Affordable NON-HOMAGE Alternatives To The Rolex Submariner, Omega Speedmaster & Breitling Navitimer

Today I look at alternatives to 3 of the most iconic watches ever made. The conditions are simple. They must NOT be homages and have their own style from brands I respect to deliver a quality alternative. With the aviation classic Breitling Navitimer, I recommend the Seiko Flighmaster and the Hamilton X-Patrol. Also worth a mention here is the Citizen Nighthawk, Promaster Sky and the Sinn 903. For the racing classic Omega Speedmaster, I recommend the Swatch Irony and the Oris Artix. Also worth checking out is the Tissot V8. And finally for the iconic Rolex Submariner my choices are the Tudor Submariners and the Tudor Pelagos. What are you favourite alternatives?

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Isaac Despain says:

May I suggest a budget non-homage alternative for the Omega Speedmaster is the “Casio 2328”. It is very affordable, usually under 100 USD. The Casio has a Japanese quartz movement and is of course cased in China. It has a water resistance of 100m.

je gaat zien wie ik ben. says:

supmariner alternetive: invicta pro diver 8926Ob
do you agree with me ?

S Sailor says:

Way back in 1991, I bought Rolex Seadweller (new), with all the paraphernalia e.g. the wallet, screwdriver, anchor etc. for £695.00 [approx. $1000.00.  I wore the watch daily for first few years and then, as my watch collection grew, I stored it.  To cut the story short, 26 years later, I have sold that watch for £5250.00.  The point of the story is?  If you want the Rolex, Omega, or Breitling, Zenith etc. buy new, or buy the watch, that is still under manufacturer warranty.  Buy from the reputable dealer, who has Timegrapher, to test the watch in front of you, if it is second hand  ……  and buy on credit.  The reputable dealer can arrange for HP, if you don’t have the credit card. Buying £200.00 Citizen for daily wear, is great, if all you want is to know the time.  Buying £1000.00 that looks a bit like Rolex, or Breitling? It is a waste of time and money.  When I was a small boy, my father used to tell me … “we are too poor, to buy cheap rubbish”.  If you like something and it is within your reach, without having to re-mortgage your granny, buy it. You will always get your money back.  The prices of Swiss watches go up every year.

fopperer says:

since the rolex submariner is an homage itself, I dont see the point

Heiner Klaus says:

The commentary function at your show about the replica watches is closesd. As to that show I want to ad a watch and a brand. A which is the real thing, is the Seiko 5, produced since more than fifty years, many versions and a good, automatic, mechanical watch way below $500. And here is the brand i wanted to mention: Pulsar, a Seiko-Brand, very nice watches, many versions an even cheaper than the Seiko 5. I’ m the proud owner of Seiko 5. The watch is well made, heavy and surprisingly precise.

pim1234 says:

Great dog !

mathieu verberne says:

TGV, I want to thank you for this video. i started watching your channel a couple of days ago. yesterday I saw this video and i found the most beautiful watch I’ve ever seen thanks to you. I’m going for the Oris Artix GT. it’s stunning. thanks a lot for your videos and channel.

Mick Hargroves says:

great vid…
bought a tag f1 (half blue bezel) think its a good homage to the rolex…..couldnt afford that…..think its a great looking and quality watch….your thoughts?????

jake8283 says:

great videos!

Andrew D. says:

I bought two new Rolex’s today in Qatar. How? I saved my money.

S Gratian says:

I must say…awesome watches. Love you’r show! That Breitling Navimiter and Omega Speedmaster are a masterpiece!

Edilberto Reyes says:

add a diver watch alternative pls.

Whippy says:

Does anyone know why some Submariners are like $9000 and some are like $30000 to $40000?

Alessandro Amadori says:

The Swatch Watches you are showing are called “Blackie” and “Silverish” – References YVS401G and YVS405G. For anyone interested.

shae voyce says:

Love your work. keep it up, chur Legend.

Chris K says:

Rolex is the only people that are coming out ahead.I bought a fake Patek watch 15 years ago for about $200 , it still works keeps almost perfect time, the real one would have been over $10,000. I got my kicks from it and don’t care about it. A friend of mine bought a Rolex Daytona for $14,000 and 2 years later a watch jeweler offered him $4,000 for it. He was shocked. This is a bullshit industry making huge profits over an image that is meaningless. Not to mention that a cheap plastic quartz for $10 is more accurate over a week.

matthew bickham says:

does any body know where you can buy a box?

Tobias Mack says:

Maybe the Sinn 903, for the Navitimer obviously.

josh says:

Thank you for your video, this is very detailed and good. I am a watch manufacture but sometimes I just don’t know why some of the watches should be built in certain shapes. And the watches’ back story.

GB 77 says:

I am totaly over the moon with this intro! really nice. watch your channel almost every day.
best regards.

George says:

Where would you recommend getting a seiko skx from? Thanks

Faek Ouaida says:

Any recommendations for a trusted website that offers secondhand watches?

Jose Oscar Aldo says:

I bought Seiko skx009j sir, thanks!

Ghost Sheep says:

great video. the bulova moon watch is a good shout for an omega speedy alternative. It went to the moon with apollo 15 and was worn by Dave Scott on the lunar rover!

Pio says:

For me peronally the Sinn 903 is the perfect alternative to the Nav. Ok, it doesn’t really fit into the price category but it is a beautiful navigation chronometer with style and history – especially in dark/marine blue. Many greetings from Dusseldorf/Ger. Nice channel Sir! 😉

Chee Hei Foo says:

how about Steinhart Ocean 1? No I don’t own one but I’m curious. Looking more at smartwatches these days 🙁 I think you did review the Garmin Fenix or Chronos which is how I found your website.

joe says:

wow swatch is making a comeback. I remember my rich friends own the plastic version of them back in the 80s

Buck Rogers says:

Hi, what is a good alternative to the Omega Speedmaster 125? I really like the blockish look of the watch!

Mike Kamler says:

Excellent Video!

Quenten Riley Bubb says:

does the seiko flightmaster have a sweeping motion seconds hand? It seems to jump arount a bit in the video

Haris Arnautovic says:

Hello sir, I am a big fan of your videos. I would like to mention 2 more watches that are nice alternatives in my opinion, but for a much lower price. Longines Hydroconquest Automatic for the Sub and Tissot V8 (Quartz) for the Speedmaster. A racing and a diver watch, pretty similar looking to the originals. Both respectable brands with their own identity and not trying to copy. Swiss made with all the same main features, maybe you don’t agree, but thats just my 2 cents. I actually own both by myself because of these reasons and I am very happy with them!


CyBeRTRoNFLuX says:

is that astoria park in your intro?

On the wrist says:

This is an extremely gorgeous piece

Ray Seaman says:

Casio Duro Dive watch for 45 dollars…Water proof, stylish, Very durable. MOST IMPORTANT, if it does get stolen or destroyed, it is very easy to replace. No harm done, go on with your life!

harold bro says:

For the Breitling Navitimer, maybe the Seiko S23204J with the black dial would be a good alternative.

PupLikMehLikEppleCek says:

what do you recommend for a firefighter who use SCBA (not SCUBA) but still need to keep time when you in the mask and suck down on air.

Cj Sc says:

Totally agree with your point on Oris! I own a couple and they are fantastic looking, high quality and very underrated!

Don Giovanni says:

how about tissot? where does it rank?

Christopher Bly says:

What do you think of the Bulova Moon Watch as a Speedmaster alternative…I just ordered one.

hervé Chretien says:

TGV, cannot think of better alternatives than the one you brilliantly proposed.

georges najjar says:

what is th name of the intro song ?

stephanievf1 says:

This was the most informative video I’ve come across on my quest for watch knowledge

Thelokriz says:

I wish your channel had more subscribers, your videos’ quality is gold

johnny johnny says:

don’t let it go to your head, but you’re the most entertaining vid channel to watch. and you know a lot about watches. forgiven for the snobbery ;D

PANU E.E.S says:

subariner ~ tudor hydronaut II

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