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Tonight, Brian and Tim discuss watches under $10,000 from Breguet, Cartier, Rolex, Franck Muller, Panerai, and Hublot. Remember to like, comment, and subscribe for more from WatchBox Studios. Also, check out WatchBox Reviews for in-depth watch reviews from your favorite brands.

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todd - says:

The Breguet looks like it could be twice the price. Great value front to back. Love the FPJ, too. Nice color combos

Greg Mieg says:

Im not surprised that McLovin loves the pop ladies Hublot

Jake Roth says:

Every time I hear Richard Mille I think of Frank Muller. Isn’t that veird!

Diego OG says:

Ayrton Senna was a god! Hublot is not my thing though lol

Dmitry Belyakov says:

awesome show guys, can’t believe you were doing this on valentines!

akula1055 says:

You know, you know, you know………yes we know !!!!!

KCPIO says:

Take a close look…6 marker on Yachtmaster is off-center!

Spencer Farrow says:

Brian is really becoming a solid YouTuber… he seems like a kind down-to-earth “rich” guy.

Question: could you guys talk bracelet build qualities among the popular big names?

Vedad says:

Your makro lens is pretty bad and has allot of CA which changes the look of the watch. Lots of purple fringing too so the edges of the bezel look weird.

malthus101 says:

“Nailing a nice lady………………………………… ‘s watch.”

///// AMG says:

@Tim – BTW, Farrah was going to start talking watches on YouTube as well… He may have already started…

WatchBox Reviews says:

Uhhh, this episode called for some… post production 😉

Shapeinful says:

Why does Breguet continue to produce those dated models, with Roman numerals and neoclassic style? They are cheesy, dated, for old people, and lazy design. It is time to create more modern watches, not revisiting past times beyond the 1950s or 1960s. Get modern, Breguet. Patek and JLC, too. They all keep doing watches with alpha hands and cases without any edges. In the meantime, Seiko designs awesome watches that look like katanas.

Phil Patek says:

Cartier steel skeleton everyday? My heart agrees with Tim but my brain agrees with Brian. The one wildcard is that it might not be a true skeleton, as the bridges create a traditional Cartier roman dial, which is far more structured than a pure skeleton. There is a face to the watch. The question could be, is that face versitile enough for the variety of environments an everyday watch encounters? If so, what a tremendous fresh choice and more fitting rival for the 51671a than the Breguet Marine.

TimeKeeper says:

I could see Tim Burton wearing this Cintree Curvex edition.


god i hate the sound of brians fucking voice

craigblykins says:

Nice show guys. I would like to see more of these shows at the <10K price point, then < 15k; then < 20k.

Seth says:

The indices on that Hublot are god awful… looks like a girl was trying to draw with her mom’s lipstick lol

Steve Markham says:

This is one of the best shows I’ve seen. You rock it!

mt89 says:

Don’t get any watches under $10,000, they are pure garbage.

Spend at least $30,000 for a real watch to prove that you are a men.

morten lothe says:


George Grasser says:

It may sound like “Sour Grapes” because I am not wealthy and cannot afford an expensive Watch. However, my Tissot T100.428.16.051.00 is very cool. Who else makes a Small Seconds with three separate Subdials to view that one complication? I bought two of them. Ceramic Bezel, 42mm Case. Suede lined leather strap. I am set for life.

McKinley Stephens says:

35:54 “Give it back”

fernando sanchez says:

Brian was hilarious in this episode.

Daniel Coe says:

Diver with Roman numerals wtf

Fabi_Schwarz says:

Hey Guys, I really like the “La Bomba” but what is going to happen with the Tritium dial when I send the watch in for a service? If they replace it, then the watch becomes worthless but without a regular service the watch isn’t water resistant. Should I shy away from this watch when I look for an everyday beater that I can take into the water on a regular basis?
Great show again!
Fabi says:

Awesome show! Thanks for not highlighting the JLC Master Compressors that can be had under $10K. I want a few of those, so the less people that know about them, the better! 😉 (Same for Rolex Prince. Ssshhhhh!)

Ryan Moy says:

Good to see you two are embracing the “value” theme of today’s episode with your wrist shots lol.

Tal 3 says:

You sold your Bah mitzvah watch…Wow!!! Just Wow!!!

Fluffy Kitten says:

జ్ఞ ‌ా

Roberto Guimaraes says:

Awesome content. Great variety. Thanks Brian and Tim.

Joey Fadel says:

First show Brian and Tim make together that I truly enjoy from start to finish where there is no tension.
You guys obviously do not get along, almost like there is a power struggle.
It has been very obvious for a long time. I hope you guys keep it up and build a genuine rapport with one another. We all need each other. Magnificent show today guys.

Joe Keightley says:

When Brian says he can’t be bothered to change the date, I shake my head. Hurts my watch loving soul. How can you not want to watch the retrograde in action? Straight watch porn!

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