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Breitling Emergency II Watch Review

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Ariel Adams of aBlogtoWatch reviews the Breitling Emergency II watch with a dual frequency emergency beacon feature.

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Jason John says:

Pull the fucking antenna out jackass that’s what everyone wants to see

mountainhobo says:

Heh. The blue one is probably the ugliest watch I have ever seen, and having to cut the strap to size is utterly ludicrous. How is Breitling doing, btw? Oh, that’s right, they’re floating belly up. Hope they’re wearing one of those watches.

superfast30 says:

The watch that’s only worn by people that Brietling has given them too.. No one buys this thing lol! 16k USD LOLOLOLOLOO

psychoclownboy says:

I apologize if you already answered this question later in the video (unable to watch the entire video), but what is the price of the watch you are reviewing?  (Darker strap)  Thank you.

Harold Bullock says:

For $60,000.00 I want a second hand. And I would think that kinetic charging would be much more reliable and convenient. My Seiko kinetic has never let me down and has a reserve of 72 hours. If Breitling could fix those two flaws it could be a watch I would invest in.

RosenFiddlesYou says:

Love the new size.

silkhead44 says:


chrome nation says:

what bank did you rob to afford these

Andrew Steel says:

yikes too big……

Arthur Serino says:

If this guy thinks am ETA quartz movement is more reliable than a mechanical one, he truly is an idiot. Although that’s pretty much the kind of stupidity one expects from people who refer to an emergency as an “emergency situation”.

receo11 says:

If think the mechanical one sends out a pigeon.

psychoclownboy says:

Great video.  Thank you for showing us up close what the watch looks like when it is actually worn on the wrist.

mrjamesgrimes says:

wow breitling makes some legit ugly ass watches

Trevor Bohnsack says:

That is just massive! Ridic!

elmin2323 says:

402 is the new one satellites can pick it up 121.5 is old tech only has a range of 150 miles or line of sightings good for homing in on the person up close

Swiss Watch Craze says:

Good review. Still say “um” alot. keep working on that. Otherwise, great job.

officialpartychannel says:

Looks like a kitchen timer.

Ace says:

Wrong video title? :/

elmin2323 says:

I have the original emergency love it! This is way to big! And expensive! Wish it had the same movement as the b50

Roelf van der Merwe says:

Ridiculous watch….

Kwek Joo Chuan says:

8 second mark. Says review of Devon watch…

007mrmrbig says:

Only broke meatballs give negative comments.. Awesome watch!!

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