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LBonvillion says:

You’re just pissed because Breguet doesn’t mention Paul Pluta as one of their customers.

Thomas Williams says:

someone needs to send fatso more alcohol and ice cream.

Franklin J Rizasaski says:

I would be happy to tell my shithead friends but alas, I have none. I do have a few cunthead friends. Would that work?

Stephen Miller says:

Breguet should appoint Archie as marketing manager. Archie the race horse could be renamed “Breguet”. Archie could exclusively wear Breguet on trips to Nana. Archie could introduce e-begging as corporate income stream not to mention claiming overseas staff holidays as a legitimate business expense. Yes Archie has a lot to offer the company.

Mad Man says:

Breguet design is completely outdated.

prinkipo1917 says:

Now he’s sounding like a hostage forced against his will to read out a statement. I wonder if Mimi-T is holding the gun?

Vladamir says:

Great vid Archie

Jeffrey KRUPA says:

Do a Halloween video! That should be really…shit.

Seamaster73 says:

They’re not shitters, but there’s nothing to recommend them over the alternatives.

Grinder says:

Good video.

hcavn says:

It would be be easier to say what I like about these TURDS, rather than what I hate.

Bren Savage says:

Great, quality vid Arch. Love it. Thoughtful. Unbiased pros and cons on a great watch brand.

Dreamworld Isolation says:

Sounds like he’s sitting on a live bomb. Talk about breguet for nine minutes or it will detonate

iimaniDAVID says:

“Breguet has a strong horological backbone” + “Breguet is a great brand” + “Breguet is a real luxury brand which has got many wonderful enduring models” ≠ “It’s best to leave them to the side.”

Andrea Farrugia says:

why the fuck are you reading you eloquent fuck??

Adventures With Wild Warrior Bill says:

Archie, you look very sick mate

phootluke1 says:

oh phuck it Breguet is just phucking class

Wherecar 54 says:

Agreed, I’ll never buy one.

Rogue Disruptor says:

If Breguet ‘pisses you off’ then don’t buy them. Your ‘content’ is crap Archie.

Steady Rolling says:

The Type XX costs more than a Daytona.

Breguet clearly does not have a clue.

Surf Osaka says:

Aids archie

Bob jones says:

But it is OK to brag about your imaginary billion are friends, you loser father be successful and all the watches you owned in your past.
Guess piggy does not know Omega is owned by swatch and omega uses ETA and used ETA before swatch bought them.
that is ok.
This guy is a moron.
he is low rent, mentally ill, has poor hygiene, homosexual and a loser.

Andrea Farrugia says:

go to sleep Paul.

ChipZilla69 says:

I reckon it’s Omega holding the gun so he doesn’t talk about tmotm. Love archives videos and comments have me in stich

Mike Dennington says:

Pissed off again, drunk fat and out of meds no doubt.

celestialfix says:

I see nothing wrong with letting the public know that Breguet’s customers included Napoleon and Churchill. More tasteful marketing that hiring some idiot like George Clooney or some Russian tennis babe to hawk your wares like some watch brands do.

Happy huWhite Man says:

Archie is too serious here. Come on phat boy, pull that butt-plug out of your ass

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