Breitling at Baselworld 2018 is all about the Navitimer. Now an umbrella family within a simplified Breitling model line, the Navitimer has grown to incorporate the Navitimer 8, the Navitimer 1 Chronograph 43, the Navitimer 1 Chronograph 41, and the spectacular 46mm Navitimer Super 8 pilot’s watch.

The Navitimer 8 incorporates five different models in stainless steel, blackened stainless steel, and rose gold. The Navitimer 1 Chronograph 41 takes over where the old Navitimer Heritage left off. The Navitimer 1 Chronograph 43 becomes the most traditional and best-equipped of the new Breilting models for Baselworld 2018. Steel, two-tone stainless steel and red gold, and 5N red gold debut at Baselworld within the Navitimer 1 Chronograph 43 models; steel Chronograph 43 models can be obtained on a stainless steel Navitimer bracelet. The Navitimer 1 Automatic 38 is a tribute to the 1950s vintage Breitling reference 66, a Navitimer with three hands; the famed Breitling circular slide rule bezel is retained on this stripped-down pilot’s watch. Finally, the Navitimer Super 8 recalls the World War II vintage Breilting pilot’s watch reference 637. 46mm in titanium or stainless steel, the Navitimer Super 8 is a spectacular Baselworld broadside against IWC by the new Georges Kern-led Breitling watch company. Each Navitimer Super 8 will be powered by a Tudor watch-built Breitling Caliber B20 automatic with three-day power reserve, COSC chronometer certification, free sprung balance, and hacking seconds.

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JogBird says:

they are diluting the navitimer name and in long term will hurt

HilleCine says:

Tim on point as usual, Breitling back on my wish list. G’day from Down Under.

Vishal Datta says:

I like, VERY NICE! Great selection and fair pricing.

Ian Gault says:

I must admit, as an avid enthusiast of all things watches, Tim is by far the best reviewer and presenter on You Tube. Insightful, knowledgeable, fantastic delivery and a wonderful wordsmith, this guy knows his onions and his infectious enthusiasm just sets the tone for me. Wonderful as always and a pleasure to sit back and be informed.

WatchBox Reviews says:

Hi all, two quick clarifications; I goofed on the Chronograph 43 water resistance. It’s 30M rather than the 100M of the Navitimer 8. Also, the Chronograph 43 limited edition will have a display back, and the others will be solid – but Breitling hasn’t clarified as of this filming which one will be the limited series. Thanks for watching, and stick with us for Baselworld 2018!

Jonathan Chau says:

It sucks that breitling lost the winged b logo. It was a unique logo and was very sporty looking. I hate to see what they’ll do to the avenger line, has anyone looked at the chronomat. Why can’t they bring back the Hercules model with a b1 or combine an avenger with a Navi slide rule with a 24 hour movement in titanium or steel instead of plastic

Alan H says:

Great video love the Navitimer…however Tim we need wings tho for Pilots….at least for pilots

Halebopp says:

I like that Breitling is doing something to make me a fan, too few models that I like.

Bubba B says:

Bravo bravo Breitling. Now that is a Navitimer. I can now praise this line and want/wish for it once again. Nicely done Mosso, nice job keeping the cat in the bag. That blue Navi is beautiful. Practical and busy. I wll wait until tomorrow night and watch you to find out what took place across the seas. Again, nicely done Mosso.

todd - says:

These are an upward tick from the Navi8 launch party models in February. More on the rails of what Breitling DNA is.

Timepiece Perfection says:

great video guys, bravo. thank you for the coverage.

Steady Rolling says:

The “Navitimer” 8’s aren’t navitimers. They don’t have the slide rule, which is the defining feature of the Navitimer.

roll x says:

So brietling is taking movements from tudor which takes movemts from rolex?? I dont understand.

scott satren says:

That green Super 8 is awesome, wish it was a tad smaller though. Thank you Tim.

Jay R says:

These watches are hideous. Breitling = lost cause

Cyime says:

Just buy a Sinn 903 way better value for money.

jason starek says:

That Blue/Black 01 with black leather is super sharp. But 43mm is just too much for me. That said, I do like the idea of shorter lugs and slimmer case…might have to go kick tires, er, bezel. Does it wear more like an “old” Navi?

And I love the in-depth release vids by manufacturer. Top-notch, as always.

Cam M. says:

At those prices, I don’t think aggressive Breitling discounts are going anywhere…

freddie P says:

cant get past the fact that when i look at the Navitimer dial i’m always reminded of that slide ruler i had in high school that i totally hated…sorry…

Northstar says:

Breitling basically just needs to make a new super cool bulky diver to replace the Superocean 2 series (Not Heritage), and they will be well on their way. People can’t tell the difference between a new and an old Navitmer anyway, the Superocean Heritage series is more appealing for men past their forties, while the Superocean 2 series is stuck in an antiquated 80ies like design !

J S says:

Every time I see a 4:30 date window I really want to stab out my eyes Oedipus style. Would it kill them to move it to a 6:00 position inside the 12 hour sub-dial?

jeromeo12 says:

Your neon green sport style sunglasses look strange on a guy talking about classy high end watches wearing a dress shirt.


It’s good to hear you speak great things about the Breitling brand finally . Thanks for the content .

Sharqawy7 says:

Nice video bro, keep them coming. One more thing I miss the breitling wings logo

Alvin Aw says:

Breitling getting very creative & bold to step out of their traditional style. Looking seriously good but should kept the wing logo. Super 8 is either ypu hate or love it model, pricing is fair for it brand & mate with an awesome movement. Alway being a supporter for Breitling. Fantastic review Tim…… is alway so good to have an instant update in the world of watches thru videos rather than magazine.

roll x says:

Off subject but Tim when does panerai reveal or release their special edition pieces?

Mike K says:

Hi Tim: Great Review! Regarding the 38mm, does it have a sellita movement? If I recall, you were not crazy about Sellita movements. Please clarify as your opinion matters to me. On a side note I was hoping for a new Navitimer in a 38mm, similar to a33030. Wow to that Green dial…wish that watch came in a 38mm for 40mm. Thanks, Mike K

Steven UK1 says:

this is much better from Breitling,,

Ryan M says:

“TUDOR POWER” hahaha!

Apparently they also released a new Chronomat….emphasis on apparently lol

ripperx444 says:

The white dial is nice… might get this at some point… and jus theses the prices!! Too much need to wait till it’s pre pwned

Jim Kropsberg says:

WE need the Winged Logo back!!!!

Alexander Schmidt says:

why is ther so little talk about the Superocean 44 Special? i like this watch quite alot with the full ceramic bezel but it hasnt been marketed at all

903lew says:

8600 for an entry level Breitling? I’m out until they hit the grey market at 5k. Or maybe I’m just out of the Breitling game.

Vassilis Argiris says:

Tim,check the breitling ref 108..

Jeff1809 says:

I honestly feel sad for the brand „Breitling“ after these new changes…First of all: A Navitimer without a sliding rule is shit. Second: Why the f*** did they remove the old Breitling-wings-logo for the new navitimer? This logo was the embodiment of the „Navitimer-Air-Pilot-theme“. Third: Can anyone explain to me what these Navitimer 8-models are supposed to be? They look like any other random valjoux 7750 chronographs out there and on top of that they got a rotating bezel with only a tiny little arrow marked on it. Why, just why? Breitling lost their individuality and exclusivity in my opinion. Sorry for the bad english, it is not my native language. Greetings!

Amintas Neto says:

Now we are talking Tim!
Yes, the Navitimer 43mm with blue and black dial rocks! 🙂
BTW, does it come with caseback?


roll x says:

When is rolex reveal?

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