Baselworld 2019: Discover the new Breitling Navitimer, Superocean & Premier watches



So there we go here are the Breitling novelties 2019. By watching this video you will be able to discover the novelties dedicated to Air, Sea, Land. Especially the “Air” watches are really cool. You will discover a reedition of the 1959 Navitimer and chronographs created in the style of the Navitimer of the 1960s and 1970s dedicated to Swissair, PanAm and TWA. The Superocean collection got a facelift and now looks really fine. Surprise, surprise … the famous wings are still there… Enjoy the video guys!


Philip A Winged says:

Breitling has been by far the most interesting brand this Baselworld, hands down! When I hear “reissue” I get extremely skeptical, but this time, for the first time ever, I can say it was done perfectly. I could not have imagined how this AOPA 806 reference could have been done with this much loyalty, integrity, and precision to the original. I’m sure it must have been tempting to use the B01, but they went the extra mile and created a new hand wound caliber (!!!!), hand paining the lume (NOT faux patina), putting a domed plastic crystal, keeping the size below 41mm, even down to the amount of the fucking beads on the bezel!!! Ladies and gentlemen, THIS IS HOW A REISSUE IS MADE!!! Congratulations Breitling!!!

Alexander Litzner says:

Great Video ! Thanks for it.
Have the new Superocean a Ceramic Bezel Insert ?

eco8gator says:

Very nice showing from Breitling! It’s refreshing to see this after the terrible Rolex showing.

KRaikkonenSF says:

I really like those Superoceans compared to the previous generation.

Robert Sullivan says:

Breitling my favorite watch company, I have three. The collection you just showed unfortunately has some issues with me. I love the new Navitimer its really very nice. At 41 mm it’s a perfect size but limiting it to 1957 pieces to me is problematic. I have on my desk in front of me two Breitling limited additions from past Baselworld shows. Both are great watches but I have to be truthful to everyone reading these comments and watching your update. They have not come close to keeping any of there original value. I don’t think I could get but a faction of their cost if I had to sell them. I have no intention to sell them but just beware. That said I’m going to call my AD and inquire into possibly getting one. I am determined to purchase a watch by my Birthday, The 1959 Navitimer is now a strong candidate. I’m telling myself that the 1959 is a true Icon and may actually hold its high price better that the two I have.
The Airline Collection is very nice, like you my heat skips a beat, but over the TWA model, I logged a ton of miles with them on their 747 going back and and forth to the West coast on business. They appear to be priced right.
The Super Oceans are stunning Dive watches but just too big for smaller wrists like mine.
The Norton and the Bentley are for former owners of the brand, I’ll leave it at that.
Loving the content keep up the great work.

Canada_watch says:

Breitling killed it this year!

thawasly says:

The 42mm super ocean version looks a lot like the 42 yacht master case and bezel are almost identical the dial is where I see the difference

César Oliveira says:

Stunning watches! I really like this new direction of the company.

Thomas says:

Nice watches, a more precise description and mention of practical details (size, weight, mvt, specs, price) would have been appreciated. Surprised the divers only have a 60 click bezel ?

Tyler Evans says:

loving the new navimeter collection!!!! Breitling is killing it

John Klonaris says:

Great presentation as always

erlend myhre says:

That Navitimer

Jorge Borbolla says:

Really nice additions from Breitling! I didn’t understand what material is the bezel of the SuperOceans now, is it still rubber?

Fluffy Kitten says:

Breitling surprisingly seems to have the strongest Baselworld lineup this year

Farhan says:

Norton motorcycle watch is pretty attractive. I like that one the most here. However at 8000 they are more expensive even than the Navitimer 1959!

Goga Kh says:

Good future from breitling, when will be available those watches in usa? I like new superocean much better then old one, but I wish to have it polished ceramic bezel.

Rafael Rodriguez says:

Appreciate all of your hard work, very thorough review great job!!

Dame Dolla says:

The black superocean looks lit. Nevermind the resale value, just wear what you like and what your desires tell you.

Tyler Evans says:

Great video by the way !

David Lau says:

Why do the new SuperOcean (sea) models have the winged logo while some of the Navitimer (air) models do not? Counter-intuitive.

Shipmate says:

Re-editions = unoriginal and uninspiring.

Bjorn says:

I absolutely love the iconic Navitimer. I’m sad to see the changes were made to the design (winged logo and bezel) and not the quality (diver depth). I know this is not a diver but at this price point I would love to eventually see a depth that instills a little more confidence in the water. Thanks for the review.

OttawaInHD says:

Good work!

Len Powell says:

You are working very hard and that is beyond question. Is it within your ethics to allow insight into the Japanese element being represented this year? That is the burning question possibly amongst many enthusiasts aiming at that market? Seiko and Casio presumably represent the largest percentage of global watch sales? Your thoughts?

Isse Al O says:

Very nice and informative video, kind sir.

Tyler Evans says:


Andy says:

The replica of the 59′ navitimer is gorgeous!. It’s a pity the new models lack of character.

Michael Frilund says:

No black beret girls this time? Yes, I had to mention it!

A ’correct’ limited edition is a good thing. Looks very nice.

The Swissair model I would not mind owning – and I am not a chronograph fan. I like it.

Oh, finally! A Breitling diver I would like to own. The 42 mm version is for me, but a bit sad they could not make their own movement since Omega and Rolex have it in their diver watches. But a good ETA-based one is better than a poor in-house.

I enjoyed this, and thank you for recommending the video to me.

Radwan Joukhadar says:

New Superocean looks really interesting… price is interesting, and for sure the price will go down with time

Bruno Schoelkopf says:

Wow, super! Breitling goes retro vintage with a twist.

Mehdi Rmiki says:

very nice presentation Alexander!!!. Thank you. merci beaucoup et continue le magnifique videos que tu partage avec nous.

Daniel Joseph says:

I think you have done the best job covering Baselworld this year. Count me as a new subscriber. Great work and terrific content. Thank you!

mark dance says:

When I look at Tudor and what they are doing and how some other brands are coming on string I can’t help but feel worried about Breitling this range hasn’t inspired me personally.
Just for everyone reading I actually own a Breitling Super Avenger 2 and I love the brand

Morteza Alavizadeh says:

That PanAm Navitimer is stunning. Very beautiful, vibrant colors. The Bentley Premier in green is another stunner, that green is superb.

Mark Guard says:

It’s a shame the resale value is so low.

Sourabh Sekhar says:

i love how all watches are up and running and set to one reference time

Ilias Tasikas says:

I love Breitling but the new superocean looks like the Omega planet ocean.

Robin Hort says:

Not even close to my taste…

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