Why Lange and Breguet will never be Holy Trinity Members – WRIST WATCH SNOBBERY

Why Lange and Breguet will never be Holy Trinity Members – WRIST WATCH SNOBBERY


Michael W says:

Aide are piquet is trash. AP used to be a good brand, but now they’re ugly and only owned by basketball players black rappers and drug smugglers

Sascha von Bornheim says:

utterly delusional, and nothing better to do on new year’s. sad.

greg dawson says:


Joshi Oyabun says:

are you high or drunk???

Richard Stevens says:

Omega has the best movements, Zenith have better movements than Omega.

Geoff Luong says:

You Dir have no idea wtf your on about………. Abraham Louis Breguet is the innovator of the tourbillion

robbyjai says:

i wanna cut that fucking mole off your forehead. its irritating me as much as you  dumb fuck

Issabelle Bradshaw says:

What makes me laugh about Archie is ……. He don’t give a FUCK,

LawBreakingLawyer says:

Ahm…. Breguet, used by Louis XVI… Breguet, the INVENTOR of the wristwatch. Patek and Vacheron owe their still-going relevance to fucking Breguet. Don’t be a fucking moron, Archie. And stop talking about the Breguet type XX, talk about the classic models, those are true elegance and fuck Patek and Audemars in their asses back to Switzerland.

Breguet invented the fucking tourbillion, for example. Breguet is the true Alpha of all watch companies.

Alex Chung says:

Wow, this guy is disgusting.

theone1087 says:

Listen to this idiot, this ‘Holy Trinity’ is utter garbage. Breguet hands down is the best and most classiest time piece one can purchase for themselves and as an heirloom. Breguet has been the time piece of Tsars, Emperors, Kings, Queens, military geniuses and famous/infamous members of European aristocracy. No other time piece can close to giving a similar catalogue of names. Audemars Piguet is promoting who… Jay Z and a couple of Hollywood thespians? This guy is clueless and disgusting, the Phillippes, Piguets and Constantins can’t hold a candle to the illustrious banners of Breguet. And Switzerland… The Swiss only have culture and an affinity for the beaux-arts because of their French infusion and their business acumen in the East due to German influences. Geneve, the crown city of time pieces, French is spoken, their culture is French, the mannerisms are French. Breguet doesn’t need your fucking Trinity, it’s in a league of its own.

Michael Smith says:

445CR has the best comment on this post

Giang Vu says:


nicolas T Lee says:

Considering bregeut fucking invented the fucking wristwatch I’d say they ARE the holy trinity

Tomasina Covell says:

You need to get that genetic thing removed, I’m glad the kids don’t have it but have your father on to explain why he wouldn’t have it done for you as a teen etc?  Please Archie, you just can’t go any further as a spokes-model without attention to this! 

benvolio mozart says:

Archie who is drunk (as usual) would like to be archi whipped here ! Patek was polish and Philippe was french !
Breguet will always be n° 1 with Vacheron  !

noonsight2010 says:

Shut it Archie, you dickhead!

NukeProofSuit says:

What’s that thing on the side of your head?

Zane Carmichael says:

Lange > Breguet > VC > Patek > AP. Watches aren’t all about the opinions of the mass idiots or the “history” Lange needs no history and puts out watches that are in a league of it’s own. Patek rides on the hype of fools. And VC is holding unto a dream. And AP, if it werent for the royal oak and roo collection these days it wouldn’t be in this fairy tale “trinity” bs.

Belfast Biker says:

He seems like kind of a dick.

Pradiip79 says:

That mold on his temple is doing all his thinking, poor sod

ZoltanF1LH says:

What an absolutely repulsive man! Totally fake too showing us his fake chinese copies, just repulsive…

Sean Coleman says:

This declaration is meaningless. “The Swiss are … (fill-in-the-blank)” According to whom? You? Based on what? Your opinion of the Swiss? Unless you have proof that the Swiss watch industry or a regulating body have established or defined something called “The Holy Trinity of Watches,” yours is a circular argument. I’ll close by adding “The Holy Trinity of Watches” is a distinction as fictitious and meaningless as your argument. There’s no such thing except in those circles of folks who need to be reassured about their expensive trinkets by denigrating the trinkets of others.

Rojesh Lama says:

Why ARCHIELUXURY will never be a respected watch expert or a normal human being 🙂

fmanuferro says:

Breguet is the best 🙂

Pradiip79 says:

That mold on his temple is doing all his thinking, poor sod

Mario Lopez says:

I prefer Breguet to Patek Philippe…

bonustraka23 says:

this man is made in china  😀

zephyrman says:

If I go to hell, I’m afraid I’ll be locked in a small room with this guy. This is what happens when someone gets bullied at a young age.

Alex Wengrün says:

krasser typ

Alvin Koh says:

Your expression is getting more psychotic as you age Archie!

D.E.B. B says:

And of course, by the early 1900’s the swiss watchmaking industry had fallen so low, that they were making fake American brand watches, which is actually where the term ‘swiss fake’ came from.

Gamle Aker says:

Patek is polish!
Antoni Patek born in Piaski Luterskie near Lublin, Poland

Paul Bright says:

Then why isn’t Rolex a member?

Vincent Gaetan says:

Somebody should remind you that Breguet has one of the biggest histories, not only could they look back on an impressive client list (such as Napoleon), they are the inventors of the wristwatch and as such maybe bigger than what you call the holy trinity, they are watchmaking… so keep you BS for you and learn to present and speak decently…

Watch Geek says:

Ahhh, the stupidity! Facepalm….

tim clark says:

ERR just a little point Rolex is English founded by Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf in London 1905 moved operation to Geneva 1915!

Michael Dante says:

What a sick lame prick.

Samuel says:

Be fatter.

wotan20 says:

Oh God! If you want to know the unvarnished, uncomfortable truth about the watch industry, and be irritated out of your mind at the same time, then ArchieLuxurie is the best place to be.

Eugen-Ion Lazar says:

Are you a xenophobe? I do believe you are. Or maybe you’re snobbish? 

absoftitanium says:

This fat, ugly, greasy wog makes me want to puke. 

Rawicz Rawa says:

Archie – you are fucker mate! Patek (Antoni Patek founder PP – Polish watchmaker) is my countryman, he was Polish – you are fucker! So your theory is a fucking horseshit!!!

jr g says:

Surprisingly though, Patek Philippe was originally established in Geneva by two Non Swiss Watchmakers, Antoni Patek, a Polish and and Adrien Philippe, a French (http://www.patek.com/contents/default/en/timeline.html, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patek_Philippe_%26_Co.) .  In this case what really matters is the place of origin of the company not of the watch makers?

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