What Does Your Watch Say About You? Part 12 – Breguet Chronograph Type XX

What Does Your Watch Say About You? Part 12 – Breguet Chronograph Type XX
What Does Your Watch Say About You?, Breguet, Chronograph, Type XX


dsr50veej says:

love the breguet type xx

gbvoul says:

That’s a cool watch.

David A says:

Breguet vs P.P?

NamVeteran420 says:

lol when he just starts yelling “breguet breguet breguet!”

SizzFractor says:

Loved this video.

Omelbox says:

Thank you, Man, for the video!
I`ve just bought Type XX, 6 months ago and I enjoy wearing them! Hope you enjoy yours too!
Good luck!

kuglepen64 says:

I concur.

David Brice-Bennett says:

rchie, it’s aeronavale not a aeronvale you doughnut Learn to pronounce the name before shouting off your dirty mouth

Dapdoi Ardon says:

I think the holy trinity is dog shit. Ok I’ll give Patek a pass.

Cuno Wiederhold says:

It appears that any Swiss made watch would be a good choice. So, it looks like Breguet is the cream of the “fucken” crop. How bloody cool! There went my sons college fund. LOL 

Tania Martin says:

Breguet = eta = Swatch. Duh…

Orlando Perez says:

Well said , I own 2 Rolex’s that I bought in my 20’s had I known I would have bought a brequet .

philip northfield says:

I am guessing that you have self esteem issues and a touch of tourette’s lol your knowledge of watches may be excellent but to even attempt to judge the owner by what’s on their wrist says more about you than them I believe president Obama wore a tag maybe he liked the look of it? after all the purpose of a watch is to tell the time a 99p digital does that or your phone therefore probably the only firm conclusion that could be drawn from a multi thousand pound wristwatch is that the owner is not quite as successful as they want to be and have to build their confidence by wearing a status symbol by the way I love all those watches and more seiko mmmm swatch casio timex lol and you are a Jeremy Clarkson copy of the watch world, get together a couple of buddies and tour the world talking sxxt about watches I’d watch the show and so I am sure would many more by the way can you guess the brand and model of watch I wear?

rico200168 says:

I don’t give a crap what any body say about Rolex or any other watch if I like it I would simply buy it !!!!

Nickolas Mororó says:
doogiehowserMD3 says:

Love it, can’t imagine Breguet are too pleased though.

Carl Patterson says:

You are worthless and fat…..

smashLC says:

my dad is thinking to buy hora mundi, breguet is the best

Solomon Trolldem says:

elitism kicks ass

Roc Bottom says:


apan gurra says:

Pastor Archiebald Chesterfield III telling the punters how it is.

Sherb3rts says:

Mmm the gm at the place i work has a tag carrera and was bitching about it lol. His face was priceless when someone mentioned the white gold speedmaster i was wearing lol

trumpetman63 says:

what was this watch called again?


“Fcuk you! I don’t care about you and your pathetic existence. I own a Breguet.” Classic Archie!

Cedrix Rutto says:

yes sir

C. Link says:

I actually have less appreciation for these watches now. 

doogiehowserMD3 says:

But then a Breguet owner wouldn’t give a fuck…

Boerje69 says:

But doesn’t the Breguet use the ETA piece of fucking shit movement?

robbieyh says:

Good one archie! Good one …… Breguet what else can I say! Fuck off! We’ll said….

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