Breitling Company Finally SOLD! This Weeks Watch News with Tim and Josh

Breitling Company Finally SOLD! This Weeks Watch News with Tim and Josh

In today’s episode of this week in watches Tim and Josh cover a lot of ground. A lot has happened this week in watches. First FHS watch industry statistics have been released and it is the first signs of growth in over 20 months for the swiss watch industry. Then of course they cover the Breitling sale to the venture capital group CVC Capital. Breitling is no longer an independent watch house. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


FHS Stats: @7:07

Breitling Sale: @13:01

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floridaBMW says:

This was by far some of best YouTube content I’ve seen in a long time. You two r great together. Keep up the great work!

Russell Washington says:

Noooooooooooooooooooo! No Quartz!!!!!!

Andrew Rogers says:

Tim ! I need your knowledge on this ! I have noticed some of the white dial Aerospace models read Breitling “Chronometre Aerospace”

And other Breitling “Chronometre Certifie”

Any knowledge on this ? Thank you for your time .

Danny says:

Tim can switch from horology to UK domestic politics without missing a beat — with the same eloquence, knowledge and accuracy. How does he do it? I think he is a robot created in the basement of Watchuwant to kill all other watch channels.

Watch Addict says:

sucks breitling was sold , hopefully they dont ruin the brand that I love :/ , breitling already sells online through their online store as does Panerai I believe

luis Viyella Leon says:

Awesome show guys! lamenting having to catch it late…I was thinking about the Chrono/Diver question and even lacking the rotating bezel, the new Black Bay Chrono looks pretty cool in my opinion. Anyways, great stuff as always!

bobbieber says:

I really think, the term “buss down” has nothing to do with patek :D.
Did I get it wrong or what did Josh mean to say?

Taylor Weldon says:

I just saw an ad in People magazine for the Navitimer. Headline ‘The legend. Now even larger – 46mm- (or something along this lines). I just about ripped it out and crinkled it up!

1000lightyrs says:

30:00 – Well I guess wrist shape has a lot to do with it too, because I don’t get this. My 45mm Rad 210 looked like a dinner plate on my wrist, but my 44mm Lum 590 acts like a part of my body. So yeah, weird.

Richard T says:

Tim, I respectfully disagree to use a Chronomat with 100m WR diving. I wouldn’t use anything less than 200m diving and I am a certified diver. I prefer to dive with nothing less than 300m to keep a nice buffer between the WR and my actual depths at up to 130′

Michele Calò says:

Guys, thank you so much for the reply to my question. Really like the Chronomat but I’ll try to find the Rainbow first, yeah, I like Zenith… Well, let’s start the hunt 😉
By the way, great show as always!


terpjr says:

Tim, as usual, content is rock solid! This may have been mentioned by other commenters – while I’m sure the sunglasses on your head is a bit of a trademark, you might consider setting them somewhere else, or just do the full look and pop your collar too!

algorithm007ify says:

that Zenith alarm is amazing..

Harry Joiner says:

the discussions about breitling’s financing @ 13:01 and its marketing @ 16:31 are excellent. THANKS.

///// AMG says:

Great video! Hello there, Josh! Great meeting you in person last week. I’ll be seeing you again soon.

Gabriel Carrillo says:

I just bought a Breitling, this makes me want to get rid of it. I don’t like being part of a big crowd

Meltdown grfx says:

Breitling is one of the biggest print advertisers of all watch brands. At least 3 ads in the NY Times each week – but their ads are all over the place.

Jsuarez6 says:

Love listening. Very informative and sprinkled with funny bits.

cdelly says:

Not related to this segment, but is OJ no longer part of the videos? Feels like it’s been awhile.

Tomasina Covell says:

So there’s never been a mechanical chronograph wristwatch who’s chronograph functions can be operated submerged within the depth limitations for recreational diving?

Steve J says:

Not to rain on the Swiss parade. But, mathematically, and It doesn’t matter what metric you are tracking on anything, one up tick does not a trend make. For that you need at least a net three point movement up.
Mathematically a one point up tick means nothing

Yanran Wang says:

There is a growing trend of wearing watches in mainland China, a lot of brands are collaborating with young celebrities to attract new customers, it is working.

Atif Chaudhry says:

Just today, I heard Lil Uzi Vert (rapper) say:
“That ain’t no Rollie b*tch this is a Franck Muller,
Yeah a Franck Muller”

TimeIsMoney says:

Great episode. Dear Breitling, Please dust off some 1970s top-time chrono plans, and make them happen in a 39 – 40mm case. Also, please ditch Travolta. Thanks.

Deadly Duddly says:

Knob Creek ! LOL

team zissou says:

Tim. are u saying the future for Breitling and others is to sell online ? do u mean do away with bricks and mortar shops and have Breitling sell directly to the public ? can u please expand on your comments regarding the way forward for Breitling and other watch companies ?

floridaBMW says:

This was by far some of best YouTube content I’ve seen in a long time. You two r great together. Keep up the great work!

Amintas Neto says:

Very good talk folks, thx.
I am actually excited about Breitling ownership moving to new hands mainly outside the luxury industry.
This will certainly burst innovation, new products development and a new marketing strategy.
Just hope Breitling focus on moving up in the horology rank other than try to flood the market with more pieces.
They have all key success factors to succeed on that: legacy, brand mindset, know-how, a solid distribution and experience to do that.
Time will tell..

Victor Alvarez says:

Personally, I like uncluttered simple looking Breitlings, like the Superocean Heritage, the Seawolf with batons (not numerals), the Transocean, the Colt. The Navitimer might be iconic but far too busy IMHO, very much an acquired taste.

thumperjdm says:

Josh looks uncomfortable, and unnatural in a button-down shirt. You guys have great content—which we, your viewers know and love. I don’t see a need to “upgrade” your wardrobes—-each hosts’ clothing should match his personality. After all, we can’t deprive MM his HD clothing! 😉

floridaBMW says:

This was by far some of best YouTube content I’ve seen in a long time. You two r great together. Keep up the great work!

Robert Dickson says:

Tim, when was the last time you cleaned your laptop lid- it looks like the fingerprint squad have had a go at it!

Scott Satren says:

Tim, you & Josh were on fire tonight. Submit your resume’s to Breitling for CEO & Chief of Marketing respectively, they would be blessed to have you. You guys nailed it ! Couldn’t think of a cooler Ex Naval guy to hang with, & thats coming from Ex Army.

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