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If you’re looking at buying your first premium watch, or even if it’s not your first rodeo, it can be a bit daunting trying to find the one that’s right for you. You may have an idea of what you want, perhaps even a brand or a type of watch, but there are still a whole load of pitfalls to trip up on when you finally take the plunge and enter the market. Never mind what you do want; here are 5 kinds of watches you should most certainly avoid.

Rolex Submariner 116613 LB
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean
Breitling Navitimer A23322
Tudor Heritage Black Bay 79230N
Breguet Type XX 3820ST/H2/9W6

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wutchutalkinboutwill says:

This is like a checklist of all of the mistakes I’ve already made.

Bhavik Shah says:

can you please review longines master collection moonphase watch which is affordable to most out here.. thank you

Greg McArthur says:

This video hit home… I’ve been victim to all the points you’ve mentioned. Only now do I see to just get what your heart tells you to get.

Good watch advice. Good life advice.

James Akeley says:

I’ve always had my eye on a speedmaster and have been saving for a while, sadly made the mistake of just going out and buying a Tudor ranger, beautiful watch but am still after the speedmaster

MikeZ32TT says:

Great video. Just buy the watch you want. Its so hard to tell some fakes out there. Purchasing from a reputable source is a great idea.

Cooper Wardell says:

Most important watch you should avoid: the one you think is going to make you look cooler, or richer, or more appealing or more fashionable. Other people care about your watch very little. Or your car, etc. Yet I see people wearing really expensive watches they know nothing about as a statement piece.

As you said in the video if you buy watches you love to wear and appreciate yourself, they will always make you happy and your collection will mean something to you. If it doesn’t mean something to YOU then it’s just a bunch of metal bits you spent your hard earned money on.

andrei-cosmin popa says:

avoid shady brands cheap watches nobody ever checked coz at the end of the day, u buy it as a tool, so u might want it to work properly.

Carlos Tab says:

Avoid Hublot

D C says:

Got a fantastic Rolex from a lovely African gentleman in Tenerife, great price as well.

Senkol Z says:

to me time piece to avoid is richard mille.. and no i still and will buy breitling

mrjamesgrimes says:

Great video… I really thought you were gonna bag on some brands for a sec but you offered real insight and advice

Mr. B says:

Wise words!

PCL Outdoors & Bushcraft says:

Great advice, thank you.

Tod Schuck says:

This is a brilliantly written video. What great content. Thank you.

JM Sullivan says:

We’ve all been there.

cad on says:

This guy would be able to sell the Liberty Statue to the Yankees! But to all of them and they were still bragging about having made an excellent business …

Brane Pantovic says:

I wish I viewed life through what ever filter you’re using in this video.

David Darrow says:

Great advice!

mark g says:

I think this video holds tremendous depth and value, for amateur, intermediate and seasoned watch enthusiasts and/or collectors. I would say that the title should be changed to the “five types of watch purchases to avoid”. Excellent content here though.

Nez Ram says:

@6:40min pretty much nailed why so many buys Tudor over Rolex.

Rusty Shackleford says:

Three rules for me:
1) Buy the watch you really want. If you get something else, you’ll just end up spending more money in the long run
2) Rarely be quick to jump on a purchase. Unless you absolutely know you want a particular watch, just mull on it. I’ve missed out on watches I thought I really wanted, but when I missed out, the urge went away.
3) Never go in debt over a watch. You can argue it is ok if you can pay it off quickly and without eating into basic living expenses.

Artur Garncarz says:

Perfect guide! I agree with all of them!

Lone Wanderer says:

Click bait. But still a good video.

Paulo Dias says:

I would be very happy with that Tudor. Hehehe

Chris B says:

Always keep your eyes on the prize and stay focused on the watch you really want, I don’t understand why you would want 10 to 20 sort of ok watches when you could have 2 to3 excellent watches.

Roberto Sánchez says:

We all ‘ve been there… great summary…

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