WATCHES I REGRET SELLING – Breguet Type XX Chronograph

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twobronys play says:

Aerinvale? It’s called an Aeronavale.

Fenway Fan says:

LOVE Breguet! These are watches that Joe public has no idea about

Jeff Liss says:

My 83 year old grandma just watched this video. She told me to tell you that you’re the dumbest fucker to ever fall out of the fucken monkey’s ass.

Mad Man says:

0:24 – fuck me dead, the chronograph does not reset in a propper way. So selling it was a scam…

Targa Florio says:

Lovely watch. Piqued my interest in Breguet! Nice one.

alex kid says:

Lol keep this series going like hearing you go off and swearing made me laugh

LA90004 says:

Squale phisting at 5:10!


Your Breguet now that was a nice watch

gmshadowtraders says:

If you miss it so much then why the fuck did you sell it in the first place?

nick kennerley says:

thats a mans watch

eco8gator says:

phist them dead big boy!

matt church says:

So cool

pblockification says:

anyone know what the that song is called towards the end of the video?

Nathan K says:

That phisting mojo is back!
Phist the phuckers!

w h says:

this watch looks like a fucking fossil watch big boy!

pavy415 says:

“This is a cunt act” hahaha this is where I got that phrase

Stranded Alien says:

The Breguet fucks ‘The man on the Moon’ watch.

FearlessAgainstStupidity says:

“No fucking dickweed fucking Squale wearing shitheads would know what a fucking Breguet is!” LMFAO!!!

twobronys play says:

I’d rather have a Type XX than any gold sub

Ming daMerciless says:

IWC, Zenith and Ball do 21mm lugs.
Arch if you want another ugly Breguet, get that job down the supermarket. You’ll have one in no time!
Or maybe get your wife a job down at Coles? As you said, you always had the fantasy about your wife working an extra job to buy you a watch or a car! Bonza!!

steve march says:

That’s a very naughty kettle Archie boy , like you say no one would know , under the radar … Very nice music at the end , reminds me of Natalie Merchant – Tigerlily (Carnival Song)?

Michael K says:

Drink some More Moet
and smoke a pack of Dunhill
Yes I understand but Omega are the most comfortable

Bob Bender says:

This “Archie Luxury” character is really disgusting !!!!!!

Frankie Calabro says:

We are privileged that Paul shares his watch knowledge with us… God bless u Paul!!!!

King Bee says:

PHIST that Breguet!!

Alex W. says:

Outstanding new intro Archie!!

robertx65 says:

Mad Arch is Back!!!!! Look out fuckers… That truly is a nice piece.

blank blank says:

Your better off…Never understood how you could wear that shadow of a Breguet…Fuck Swatch

john g says:

you sold one of the most iconic brands with a great and storied history – you’re a schmuck

Apollo Prospector says:

Dickweed fuckin’ Squaleee wearing shitheads

Mont Blanc says:

“f**king c**ters at Breguet…f**king pain in the f**king arse that’s what it was….but I just looooved my Breguet”. Ah man….

Andrew Cunteros says:

If you put timex in safe deposit box, in 60 years it will be the same timex as factory specificated

Ulph Wahlbom says:

Jewelers On Time should pay you more $$$, Arch.

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