Breitling Chronomat 44 B01 – Full Review

Hello, watch lovers everywhere. This is the first of many watch review videos that I’ll be uploading in the near future.

I’m just a normal, everyday guy that happens to love watches/horology. It’s a passion of mine. As such, I own many watches, and every review I post is of a watch I ACTUALLY own. No one sends me these pieces to review them. I don’t make money off this. I’ll always be honest and thorough in my reviews, because they’re my watches and I know them very well. I hope you enjoy these videos and that they’re useful to you.

Here’s an in-depth review of my favorite watch, the Breitling Chronomat 44 B01. This is Breitling’s flagship watch and houses Breitling’s first in-house movement, the Calibre B01.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please leave a comment or send me a message. I’ll reply as soon as I can.


Daniel Fagerstrom says:

Great review!

H24LA says:

Amazing review!!! Question, Rolex submariner two tone blue face or breitling chronomat bo1?

jbourne071 says:

I also have same watch. i also don’t like the bezel’s sound. but after hearing the sound of more cheaper model super ocean, I changed my thinking. the more cheaper model super ocean of brietling is exactly same sound of rolex. moer ratchet needs more technical and expensive cost.

Rob Werts says:

1:43 – ‘It’s moderately fake’ ???? Lol nice review!!!

Sey ley says:

B oh 1?  Here in Europe it is referred as B Zero 1

jfdomega says:

that is a beauty, bit big for my taste. 41mm is my max!

Trevor Phillips says:

Fucking incredible review bro. Subscribed!

Tyler Sims says:

Love this review. Audio and video very professional. Like your honesty as well as your passion. I just bought my first real watch at the age of 54. lol. It is a Citizen Chrono Perpetual AT4004 E50. It grabbed my eye and once I put it on and felt the weight I was hooked. Now I find myself wanting to know all about Horology. I don’t know what my second watch will be…but this Breitling is a beauty! Thanks again and I have subscribed!

Chandiwira Beza says:

“I’m not gonna get too much into specs”

*gets more into specs than most watch reviews .*

Pascal Flück says:

hi! as many previous commenters already wrote, really great review! sums everything up very nicely! so I read somewhere below that you sold the watch in the meantime because you grew tired of it as it has design flaws. is this only related to the bezel that you don’t like or did you grow tired of the design of the watch in general? I’m currently considering a purchase of a Chronomat 44 GMT. thanks and greetings from Switzerland

Touching Evil says:

One question, do you feel the same about the this watch today as you did when you filmed this video ?

Isse Al O says:

Nice review. Do you think you can make a lume shot of this Breitling?

SirRTFU says:

as someone who will never move the bezel, this watch is perfect

flash burt says:

Is this similar to the chronomat evolution? cause the evolution is no longer on the market. Does it fit small wrists too? cause my wrist is small and good for 40-41 mm when it comes to rolex watches

Bruce Williams says:

Great first review. I can’t even watch my early videos :/ haha. Love this watch

elmin2323 says:

Did u service it ever 2 years? Plan to overhaul every 7? Question the the warranty it says get a water resistant check ever 2 years to keep the warranty did u get it serviced as well just the minor one? Cheers

danh le says:

US ?

Boris Terekidi says:

Chronomat 44 looks great and easy to adjust on a leather strap. I would recommend getting it on a leather strap, not metal one.

AeroxRacer18 says:

Great review! Good details of the watch you pointed out. Thank you

Cristian Flores says:

you should put it in your name brand around the the clock in the wrist

Marc Goldberg says:

I just came across this video and enjoyed it. The bezels on the Rolexes are way better but i do like the bold Breitling designs.

Graeme Bennett says:

“If you designed this, dude, you had one job. And you really fucked it” lol

Great review. Thank you. I have the exact same watch in two tone rose gold and black onxy black and absolutely love it! I agree about the bezzle clicker however, the Rolex in your video sounds brilliant!

Yas Mug says:

good for you very expensive watch

Hakan Yucel says:

Now I have this Crono 44 B01 whit Gold Crowns and Gold Dial all so The Strap is 50% Gold Its look like wonderful in black Dial!

Vincent Bailey says:

Dude thank you, that bezel fucking killed me when i was looking at breitlings.

davis R says:

Great video, very helpful! Question, I found this website ( ) and its selling a chronomat gmt for $4975, do you think this is legitimate?

Tony says:

beautiful watch. my superocean 2 went in for service 6 weeks ago at the tune of £860. 3 year old and needing extra work. I’m pissed off to say the least. Wish I’d bought an omega. at least there watches come with a free service. Arghghghgghhhghhghghgggghhggh. They don’t tell you servicing costs when you buy luxury watches do they. Bloody toads

Ghost Rider CoC says:

Haha it made me laugh so much when you started talking about the bezel:)

Richard Gilbert says:

I have A Breitling chronomat B01 and it can’t seem to stay wound overnight if I leave the chronomat function on.

Wissam Al-Ashaq says:

Great, great review…

Boris Terekidi says:

Don’t like the bracelet? There is a leather strap. It’s awesome 🙂

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