Breitling Chronomat – Don’t Buy One Just Yet…

Today I review the Breitling Chronomat “United We Stand” edition with the B01 movement. It is a fantastic watch but I don’t think you should rush to buy one new. There are compelling options out there and better prices to be had. Join me for a brief overview of this piece as we consider the other options available.

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Neuro says:

I like the higher tier features of the b01 like the vertical clutch, column wheel switcher, 47 jewels, 28BPH, etc.. But the bulky high polish case is out of style. Vintage and more conservative designs are coming back. That retro data font on the bezel (something off of an early 80’s computer screen) is horrible.. lazy even. I don’t think I’d consider this over other chronos. I wouldn’t see myself buying a tudor, but there are plenty of other chronos out there.

TheBlackDog73 says:

Too polished.

K B says:

The host of this channel is a known felon for embezzlement and racketeering. I would stay clear from any advice this man gives

Julian Takeshi Quayle says:

great review man, waaaay to flashy for my taste, but each to their own. love the honesty with the don’t buy it new haha

Fit OutPost says:

United we stand. Divided we can’t stand each-other. 😉


This brand is given such a hard time . I’m not sure why because they make beautiful timepieces . Also, their QC is probably one of the best in the business. says:

I like the Chronomat: it’s a great watch. Nearly bought one of the two-tone models about 18 months ago, second-hand but unworn, and it was about £3k under retail. Even then I was a bit worried about losing more money on it but the reason I didn’t go for it in the end – and I admit this is kind of snobby – is that I discovered the gold links in the bracelet were actually plated rather than solid, and I just *hate* gold plating.

Sarfaraz Shaikh says:

After going through so many model, I decided to go with breitling colt.Can you please shed some light on the same as I want to buy it desperately also this will be my first luxury timepiece n it’s in my Budget. I can’t settle for anything else after colt please reply. Thanks

80's Nostalgia Guy says:

Not a big fan of Breitling. Reminds me too much of an Invicta. Big and tacky.

James Santana says:

GREAT WATCH BUYING TIPS … Beauty being in the eye of the Beholder, some say Breitlings are TOO shiny or garish (whatever that means, someone used it below) I only wish they could SHINE EVEN MORE, LOVE THAT BOLD CHROME IN YOUR FACE LOOK … Some well off buyers actually have an extra $ 9,000 laying around & don’t mind buying New & will NEVER feel it … Others find that a shiny steel $ 400 Bulova Champlain accurate to a Staggering 10 Seconds a year is PLENTY TO SPEND … My Comfortable limit was $ 2,000 Mint Box & Papers 42mm Breitling Superocean advertised as “Super Polished” & NEEDLESS TO SAY PREOWNED “OF COURSE”. Major Jim, USMC

Jude Perera says:

Hi Anthony, great video. What do you think about Breitling Chronoliner Y2431012/BE10-152A with Ceramic Bessel? I love the Ceramic Bessel. The movement is a modified ETA Valjoux 7754. In addition, the Chronoliner is COSC-certified. Brand new grey market you can get it with 6 year warranty for $5300. What do you think about the value for money of this Breitling Chronoliner? Thanks in advance.

ianmedium says:

I have owned two Breitlings and never again! They lose a ton of money if you try to sell them on, they have a poor finish for the cost, especially the dial in my experience ( cheap stamped rather than applied indicies) and the mechanical one I owned was never better than +20 seconds a day. My friend who purchased the TT version of the one I got had his bracelet break after two years, the applied Breitling wing on the dial fell off and trapped the hands and he had two movements replaced due to poor accuracy.
I know many like them and if you really want one buy it used. My cockpit lost $3500 in 12 months and the only person I could sell it to was the dealer I purchased it from. Glad you like yours but twice bitten I will never recommend or buy the brand again.

Bernard watch are fantastic though, purchased several watches from them in the past, always a great experience.

Kyle Laloge says:

How can you tell how many of “said watch” was created? 1 of 200…

Vlad S says:

I can never get past the ugly bezel font. I have the Avenger 2

numaan rehman says:

Sorry to say this is wrong you are supporting wrong stuff. Black market which effects economics. And all your reasons are not right. I cannot afford a breitling now. Watches are sentiments not just investments. You should only buy if your going to wear them. Sorry i dont have anything against. But the way you deteriorated brand is not right……

Un-Named Trucker says:

The only Breitling that interests me is the SuperOcean with the 6 o’clock date. That is one of my grail watches.

Polar Roller says:

So funny J.  I like the blueish tint with the AR as well.  Great review buddy.

Steven says:

Hello Sir, I was wondering what the difference is between the wing logo on this watch and the Invicta and Longines? Good video!

LarryEllison says:

the chronomat bezel is ugly but that blue is beautiful , navitimer over this

Mister B says:

Not a surprise that Breitling doesn’t hold the value, buying grey or used, as you pointed out, is the way to go.
Beautiful case, but not a fan of the bezel design. I’ll go with the blue avenger II Chrono, shiny, old style bezel, purchased used pretty stable and in terms of maintenance no big a deal thanks to the 7750 workhorse inside…

Steve Smith says:

I like the chronomat, I just think it’s too big for my wrist though.

peter tuann says:

very helpful, I agree, too shiny is annoying, when you drive, the sunlight hits your watch, causing glare as you try to see the time. One small note, some of us love the Breitling anchor & wing second hand counter-balance, it is very pretty.

mark percival says:

Great video. You’ve got the most pleasant way to present a watch, and I think you’re advice is sound. Buy this Breitling used.
Now a question; Is the Breitling Super Ocean Heritage II, the newest iteration, using the Tudor BB movement (re-branded of course) or the ETA? I had a free day, long overdue, and went watch shopping as one does. One salesperson at the local Breitling AD said it wasn’t the Tudor movement in the newest SOH, while another said it was. I thought it was, but left a tad unsure. Another question if I may; Do you have an opinion on NOMOS, with their latest movements (swing system & DUW) and do you know anything about the beat-rate, as in 18,21,24 or 28,800BPH? The NOMOS site says zilch about this, and there’s little on Google either. I know (suspect) NOMOS isn’t your thing (could be wrong of course) but I value your knowledge, so that’s why I’m asking. Thanks for what you give to us, the watch enthusiasts. All the best in every way.

Tanner Peavler says:

Glad to see you back

Shipmate says:

“BLING!!!” goes the bling watch.

Tanner Murdock says:

It absolutely killed me that the bezel is not lined up with the 12

Tough Solar says:

Man, haven’t seen much of you lately. You have forsaken your Youtube peeps. Haha. Hope you are well.

Dave Lee says:

Love Breitling..but do not ever buy new you will lose 60-70% of your investment..even on the Navitimer..I feel the brand just gets a little lost by making so many choices available..they are a top quality piece with some of the most comfortable straps you can get…I just wish there were more choices for the smaller wrist..

minitwatch says:

I love shiny bits. I’m sure I’d love this shiny thing.

cvt cvt says:

Very sexy watch

Peter Shallis says:

There are plenty of Breitlings that I love but this is too garish for me and in my opinion the Tudor has too many styling faults (hour hand that obscures the subdials for a start) If I wanted a hardcore tool chronograph, it would be Sinn every time.. and for something a little smarter a Speedmaster.

Xusia Xod says:

Yeah, but it’s a Breitling….and it looks way better than a Tudor or a Rolex.

Jeffrey Hutcheon says:

Looks cheap IMO. I really like the navitimer’s and heritage chrono’s though.

flukom says:

sure is a BRITEling

Shipmate says:

Have you seen the Seiko SRPB61 Sky Prospex? It’s selling for about $210. It reminds me of a mix between a Breitling Navitimer and Hamilton Field Khaki. It’s probably too big for my 7″ wrist, being 44mm wide w/50mm lug2lug length.

acftmxman says:

Anthony, my brother it is good to see you back after a long pause. I hope all is well. In my humble opinion, it looks like this watch can’t tell if it wants to be a diver or a racing watch. I love the blue color of the dial and the striping on the sub registers. I also like the extra blue hue the AR coating gives the dial. Although I am mixed about the texturing on the dial to form a square. I am also tripping out on the font on the bezel numbers. It makes the watch look like a prop from Rollerball (original 1975 James Caan movie). It is a beautiful watch. But I were buying a Breitling, I’d probably buy the Navitimer. Thanks to Bernard Watch for giving you access to this beautiful watch. Another great, honest review!!! Mark

Alex imd says:

Bravo Anthony, I must admit that for the first time you impressed me with your review. Maybe I am subjective because I am a huge Breitling fan but I am perfectly in resonance. Thank you and keep doing cool stuff alex

Matt Ashe says:

Great to see another episode!

O Gadjim says:

I’ve got Chronomat 44 GMT version with the GMT style bezel that can track a third time zone. Mine has a black dial and black leather strap. I really love that watch. I got it brand new from the reputable dealer for half the retail price and I am really happy about it. Totally agree on your point to never buy one from the AD. It is so very true about this particular model and Breitling in general. Excellent video J. Cheers!

Andy Cook says:

Good advice and video, as usual. I would prefer the Tudor Heritage Black Bay chrono. It has a nice look to it, not as flashy as the Chronomat.

jumboJetPilot says:

I don’t like:
1. The all polished case and bracelet. Combining brushed and polished surfaces is more interesting.
2. The dial. Breitling simply can’t resist itself in putting all kinds of scales, subindices, and markings that are not only useless but clutter the dial.
3. The lack of end links to properly integrate the bracelet to the case.

And it’s too bad too because Breitling is so close and yet so far.

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