Breitling Avenger 2 Seawolf: Breitling’s excellent professional diver

A detailed look at my personal Seawolf


Wo Scx says:

Very nice video, thank you for this!

Dusan Veselka says:

My Seawolf has black dial but in certain light and angles, the dial appears blue. Its mind-boggling how they did it but its fantastic.

Kenn Lau says:

Isn’t the power reserve 38hrs instead of 42hrs?

Silverado_Denmark says:

Absloutely stunning watch! I used to have a Breitling Aerospace Avantage, and loved it!

Ian Woollard says:

I find it hard to like Breitling watches and I’d really like to because of their reputation for quality movements and outstanding accuracy. But….how do I say it without being cruel? They’re unfortunate looking? Less than attractive? Not to most people’s taste? Don’t get me wrong I’m watching because I want to know more but…..

David Blackburn says:

Beautiful watch Jim! Was wondering if we would get a video when you posted a picture on instagram. Kind of an unrelated question, have ypu ever handled one of the Glycine Combat Subs? I really like the look of them and there doesnt seem to be a lot of reviews out there on them. Do you know of amy similar designs in about that same 750-1250 price range?

makoeja says:

Why is this channel called “five minute watch review” if all the newer videos are around 20mins

Richard Jablonski says:

Can you please review the super avenger!

David S. says:

Great review! I have been going back and forth between this one and the Avenger 2 GMT, however, I believe the GMT case size is only 42mm? This Seawolf looks to be a perfect size for me. Did you consider the GMT at all?

Amr Ashraf says:

one of my dream watches
but the only thing that lets me leave this avenger series is that the crown tube is integral part to the middle case not separate part.
that means that if the threads of the crown tube are stripped ..i will need to change the complete middle case. which will be very expensive!!!!
most high end watches have the crown tubes to be separate part so they can be changed separetly.

Bruce Williams says:

Enjoyed this review man, and congrats on the watch- love it

Michael Frost says:

Thanks for adding a review for the exact watch that is my Grail 🙂 A1733110|BC30|169A!!

Shaun Johnson says:

“5 minute watch review”

12 hours later: “The dial opening is actually smaller than it looks.”


Loved this review. Very detailed. I had to tease you about the time, even though I like lengthy reviews. Keep up the good work.

Gino Celentano says:

Nice vid as usual, glad you reviewing Breitling & Panerai , makes a change from the quartz watches.
Regards & best wishes.

LI TAN says:

i don’t really like the stencil bezel – looks cheap and like those tin cans – sorry, IMHO

Jason Dranoff says:

where did your purchase the Watch i hear Jomashop is good and they have good prices. thank you great review as always

jay unitedwestand says:

thats beautiful jim….i have a colt not a auto but it’s my first good watch bought it at my local dealer im hoping to get another they really are built like a tank….great video like always!!!

Evolution says:

Panerai is a great watch too….!!!

Pete Pratti says:

Just got finished sizing a Pro III, it sucked lol

Titaniacs says:

Basically it’s a modified ETA movement, inserted into a giant dinner plate. Not a real luxury brand.

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