REAL PILOT NEEDS A REAL PILOT’S WATCH – Omega, Breguet, Breitling, IWC ?

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blazinmark1 says:


Paul Baker says:

Stowa watches you can customise one to your own taste.

blazinmark1 says:

Archie your horns need glasses

CavsAllDay says:

byoooootiful vid Arch as usual

treehouse722 says:

Good vid Archie, but you shouldn’t show pictures of a different watch to the one you’re discussing. It’s confusing and serves no purpose. Thanks.

blazinmark1 says:

Phistos mother fukers!!!!
Where are my ladybois????

Crappy Watches & Cheap Whores says:

Zenith Pilot Big Date. Fortis Fleiger.

Zeddington says:

Can someone critique’s Archie’s collection (collection as at Friday 11 August 2017)?

Marktuyet says:

Classic 1964 Westclox Big Ben Quartz reproduction . Strap it to your leg …17.95 …free shipping .

Clyve Minotaur-Wrangler says:

Hamilton Pilot Auto or Pioneer Pilot? Besides not being luxury watches, they seem to otherwise phit the bill. It also sounded like practicality was more important than status; i.e. a real tool watch. Maybe a Panerai 312 due to the brilliant lume and date.

frieswithmayo says:

Look at the Sinn 856 S…. interesting watch, a mix of pilot watch and GMT, made for travellers, good quality and good price

algorithm007ify says:

Cartier and Zenith Pilot…the first and second pilot watches ever made… (although Cartier aren’t that good these days)…

CavsAllDay says:

iwc spitfire 3878 great for pilot as well—in house IWC movement chrono–flyback too btw

Clyve Minotaur-Wrangler says:

WTPh, he didn’t even critique according to the pilot’s prepherences: besides something unphlashy, automatic with an aviation history, he wanted LUME, ephicient servicing and a date. And the Brietling Superocean came closest to phitting the bill. Toughie.

edu danel says:

Get the Breitling Aerospace new. It will serve for life. Mine has 10,000 jet hours

Steady Rolling says:

A Glashutte Original Pano Reserve would suit this fellow.

Subtle, big date, good movement.

Dis Count says:

a phake pilot needs a leather cap and a scarphe

Amintas Neto says:

Amazing to see big boi’s enthusiasm with Schaffhausen!!

Andrew Mark says:

Videos like this will get you to 100k subs Archie – I love the screaming, swearing and shouting but videos like this are engaging, informative and downright cool.


Buy a 18 k yellow gold Breitling Nav timer.

Bellerophon 911 says:

The Sinn 903 is more affordable and built better than the Breitling Navitimer counterpart with 100 meters water resistance and shock resistance. It’s also less flashy and still has all of the pilot DNA. The price with a bracelet is $3,580.

Rafique says:

Cock Pit is Archie”s pit

fully mechanical says:

respecktos in phist a la dis count

WatchDisplay says:

I’d do the breguet or a pre ceramic gmt master ii. The pre ceramic 16710 gmt master II is beginning to sky rocket. Also being able to switch out aluminum bezel inserts allows one to make it more discreet or flashy with the Pepsi/coke bezel. Ps I just picked of a minty 16710 black bezel with additional oem bezel inserts and I def prefer this over the ceramic gmt master ii unless it’s a batman of course.

Mad Man says:

A real pilot needs a Rolex GMT Pepsi.

David Obed says:

I just got the Sinn 903 all Black dial.

BellaBehindACancer says:

The idiots that get these paid reviews need to know to tell Archie what not to mention at the start of the email because he can’t be bothered to re-record any footage…

David Obed says:

Sinn 903

Johnny Johansson says:

Your’e no fan of co-axial? I think you need to do some research big boy. It’s consider being the best massproduced automatic movement made today

H. Bryant says:

Archie, as most always – a great review. Totally agree the GMT Master II is the best choice. The pre-ceramic black bezel GMT would be perfect for this pilot. It is so rugged and will hold it’s value. It is not flashy and is versatile with the interchangeable bezel inserts. It also looks good on the oyster bracelet, jubilee bracelet, leather or NATO straps. It has and always will be my grail watch.
I bought one 17 years ago 11670 when I finished USAF flight school. Mine has a black bezel insert. At the time I also purchased both the Coke and Pepsi inserts. I have changed out the inserts every 3 or 4 years as my tastes change. The watch feels new again each time.

gmshadowtraders says:


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