Breitling new watches at Baselworld 2018

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In this report, we didn’t focus too much on the new Navitimer 8 collection shortly introduced, but since this was our first feel of the “new” Breitling, we mainly tried to grasp where the brand is heading.


Alexander Ross says:

Thanks for the video Marc, felt like Breitling didn’t receive much coverage this year.

wojtek pastuch says:


Abid Hassan says:

Previous logo was way better

MALIBUMAN666 says:

Yeah, just what we need, more watches looking back 70 years. Clowns.

Senkol Z says:

this kern dude is a dumbass…breitling products looks like shit and cheap under him!!…one sad breitling fan here!!

Douglas Ladowski says:

YAWN!!! Oh sorry I thought we going to see Breitling watches not boring watches. Seiko is more impressive.Sad to see such a grand marque wither and die.

Thomas Moll says:

Still not on board with this very middle-of-the-road approach… And the new Colt that was briefly shown is simply an esthetic bloodbath, IMHO 🙁

Melchizedek Phuah Siow Jin says:

I like the change Breitling is undergoing. I want to see where it goes. Thanks for the video, Watches TV!

stardust4711 says:

Sorry Breitling..this collection is terrible

WarGamingRefugee says:

@2:13 Why did they put such a wide pointer on the hour hand of a chronograph? It blocks the view of the sub dials. It must be akin to having somebody stand in front of a television when you’re really interested in the program. 🙁

senfnas says:

RIP Breitling

Matthew I/Sa says:

“44 mm is the most suitable size for most of the population”
Did he really say that? 😀
Really love this video! Keep up the stunning work! <3

Ashton Kee says:

Gosh! That beaded bezel must surely be a grand mistake. Baselworld 2018 seems to be a bit underwhelming so far….

Metaforically Speaking says:

Sigh. Breitling always fails to capture my heart.

P. Schastok says:

At 0:26 , 1:19 2:19 there is no Breitling, this is something else, but no Breitling.
Btw, at 2:19 the bezel looks similar to a bottle cap.

Rakin says:

The new navitimer is beautiful

Crappy Watches & Cheap Whores says:

Breitling 2018 lineup dephinitely phisting its longtime phans and phollowers.

Michael Frilund Bespoke Services says:

Paul Pluta is correct about Breitling! It feels like a dying brand, or one turning cheap FAST!

Hayel Areed says:

the brand loosed it’s charm and spirit it become very boring

Jack Legend says:

Navitimer,Superocean good watches ! Heritage Collection great !

Tony Hill says:

The watches shown look more restrained and I like that.

Alan H says:

Bonjour Marc haha nice video it’s what I was kinda expecting from you to check out Breitling Novelties and news for 2018 Breitling watches well as I said not bad start it’s not Schneider’s flashy polished Breitling’s which I personally love my NAV 01 41mm..let’s give em a chance how they will do and listen Breitling Fans…at least will give some people to own a Breitling at decent price…



Karsten Siegmarsson says:

End of an era, referring only to heritage. The “new” lines look nothing like the ones that made the brand a myth, no matter what they discuss about. Sorry, it´s become absolute boring average. A “real” Breitling could be recognised over several meters for it´s unique design and sporty elegance. The new ones are “just watches”.

RandomUser20130101 says:

2:14 The panda dial on the Superocean chronograph looks great, and now the watch has the B01 movement. It’s on my short list of watches to buy this year.

903lew says:

Wearing my SOH Chrono 46 (1’st gen) I can’t but say that the new layout is very much nicer. So much has happened in the watch world since I picked mine up, the new piece really speaks to that. I do wish Breitling and mr Kern the best, as long as they keep Travolta and naked women away from the adverts I might become a customer once again!

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