Breitling B01 Movement – Best Chronograph on the Market ? – Federico Talks Watches

Breitling B01 Movement – Best Chronograph on the Market ? – Federico Talks Watches

In this episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk about the Breitling B01 in-house chronograph movement. Many call it the best chronograph on the market! With its 70 hour power reserve, column wheel and sturdy construction, is it better than a Rolex Daytona or Zenith El Primero? Quite possibly! This movement is currently housed in the Chronomat, Navitimer and Transocean collection.





Seiko SKX:

Seiko SKX:
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Hamilton Khaki King:


Tissot PRS 516:

Victorinox Maverick:

Tissot Powermatic:


Roger Holder says:

How do you compare the BO1 to the Omega Coaxial movement

FurrowedSon says:

I think the B01 is cool as hell. I looked at getting a two tone Chronomat for a while – came so close to pulling the trigger – but got put off by depreciation, plus I think the links on the bracelet are just gold-plated, which is a big turn off for me.

Jelucyr says:

You forgot to mention the ROLEX Daytona introduce the 72h power reserve with 1 barel, the column-wheel and a vertical clutch before B01.

Roy Andersen says:

I like B01, but how does it compare to Omega 9900 or Blancpain F385?

Michael Frontera says:

Some good info. Thanks Federico!

James Pinkney says:

It was between the chronomat 44 with the B01 or the speedmaster with the 9300 for me. I went with the omega just because I didn’t like how busy the Breitling was. However in terms of the movement I think it’s a fantastic movement and its just as good if not better than the 9300 movement.

TimeToGo Travel And Timepieces says:

Great vid Federico. Learn more and more from each episode you make. Thanks:)

TheSilversniffer says:

Hello Federico, Thanks for doing this Breitling BO1 review. I have a Chronomat 44 with the BO1 movement and I love it… only thing is that you said they came out 4 years ago….. ooops 2009… I have the first year with the inhouse! A two tone, 18k rider tabs on the bezel…. not the full gold bezel. I have replaced the strap with a Bentley 962 speed bracelet and wow she is a looker and a tank!! I enjoy you talks and cander, keep up the good work! ATB to you.


That was a nice touch on your part to inform us all about Tristanos progress, you,re a very decent fellow. I,m looking forward to your next video.

Al Urbanski says:

Was at Woodbury Common and stopped at the Breitling Outlet store. Prices still beyond my reach, but up to half off on some models they were looking to move. Cool thing was that no one else was in the shop, so I got all the time I wanted to speak to the store manager Alfons, who was there on rotation from Breitling HQ and knew everything about the watches. Check it out if you’re in the Hudson Valley.

cesar villalobos says:

Just,subscribe, i have recently came upon your channel and Tristano,,absolutely love it, i consider myself an incipient watch enthusiast,mostly buy pieces by how they appeal to me , but in doing so i have acquired some pretty rare and descent pieces ,,want to get in touch with you to relate a story about the the iconic Rolex Panama Canal..that might interest you…once more love your show,,,your advice has helped me a lot

K9USA says:

Informative and enjoyed this video very much, Federico.
Also, keep the TGV updates coming our way as he is a great guy!

David Harrison-Rand says:

10 hours more power reserve and automatic is nice, but is it really better than the ALS L951.6 calibre in the Datograph up/down?

Eric Rickman says:

random non watch question- who’s the designer of the shirt you’re wearing? I’ve noticed you wear a lot of their stuff, I love it. i like logo too

Jim Richards says:

Another solid contribution. Break a leg TGV

Mike Chan says:

Wish they had in-house movements for their Avenger and Superocean lines too.

Roman Jeremy says:

beautiful movement, ugly watches except maybe the transocean 😉

tbetteker says:

One small nitpick. The Breitling you have pictured at 3:39 is the Breitling Transocean Chronograph 38 which does not use the in-house movement, but uses the ETA 2892/A2. Only the larger 43mm Transocean chronographs use the B01 in-house movement.

Dusan Veselka says:

excellent video! Id love to see more videos about different movements.

Doc A says:

How would compare the BO1 to the 9300 co axial of Omega’s chronograph

North1867 says:

That was good to know.

Nils Loewen says:

Why not show some graphics and sketches of the movements you discuss.

celestialfix says:

Very interesting info. Kudos to Breitling for this innovation. Federico, please opine on how this compares with Omega’s co-axial chrono which is also a column wheel, but gosh it sure is a thick movement.

Tim Harrison says:

Seriously 7 dislikes…. Idiots. Love your work. Federico you should design and manufacture your own limited edition watch.

Max Adkins says:

Great video, as usual. The info on the new movement is interesting, and I wonder what impact it will or might have on the competitors’ products in the future. Regarding Breitling favorites: I am not particularly fond of their styling. I don’t think that the bezels have a good look; however, I do like some of the Navitimers and the Montbrillant even though they are a bit busy.

FurrowedSon says:

Breitling is one of those brands that’s really grown on me. I love their new in-house line up: it feels like they’ve stepped up into a new league over the last few years. I actually nearly bought a two-tone Chronomat 41 a few months back, but ended up going down a different route because it felt a bit too blingy. I still have nagging regrets about it though, so reckon I’ll turn round a buy one at some point.

Alysandir says:

Compare: A) Rolex caliber 4130, a 4Hz, automatic, column-wheel, vertical-clutch chronograph with a 72-hour power reserve made by a Manufacture renowned for durable movements; Federico: “Eh, it’s okay, nothing special.” – VS –

B) Breitling caliber B01, a 4Hz, automatic, column-wheel, vertical-clutch chronograph with a 70-hour power reserve made by a company for whom it is their first in-house movement; Federico: “This is the best chronograph movement on the market!”

Am I missing something here? When you proclaim something to be the best, isn’t usually expected that you provide *reasons* why it’s better than its competitors, instead of just proclaiming that something is? Water resistance has nothing to do with the movement and everything to do with the case. I mean, come on now…

The Critical Gentleman says:

I too have an ETA powered Breitling. Nothing to scoff at, but I am really interested in this movement especially now that it’s in the new Tudor chrono. Nice breakdown of it’s features!

Polar Roller says:

Frederico, I just purchased the 46mm Navitimer, steel on a croc strap last April. Love the watch. I was also much impressed with my research on the B01 movement, and between the iconic nature of the Navitimer and the new movement, just had to buy it. Great vid.

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