The Fool and his Breguet – An ArchieLuxury Tale

The Fool and his Breguet – An ArchieLuxury Tale


MostlyRight88 says:

Archie, you’re the cheap fuck.

Sebastian Andersson says:


Rick Cimino says:

this is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen on youtube.  Archie….you really made me laugh today.

Patrick De Bruyne says:

The only fool i see is you Archie Dumbass…

Azlan Rahkmaninov says:

Brilliant… I thought 17 year old shouldn’t have shiny watches was a one-off… There’s more of this guy 🙂 It’s the best thing on the internet…

Patrick Kim says:

He only brought up the ten dollars as an excuse to excuse his dumb question. He did not want this vid made at all but Archie served him right. Harry deserves to be mugged on the street..

elavate7 says:

you just gave him free advice….good job

GROBNOB the Troll says:

Rolex Two Tone are the most discounted turds in the Rolex range, let that idiot piss his beautiful Breguet away, too tight for a $10 piece of advice ? He who knows the price of everything knows the value of nothing, pennywise and pound foolish. What a Shithead

catothewiser says:

Why is the smaller dial NOT centered properly. I’m not OCD but JESUS that bothers me. Just so they can have more room for the printing of the “6”?

Peter Krone says:

I have over 50 Luxury Swiss Watches! Alot of Luxury Cars and really rare old Motorcycles from the 1920. Gold,Silver and Diamants, Archie-Bastard!!!! But i colect alot of Wather and Food for the soon beging of the 3. World-War!!! That is alot more importend as all this Luxury-Shit!!! Think about this Archie-stupid-Fucker!!!!!

bob smith says:

lol, talk about a cheap class, $10 for an opinion. “you get what you pay for” you dumb fat ugly fuck.

SR says:

Good for Harry.

ryvr madduck says:

Keep the Breguet and buy a fucking Sub with your own money dipshit.

sawaftar says:


joshron99 says:

I agree with you Archie. It’s a sad thing that Harry will be wearing a Rolex and thereby besmirch a fine brand. Anyone who owns any Breguet watch and doesn’t know how extraordinary and special it is to actually have that ownership should not be wearing any fine watch. I would say that Harry should be wearing a Timex except that Timex makes some very good watches far above Harry’s line of vision.

Pawn Hearts says:

This has to be the best video on youtube

ciaran2303 says:

I think Archie has often stated that he earns approx. 1k per month

Horváth Milán says:

Best video from Archie

My Email says:

The fool and his swatch watch

James Hart says:

That should have said “I wouldn’t get sick”. Fuck you Harry.

Chris Davis says:

tears are rolling down my face right now. The donkeys!!!!

BernhardRottweiler says:

If you invented this Harry guy and the two-tone Sub story, you are a fucking (lol) GENIUS. I laughed so much, I am coughing right now. You’re a great comedian, Mr. Pluta.

John Smith says:

Nuevo rich? That would imply that he’s run into a bit of money! Ha, no, he’s just a member of the Australian lower middle class who spends his money on fine watches and feels sorry for himself.

TQ says:

I’ll pay you £10,000 to permanently stay away from YouTube and delete your videos. And yes, I am serious. I’ll even arrange for all the legal representation and fees. I will also arrange for you to get good psychiatric help.

nevertheless87 says:

Archie I hope you’re realizing that you had given Harry a free advice with this video…

mohammad amin says:

Agree with you Archie.

brianplummy says:

Archie, it is good to hear you slobbering all over the microphone as usual.
Fuck off Fuckers!

sonick808 says:

If a family member gifted me a fucking vintage Breguet, I would never, ever, ever fucking EVER LET IT GO

swordandgunandsteel says:

if he’s  cheapskate, then you’re a ripoff son of a bitch. just because someone withdraw the statement, you have no shame and have to make a whole big deal about him. you are worst than a cheapskate. infact he’s not a cheapskate at all. $10 for some ripoff shit, from someone whom uses demagogue and make himself sound like an expert is absolutely ABSURD and STUPID. you’re no expert, considering you think patek is the only super brand of watches, indicates your knowledge about watches are really small and narrow. beggars shouldnt throw a fit at people.

Truth and Downfall says:


MagnUm says:

I’ll pay 10 dollars for you to stop this channel

CntBeMadAtaHippie says:

10 dollars for an answer? comon.. but funny video though 😉

Jae Lee says:

What a cheap bastard

Paul Steele says:

Brequet are amazing watches, Rolex watches should not even be kept in the same room as them

AlphaSilverChest78 says:

Hahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahaaha. This was great. Archie, you fucking ROCK! You money whore! I say that with loads of affection, Archie. You’re a great guy!

saby8765 says:

72 dislikes? I just heard 72 dumb cunts swapped their breguet for two tone rolex. What a coincidence.

Zane Carmichael says:

i dont know why i watch this channel lol

ditbot says:

Do you honestly think Archie earns money from this channel?

7IRAM says:

Harry is a shithead!

saby8765 says:

Fuck!! Rolex for a Breguet??? No fucking way!!!!!

52 Dislikes says:

Good advice!  My nephews can’t hardly wait to eBay my watches and clocks.

John LeFave says:

No class? Watch your language you new-money trailer-park sewer-dwelling toad. Try not to mutate into a worse human than you’ve become with some cash in the bank. Pitiful fool.

Sturm 51 says:

If this fuckwit could get a wife, I bet I could get 10 wives per each wife this fatass could get.

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