Who’s Who of Watchmaking: Breguet

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This is one Who’s Who of Watchmaking (WWW) that naturally we had to do at some point considering the legacy the name Breguet evokes to all watch lovers.

The inventiveness of Abraham-Louis Breguet is naturally highly recognised, ranging of course from the tourbillon, but also the first self winding movement watch and the Pendule Sympathique among others. And this is even more so remarkable when you think that in the late 18th century no computer or CNC machines would help you achieve this kind of feat!

In the episode of the day, our goal was really to portrait not only these historic achievements, but also show how this legacy lived on through the years, from good stuff to some more questionable period.

But since the acquisition of this illustrious name by the Swatch Group, the brand has gone through a rather spectacular development spearheaded by none other than Nick Hayek Snr. Actually, Breguet was a total passion of his.

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T Lee says:

I love Marc!! Well written episode, very informative

lsamoa says:

Great episode!

Cesar Rabbit says:

Wonderful video.

M. O. says:

Incredible, amazing content, Marc Andre! I love the Who’s Who in Watchmaking series, and Breguet is one of my favorites! Awesome to learn so much more about the man, his family and the company’s history! Thank you!

Rafael Rodriguez says:

Thanks Marc, interesting and informative, great to know more about the history of watchmaking as always great video, cheers

Anthony Lam says:

What a good introduction of the history of Breguet and its evolvement.

MrMuttonhollow says:

Thansk, always enjoy.

Peruvian drummer says:

good lord never knew Brrrrrrrreguet was so interesting
so nice to say breguet

20thCenturyBoy says:

Thank You for this great video about Breguet!

David Zucker says:


Morten Superlite says:

I hope someday that the Breguet collection in Jerusalem will come back to Paris where it belongs.

FR DLN says:

Thank you for such quality content !

Anders Långberg says:

Of course we enjoyed it! Keep ’em coming 🙂

Richard Scott says:

Fine presentation. Well done. Salut

Slapshot 007 says:

Loving the who’s who series and as a big fan of breguet that was double fun! Looking forward to the next. All the best

Anoni.mouse same says:

I would recommend to check that lump on your neck that I can see in this video. I have not seen it before.

Blaine Cole says:

Your command and use of the language is the perfect compliment to the imagery you present. Bravo !

Len Powell says:

Interesting? He would have probably got on very well with IK Brunnel and the likes? These guys brains had no parameters! Be it a clock or bridge etc All genius minds that had drive and ridiculous passion. Interestingly enough all these guys would have engulfed modern technology without a doubt I think? They were technology at the time in a similar way Casio is high technology now? Controversial comment possibly but I am well read on great engineers and the best never lived with the past? This is a superb channel.Cheers,Len .

André Muñiz says:

Gotta love love love these fantastic videos!!!

Fred Flintstone says:

If anyone is feeling generous I would be happy to except the Breguet Transatlantique Type XXI Flyback Chronograph in Rose Gold
Model 3810BR929ZU

fredy siregar says:

Another great video about the great world of horology. Thank you!

dinesh jiawan says:

Today is the birthday of Abraham Louis Breguet

Farhan says:

Children always want to breakout from their father’s business. Very rarely do you find children inherit their father’s passion. Way of the world.

Tony Hill says:

Excellent video. I think the Type 20 whether regarded as an aberration or not is a beautiful chronograph.

Roberto Sánchez says:

What a great compilation of Breguet’s history , really interesting, thanks Marc André…

Diego Aguilera says:

Great video, very interesting! Thanks!

Daniel Katz says:

How you manage to give all this info content soooooo precisely, even if reading it off, amazing

oxysoxos says:

I love those general knowledge videos. Thank you for this excellent episode. Keep them coming, please. 🙂

Amintas Neto says:

Great Breguet history summary Marc. Thanks for sharing. I just wished Breguet had the same level of appreciation as Patek.
I have no doubt the technical competency is there considering Lemania history and tradition in horology. Hope they get there!

Bill Cosgrave says:

Love the video. Great lesson in horology history! Excellent!

Tito R says:

Thank you

Andrei 31 says:

I love Breguet❤️❤️❤️

cat637d says:

Very informative and enjoyable!

Erich Michel de Châtillon says:

I’ve been literally waiting years for this! Merci!

Timepieces on a Budget says:


Sb Sb says:

This is a brand that is a, must have.

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