BREITLING BUYER’S REMORSE – I want my money back on this ETA based watch

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Auttie B says:

Buyers remorse because you’re broke mate and your values are changing. Archie you don’t even drive haha. It’s a fucking watch not a car, who cares what drives it

G Man says:

Walrus in it’s natural habitat at 8:48

gmshadowtraders says:

Are you happy now you sold it?

Michael major says:

crying poverty and you just bought a 3000 dollar watch

James says:

I’m sorry you regret it. I like the bracelet but the watch itself is just “meh.” I paid $2200 for my avenger 2 seawolf (box+papers) a few years ago and love it.

WOOD L says:

How I can block this guy and his channel ?

L D says:

1st world problems. this is a fantastic watch. the mesh is great and never have any issue with the clasp. you should be so lucky big boi

PCL Outdoors & Bushcraft says:

Yeah I agree on the bracelet, it’s a pain to take off. It should have had a clasp lock on it. I’m keeping my Super Ocean, but for the price I feel Breitling could have done better. I hope at least the movement is at least decorated. lol

watagump1 says:

Couldn’t happen to a bigger douche.

Bobby Sebastian says:

It’s just a quick fix buy….get rid of that POS. You should’ve done your research before buying…never be impulsive to avoid frustration

Dwan Db says:

What’s with the underwater action with wearing shirt .. shitty watch though

Guy Dadario says:

Stop whining you sound like a little girl! You spend $2000.00 get over it sell the dam watch if your not happy with it!

john cordey says:

Look Paul. You are the expert on watches…which means you should know what you are getting…that’s why I just buy cheap timepieces because…I don’t like to miss trains and planes.

Jason Moon says:

You knew exactly how it was when you bought it. Sell it, buy the upgraded Tudor version with the ceramic bezel. You wouldn’t have buyers remorse. As for diving, you make no fucking sense at all, fat cunts don’t dive.

Shaf Serious says:

I thought u dont buy shitters?

Thomas Williams says:

looking fatter than ever. Nice.

Dan says:

Whole country full of highly poisonous snakes and not ONE OF THOSE FUCKING THINGS CAN FIND HIM.

Patrick Pray says:

Breitling always struck me as a watch for 28 year old sales professionals just starting their careers and trying to impress flight attendants when they luck into an upgrade into business class.  With the exception of the Cosmonaute, I would avoid the brand entirely.  Not really sure how a fan of Jaeger LeCoultre could end up with a Breitling, but whatever…

glovefet says:

what I can’t understand is why you purchased it with these flaws? You ought to know this due to your critiques of others yet there you go making an impulse purchase when you can’t afford the basics let alone a watch you no doubt should have left alone. Damn you sir.

John’s tanks and more. says:

Archie you should have went with the grand seiko snowflake.

G Man says:

I like the look of that watch but the shitter is it’s not a real dive, tool watch. So it’s fitting that a tool is wearing it a decent chap with a mark of coin to spare if getting a Breitling would have gone for the Superocean II 42 or better yet if it fits your wrist the 44. A true diving Walrus needs at a minimum 300M.

Pivipivi Vu says:

Archie… you’re so funny!

Brian Valta says:

The Heritage II has been out since April. Damnit buy the new shit, its better. Ceramic, better sapphire-bezel integration, nicer hands, better movement, etc. Sheesh.

nobravenewworld hk. says:

who the phuck phloats in a phool with his shirt on while wearing a shitter?!!…..

Eddie O says:

You didn’t do any research before buying it? Too bad big boy!

artefact says:

Breitlings and Tags are for plebs who can’t afford Rolex and knows nothing about watches but want to impress their drinking buddies and cheap sluts.

Unklwigz says:

You have buyers remorse because you can’t pay your rent tubby. When was the last time you dove (even in a pool) past 10 feet?

James Joyce says:

Archie, the only “movement” you should be concerned about are bowel movements. Are you still having massive ass blowouts after eating salty caramel?

Jason WB says:

Everyone gets buyers remorse Archie. That watch you have is nice. It may be a ETA 2824 movement…but it’s top grade Chronometer, the 2824 is a great robust movement Archie. I don’t know why you hate the ETA movements so much. You saying you don’t like the Tudor Black Bay ETA either? When are you ever going to dive 200M or deeper, 200 meters is ISO diver certified Archie.

Magister Ludi says:

Yeah I would never have bought that piece of shit. Fucking generic movement, shit styling, nothing special about that watch at all.


These are signs of being a unhappy person. Let me guess the Rolex is better ?
The truth is nobody is looking at your wrist but you.

Milius Rex says:

of all the circumstances of your life that should evoke remorse, this has to be near the bottom of the list

Vegan Dinner says:

Why does he repeat every sentence he speaks?

Alexandre Besson says:

The hands are not even diamond cut, I mean WTF were you thinking ???!!
Another shitter that will take dust in your drawer with the IWC … think before you act

nobravenewworld hk. says:

“I’ve got buyer’s remorse”…..well you should’ve gotten a ROLEX….instead of that shitter watch.

eww2001 says:

It’s not even a good looking dive watch. Tudor black bay over this breitling POS

LiquidSm0ke says:

Only watch that company produces worth anything is a navitimer and I’m not a fan

t Gump says:

Cheap and cheerful is a perfect watch for a cheap and miserable cunter like you.

Jason Brownett says:

You saw it you bought it suck it up Jesus moan moan moan

Thurston Howel says:

Ha!!! I called it on the unboxing video. Not a cool watch and he already has the Explorer II which does the same thing but better.

Dia Beetus says:

Sperm hair score: 8.8

glovefet says:

what you have to do now laddie is burn it, burn them all.

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