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Breitling Navitimer 01 43mm 18k Red Gold Watch Review

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Ariel Adams reviews the Breitling Navitimer 01 reference RB012012|BA49|435X|R20BA.1 chronograph in a 43mm gold case.

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mario rma says:


M3au says:

Navitimer is the watch that got me interested in watches. I have 2 Navitimers, a Montbrillant and Cosmonaute, but not sure I’d want one in solid gold.

Cranking All Day says:

I saw a 38mm Navitimer. I think a more dressy size

flash burt says:

Is this in gold or the stainless one the original?

Andrew Steel says:

prefer 43mm. 46mm just to big and I’m a 6’3″ 250lbs. with large wrists. @ 46mm might as well be a invicta. Nice review!

Megatron666 says:

This video plus a picture of Miles Davis made me buy this watch.

ryvr madduck says:

Breitling makes most watches too big for me. They stay with the aviation tradition which was typically big since pilots had goggles, the wind, and were doing a dozen other things while flying so just needed to see a big watch. I respect that tradition, but unfortunately the size and busy dials put me off their watches.

Croo ookie says:

Not a huge fan because of the wide variety of this piece, but very handsome indeed

Andrew Steel says:

I could be wrong about this but didn’t breitling sell the rights to the design of the navitimer to Sinn (903) when breitling was having financial troubles way back when.

frips1000 says:

should be 41mm!

Allegra PG says:


ninjayau says:

I prefer the air racer version with gold bracelet.


Your suppose to know about the watches you review but you don’t know when the watch was produced…..LAME !!!!

tbs1199 says:

43mm stainless with blue dial… Always get complements

mhofi says:

the dial is way to busy for me. i prefer a panerai or an IWC. but each to it’s own i guess

patrick bateman says:

the only watch that breitling has worth buying but still shit quality because its breitling..
the glass still blurs like a mineral crystal from angle view, and that uneven stitching..

Hommes d'influence says:

No offense, but when you don’t like a watch, you should just say it. This is what a review is for. If you pretend liking every product you review, this isn’t a review but a “informational page about new products from various brands”

이준성 says:

awsome watch

Danial Jamel says:

What is your wrist size?

Alexander Stefanov says:

too big- why not offer a 38mm for normal sized people

Jason Amoako says:

beautiful watch just can’t afford it

ajtronic says:

I’ve always liked the Navitimer

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