department stores that I deal with on buying watches if you’re interested. Now that’s the newer watches for the vintage watches they are cheaper because the Japanese are not into vintage watches like western countries. So it makes this market a breeze most of the time. Also, I have found an old watch shop with the original owner from the 50’s still selling in excellent shape vintage watches. This little store is packed with vintage Rolex’s, Omega’s etc.. The store also has parts for many different vintage watches. The shop is absolutely Overwhelming. I have found that there are many old timer’s still selling watches in their shop’s, still kicking away it’s absolutely, Amazing. There is more, but that is enough to chew on for now. 😉

Jack says:

That’s my dream watch right there. IWC portuguese. I would have put myself into debt for that lol.

Ruckus Eskie says:

Warehouse watches are discounted. Costco hauls are so fun! We just posted a video on XMAS EVE 🙂

Truthfears Guilty says:

buying “fine” watches at costco and sam’s club? 10 feet away from discounted kirkland brand socks, underwears, tampons, douches and food items? no thank you.

OriginalPressings says:

This video is the top referring one to mine. Everything he is saying is true if you just want the watch.

Juan Gallardo says:


hyperchord says:

No warranty though, but great return policy at Costco though

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