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In a cake made of watch parts, the tourbillon is surely the cherry. It’s revered, it’s worshipped, it’s—wait a second, what actually is a tourbillon, and why should I want one? Here to answer that question are a couple of watches from two of the oldest and best watchmakers in the world: Breguet and Blancpain.

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AntPDC says:

This Channel is like an exquisite watch.

Kwok Zi Yi says:

Mechanical ARE pointless in this day and age. Having that spin thing emphasizes that while reminding us that sometimes, we want to keep pointless stuff because they look cool.

chip bryant says:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

John A Newton Photographer says:

I never knew Alan Davis from QI knew so much about watches

SunsetSheen says:

This is art

Dan says:

My baby!

steven gardner says:

A tourbillion is like seeing a beautiful Ferrari engine in the rear of a Ferrari.

absoftitanium says:

A tourbillon does not need to multiply the cost of the watch by 10X. It is less complicated than adding a function like a chronograph. By far. And it’s useless. It looks cute, but it’s useless.

1701spacecadet says:

Pointless? Probably.

But damn it’s hypnotic to watch.

Dan Arelux says:

thank you for these amazing videos. we can see in great detail these incredible and sophisticated creations

Pirouz Nahavandi says:

To hell with quartz!!

Elena Ferrari says:

nice love it!

Popeye The Sailorman says:

I think you should gift me both these watches…..

xpusostomos says:

Wrist watches are usually dial side up? Since when? If your hand is in its normal position by your side, then the dial is facing sideways.

Aaron Jaben says:

all mechanical watches are obsolete now…so more tourbillons!

SpeedyGoneFroglegs says:

Both are true. The tourbillon is a needless extravagance, and also has a place in watchmaking.

macuys says:

Accuracy is the determining factor. According to google “it has been proven that tourbillons are not any more accurate than a traditional escapement on a wristwatch, and are in some cases even less” so it defeats the purpose and greatly overpriced.

rideforever says:

We need inspiration

GunsCarsBikeCigars says:

this is why the gyro Tourbillon exists

sebseb seb says:

The tourbillon has a point, you know what is the most pointless complication? (IMHO) The jumping seconds.

alabanzarobert says:

I feel so smart whenever I say “tourbillon.”

Liviu George says:

good technical making (of video), poor content.

Phead128 says:

The effect of gravity on such a tiny miniscule spring is negligible.

nosaj4480 says:

I liked the video until the statement regarding the ISS. It’s quite an ignorant viewpoint to have, outside of the usual diplomatic peace agreements made for space missions. The ISS conducts hundreds of primary scientific experiments per year from all fields of science. All of the results published for public use.

Galja says:

Great video! Superb photography!Love the comparisons of the Tourbillion .All these very complicated mechanical wonders such as perpetual calender,split second chronograph are not super practical but super neat .The comparison to the Mona Lisa at its heart is very aperpo.

Dan M says:

I love how the Blancpain looks like a stop-motion animation!

K.D.P. Ross says:

Watches — mechanical, quartz, spring drive, or otherwise — are all a useless extravagance in an age of smartphones … So what!? They’re fun!

David Guzman says:

What’s the difference between Tourbillon and Open Heart? Is there a difference ? I hear them used interchangeably.

Simon Vuille says:

I agree that most people don’t need that complication but saying that the Mona Lisa/ISS are useless is a very bad example.

Sezi Mik says:

the worst video, logic and comparisons from this channel ever

MRFUCKOFF202 says:

I could watch that thing all day

K.D.P. Ross says:

Videography is *on point*!

Matthew Parets says:

Mechanical watch making is needlessly extravagant from beginning to end. A mechanical art. Adding more engineering to the mix, regardless of the percentage gain adds to the artistic nature. If you are concerned with accuracy for its own sake, you should be getting yourself a reliably cheap digital.

spalkin says:

On a worn watch, does the tourbillon help? A wrist watch, while on the wrist, is almost never horizontal and is usually almost vertical.

Jason Kerley says:

I didn’t know Jonathan Creek was this knowledgable on watch mechanisms

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