Breitling Superocean 42 – Alluring Blue Diver – Plus Breitling SWAG

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solosautos1 says:

Congrats with your new purchase! This watch is absolutely beautiful! From this category breitling is my #1 choice specially superocean II 44mm cpecial!
Cheers from Brooklyn.ny.

Jesse Enriquez says:

You forgot the perfunctory lume shot!?

steven uk1 says:

the smaller 42mm size is much better. I’m not a Breitling fan normally but I do like this one and I like the new 42mm Chronos, Breitling is looking much better.

Steve Garrett says:

What is the bezel action like. Love the course almost coin edge knurling on the bezel

William Wu says:

Now I see it and cannot unseen. I can’t stand the 15 & 22 marking got cut off.

David Kay says:

External AR coating = automatic no sale for me. It just makes no sense. Here’s this incredibly hard, incredibly difficult to scratch glass, and then we’re going to coat it with an incredibly EASY to scratch coating that will look awful when it inevitably scratches. Might as well just use acrylic at that point.

Wolf DNA says:


권가빈 says:

Bruce can u please do a comparison video of the defferent crystal shapes? Domed, flat etc etc… and how that effacts the distorsion and the readability of the dial? Thank

The Watch Lounge says:

Great piece for sure, Nice buy ..

Daniel D says:

I just bought a GS auto. I had some Rolexes watches. The GS is in another level!

Jim G says:

I have the same model in black. Took a while to get used to the busy dial but now I love it. After having a Datejust for years I wanted a Sub, but I opted for this due to the overpriced steel Rolexes. The one thing this Breitling auto doesn’t do, at least in my experience is get the full power reserve from wearing it. I have to do a manual wind to get 40 hours. With Rolex I could wear it 2 days on and 1 day off and it would not stop before wearing it on that fourth day. This Breitling gets 30 hours max reserve time no matter how many days I wear it in a row. Again, a manual wind gets the full 40 hours. Not a big deal once I started planning for it. But I love this watch and the longer I have it the less I think about the Sub.

Dimitris Kekos says:

No ceramic bezel ,too busy dial …you had to get the SOH 42 more beautiful and iconic and with mesh bracelet 🙂

Vukota Brajovic says:

SuperOcean was and still is my favorite Breitling, very underrated all-around watch capable for everyday wearing and sport activities as well. This particular model is maybe the best looking of the bunch, but there is one thing that I simply cannot understand, and that being weaker depth rating than on its predecessor. I had the last SuperOcean model with SS bezel (produced in 2007), with basically same 42mm case and similar dial. My Breitling had the depth rating of 1500m/5000ft, and, albeit I’m not a diver, it felt pretty good having such a capable watch that almost can go toe-to-toe with Rolex Sea-Dweller and similar models. Why they decided to scale it down is beyond me. Not that it truly matters in the real world, but it was kind of nice gimmick to know that you can have 5 times more water resistant watch than Rolex Sub for a fraction of price…
Nevertheless, wonderful watch and great review! Thumbs up!

tynan nida says:

I think tag may have an aqua racer with with rubber insert i thiink

KB Eightyseven says:

I really dislike watches with Arabic numerals all the way around the dial and breitling seem to do it a lot, cool watch though

OttawaInHD says:

Too bad Rolex has zero swag and offers no discounts

Michael Andersen says:

You already scratched it!
Beautiful timepiece 🙂

Dusan Veselka says:

Superocean is always a great choice. And this size is perfect… They should make some watches from tungsten

Marco Castagnetti says:

Breitling has gone to all the trouble in using a rubber bezel (GREAT) then uses lume that lasts 5 minutes on a dive watch that costs how much, PATHETIC.

Mtalll1 says:

I like it. It kind of look like the glycines subs (probably a good option for people who wants the look but dont want to spent to much money) Very military and cool. Had no idea it has a rubber besel insert.

Go Aztecs says:

Congrats! That’s a stunning watch!

Bugster987 says:

Nice. Serious wrist presence.

Lee K says:

You know, I’ve been looking for a high-quality blue dial diver and this Breitling is quite interesting. Like Paul Simon once sang, “shining like a National guitar…”

It is indeed beautiful. Congratulations on your purchase.

Milford Cubicle says:

Did they steal that wing logo from Invicta?

Jule Johanna says:

The dial is totally overloaded imo !

Master G says:

I have a Superocean as my beater, and by that I mean the watch I wear where I won’t wear Rolexes.
I’d never buy from an AD, but the prices are great on the second hand market.

primecreator says:

Super cool watch

heriberto Merced says:

That’s a beautiful watch….

Thomas Hudson says:

thats a nice watch,,thanks for review

El Diablo says:

Is it used? it has lots of hair scratches already… congrats anyway, nice piece 🙂

Stefan Widen says:

I own the 44 2000M black dial, been accurate within 1 sec for 4 years straight, say what you want of their ETA used movement, they are finished nicely, a couple of things added and regulated perfectly. Given this model you bought is built like a tank I would be very surprised if it is not working to perfection for many years. Also looks amazing!
People can say whatever about the shiny bracelet, but the actual bracelets apart from not having the adjustable clasp are the best among Rolex, Omega. Breitling bracelets are perfectly shaped for any wrist given how well built they are. 3 link, 5 link or the 7 link.

Great watch, own the piece in great health, enjoy 🙂

Matt McLoughlin says:

Ulysse Nardin uses rubber inserts on the Maxi Marine bezel. I love the idea.

Mr.DeLaCruz 559 says:

Congrats on the beautiful Breitling super ocean 42!!! For me i prefer your 42 over the 44 and I think I like it more than the Rolex. I’m sooo close to finally being able to pay cash for my grail watch Breitling Navitimer in blue & white!! I can’t wait!! Your watch is a keeper!!!

Mwonger says:

omega does that to their bezels.

Tim McDonald says:

Breitling is also associated with Bentley and interestingly the logos are so similar. Is your next purchase a Bentley Continental?

hanknova7771 says:

That bracelet is one of the best!

MrPleers says:

Way too much writing on the dial for my taste.

Jeffrey Wood says:

Thank you for another great video Bruce 🙂

Jeffrey McMahon says:

One of my favorite Breitling designs ever. Classic appeal.

Angel Rivera says:

Now tha watch congrats nice

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