Why is the Breguet Type XX so cheap? TALKINGS WATCHES WITH SCOTTY

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Johnny Johansson says:

You will almost never get your money back on luxury watches due to the service cost. Who would buy a luxury watch that not been serviced for the last 10-15 years when you know a service is almost half of what the watch is worth!

long jim says:

havent watched the vid yet but i just know its going to really suck like all fatsos vids

Mike Hydropneumatic says:

Both the Omega and Breguet look better than that pig ugly Gerald Genitals Naughtyluss.

BOB last says:

I wonder with the ads returning to videos will AC3 start to get paid a little more.

Dis Count says:

because its quartz

Swiss Watch Craze says:

Breguet is commonly considered to be in the “Big 5” as they say. Great brand that doesn’t need marketing hype.

CDNCarGuy says:

I think I still prefer the speedy over the black bay chrono.

Weird Science says:

We don’t want to hear your sh1t, you crazed, rejected mad man.

Bison News says:


Ming Damerciless says:

Cause its almost as ugly as your phucking horns! There … now you know

Gedanken from Melbourne is a BITCH! says:

You purchased this piece used retail from elady, no box, papers, missing links, no service history and you think you will turn a buck on this piece? Good luck with that, this is as toxic as that IWC.

Lycosa says:

Maybe 2nd hand its cheap-ish? affordable? You mean compared to other Breaks? Breguets? breigs. gf

Wherecar 54 says:

Breguet is a fine watch, but it’s very expensive to service, they don’t market well, and they don’t make significant improvements to their movements. Besides you have to really like the look, I don’t.

Mad Man says:

Because it is a SHITTER!

algorithm007ify says:

Zenith chronos are much better than breguet type 20..

Lexi S. says:

Great video, Archie! If there are any ladies, or part-time lady boys interested, the easiest way to get into Archie’s pants is bring him over a pint of Haagen-Dazs. Then, pretend you are intently paying attention to his bs stories, while he is smothering his mouth with that creamy, white, ice cream that you brought over and his chunky legs will be wide open in no time!.

James C says:

I need to see this Breguet on the bracelet. The strap is giving me the shits

Kieren Moore says:

I thought higher rate beat was supposedly linked with higher accuracy … not reliability. Probably the opposite, in terms of reliability, because faster/more movement has to = more wear, over a given time period … ?

Zeddington says:

Archie to Scotty.
“will you still pee on me, will you still wee on me, when I’m 64?

JDave Foster says:

Why Archie cheap Charlie? He no good man!

Dis Count says:

what that poor squeaky chair has had to endure is beyond any horror one could possibly comprehend

Nathan K says:

Mot people wouldn’t know Breguet.

Lewis Whyte says:

Scotty reminds me of that Aussie guy that did the most Aussie interview ever… after stopping some bloke robbing a shop!

Johnny Johansson says:

If its a cam wheel or not so what?!


Why doesn’t Archie show us a picture of the phucking Zenith they’re talking about?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Vinyl content!!!!!

Dia Beetus says:

Scoty makes you touch his peepee, doesn’t he?

Zyzz says:

The breguet looks like something you would see in the window next to the casios and the citizen watches at Brevilles jewellers. See Archie the thing is you should have stuck to Rolex. Now you have no cash cause Scottie tricked you. Sucked in haha

Steve Rushaw says:

WTF Is wrong with you people ..”getting your money back” is not an investment …

D 3 says:

Reinventing the wheel

Fluffy Kitten says:

Stop calling it a fucking El Primo

Mike Dennington says:

It’s cheap cos no one wants it, out of date and looks like it’s covered in jism.

Urbex Fan says:


BellaBehindACancer says:

Because you own it

Greg Mieg says:

Arch is no gentleman no matter what watch he confides in.

Antonio Littera says:

Lets see… A modern made piece with generic (non exciting) movement. It’s made to look like an old watch, resting on the laurels from an old classic brand name and pushing on the brand history. Now tell me, am I speaking of this Breguet or TAG making watches that look like old vintage Heuer?

Keith Ambrose says:

engage the chronograph then you’ll see the minute hand move to 1 minute but the seconds hand is only at 30 seconds.

Mad Stevens says:

the zenith el primero is a colorful watch, or in blant terms it is a clowns watch. a twenty something y-gen turd can wear it. wobbly and wrinkled old x-gen farts like archie and the pro boner lawyer should go for understated and elegant pieces. scotty is probably on the wrong side of forty as well and presumably as portly as fraudricos is tasteless.

Lycosa says:

Who gives a fuck about some cam wheel column wheel shitoki. It works awesome and is great enough. Breguet is so much of a better model/brand.

Earl Scheib says:

Fucking 80’s looking watch, just like the polar. Get something modern like a ceramic sub, gmt even a black bay or Milgauss.

Mark J says:

To me it’s the most beautiful chronograph on the market, and has always been the perfect size and form factor. It’s so ‘cheap’ because it’s seen as a cash cow for Breguet – they’ve stopped innovating with it. That movement should have been replaced by some other modified in-house movement with a column wheel years ago, keeping the same case and dial design. The new ones would fetch more at retail, the older ones would be seen as even more of a bargain and probably go up in value moderately.

hcavn says:

Q – Why is the Breguet Type XX so cheap?

A – Cheap??? It’s worth US$199 yet they charge thousands!!!
It’s a dog TURD, microwaved on phull high.

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