AnhTuan Nguyen says:

it’s so good…

Letsgetmoney2015 says:

Can someone please explain to me what’s the difference between the Super Avenger with the 48mm and the Super Avenger II?

Drone Survey says:

I got news for you: the watch is too big for your wrist. It looks comically inappropriate. The lugs are not supposed to hang over the edges of your wrist like they do here. Do yourself a favor – get a smaller watch, like a 43mm Avenger II Seawolf.

Glock Man says:

Beta males wear Rolex, alpha males wear breitling

alex grey says:

video starts at 4:05

lone wolf says:

Banda sonora: categoria
Imagem: tremida
Relogio: 5*
Se é o proprietario do relogio: parabéns.

pey faz says:

Top watch looks the bollocks

PG C says:

Hi. Could I please ask what size your wrist is? The watch really suits you and looks in proportion. I have a a wrist size of just over 7”. Looks great on the rubber strap btw.

Oakleyworld says:

name of song please

vikoo singh says:

What’s the name of the music?

Denis Berger says:

Every time I hear this music I reflect back to attending a wedding. This would make a perfect commercial. Picture if you can a nervous groom standing at the alter looking at his watch, the camera zooms in and he wearing a Breitling watch. Just then the music quartet starts playing Canon in D Major by Pachelbel and the announcer says he is glad that his bride is on time.

Surfmorworkless says:

Some one please tell me the name of the song. I knew at one time. But I forget what it is.

Xusia Xod says:

I like the strap. The watch screams at you ‘i’m a Breitling’…now the strap does too, awesome.

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