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Breitling Colt Skyracer Watch Review

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Ariel Adams of aBlogtoWatch reviews the Breitling Colt Skyracer with a Superquartz movement and a carbon Breitling case that has a retail price of approx. $2,000 USD.

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Taiwan Explorer says:

Carbon = fancy word for plastic
Caoutchouc = a fancy word for rubber

So basically, it’s a Breitling branded G-Shock, that is not shock resistant. And it costs 2000 USD? LOL!

Justin Tavares says:

Looks like a Luminox, and quartz ? Nope

usrvprogram says:

If it had higher water resistance I’d probably be interested but as it is, I think it’s inadequate for the price, I can get more from a Casio g steel.

Matt Goshia says:

Be dope on a red rubber

Jimmy S says:

Awesome watch!!

Chris Boulas says:

The older automatic breitling colt’s were the best. Think A17380 reference. 41mm, all of the traditional design elements, and 500M water resistance. It’s a shame to see this is how the colt has evolved.

Simon Pagano says:

Ariel, what is up with your reviews lately? Where is that passion you always had?

P TH says:

Thats a very cool and practical strap change system. Hope to see it on all the watches!

apan gurra says:

Think of this model as instead of a G-shock, then it makes sense!

Bruno Ulmkalns says:

How unprepared! Rubbish video

giteausuperstar says:

This is a piece of shit. Looks ugly, quartz and if you look closely the second hand doesn’t line up perfectly with the second markers! As an ocd guy that would drive me nuts! Who on earth would buy this for 2 grand over something like an Aquis.

M A says:

Looks like a casio MRW 200H 1BVDF

Truth and Downfall says:

Oh, its quarz…

James Walker says:

Take the Breitling logo off the dial, I’d guess $199

Ray Donovan JR says:

the dislike button is starting to look like the archieluxury channel – but good watch i like it if it wasnt quartz

panulli4 says:

Could you please just show us the watch without talking, unless you have some real information to share?

Roelf van der Merwe says:

tick tick tick. puke puke puke

Fabi_Schwarz says:

Breitling is always swaggering with their “Instruments for Professionals” slogan and then showing us some old school Navitimer. I think this watch fits that marketing approach a lot more! The Breitlight seems durable, and the Superquartz movement is definitely tough and a lot more precise than an automatic – so in my opinion this is the real instrument for professionals.
I don’t care a lot about the ruler strap but at least the quick change mechanism seems solid, which is a nice thing. The quick change systems of other brands are also cool but more often than not they leave me wondering if they would hold up to heavy abuse.
They dial is nothing that will keep me breathless for hours but at least they have gone through the hassle of doing that shadow effect with the lume and printing a 24H scale on the dial – i think for 2000 bucks thats actually pretty okay, especially considering the 100M WR.
All in all i think this is a very good offering from an high end brand. You get legibility, toughness, a military aesthetic and with the black case material a certain coolness that will not just rub off like with a PVD coating.
Well done Breitling!!
Thanks for the review Ariel.
Greetings from Germany, Fabi.

Jean-Marc Brechbühler says:

2000 bucks for a quarz watch. What a joke!!!

ova bella says:

Piece of shit .Are you nuts quart 2000$ My ass

WarGamingRefugee says:

n b4 seconds hand causes cancer quips 🙂

panulli4 says:

What’s up with all the shitters recently?

elkoyottt says:

Am i the only one with an impression the voice is a bit drunk?)

Marton Gergely says:

So did Ariel not prepare at all for this review? First 5 minutes spent googling and second guessing himself on everything….

Jay Zenitram says:

Overpriced Marathon presented by a woefully unprepared reviewer. Thumbs way down on the product and the review.

Niko Covich says:

I like this watch a lot, good for people with arthritis like me! light light light!

Alan c says:

What is it a diver or pilot. Only 100m. Really looks cheap. Why not just get an even cheaper tag or better still a respectable yet just as cool sinn. 2k yes it’s the cheapest breitling, doesn’t make it any good. Or maybe a marathon. The list is endless what can be had that is more cool and cheaper.

Andrew Steel says:

Love the hardy sturdy breitling colt. Have the superquartz. Use it here in anchorage alaska.

Blaine Cole says:

Give me Swiss or give me quartz. But don’t ever try to give me Swiss quartz.

Jalak Lenteng says:

Look! It’s got a ruler!

somekidzenvy says:

Maybe google stuff before doing the review.

Bas Rentenaar says:

Bought one 3 weeks ago

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