PAID WRIST WATCH REVIEWS – Breguet 5817ST Marine Luxury Dive Watch

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GROBNOB the Troll says:


Peter Morley says:

Great review Archie you nasty mean cunt!

Michael Stolarski says:

Archie, thanks for your candid thoughts on my Bregeut 5817ST – keep up the great vids!

sncblu03 says:

finally phist!

Mike Dennington says:

Good one Archie…………..where is the pimp shirt in the washing?

Truthseeker says:

I have expensive watches. But I really like this Longines conquest heritage 35mm silver case that I usually wear. Check them out.

ThaiprawnCurry says:

8:38 – A hand per hole I see….

Simon Robertson-Young says:

You’re the Man, Archie!

Dom Von Hutch says:

Archie to you are a phukun connoisseur – Bristol is the most smug phucker of brand, awesome Blenheim drivin bregeut wearing bitch phukun bad boy haute horology club. Make t-shirts with that written on then Arch!

Renovar Wwis says:

I love my 5817ST. Its not a diver but its the best utility watch out there.

Chris Davis says:

Good video.

apan gurra says:

Sodium and gas water!

EuroPile says:

This is the Archie I enjoy watching when he shows his knowledge 😉

TN MUSlC says:

If you want top of the line skeleton/ tourbillon go with Breguet. That what the known for and also the original creator of tourbillon. You dont go to Ferrari to necessaries purchase a wagon car but a 2 seat sport car.

Iqbal Roskolnikov says:

One of the better videos on Breguet. I am glad that you have done a non Type XX Breguet reviews. Also worth mentioning that you took it up to AP PP VC level where is really belongs. PP and Breguet are really the top two watches, rest are just fill ins for bored consumers.

apan gurra says:

Great vid Pastor Chesterfield III.

Jason W says:

Nice video you cunt.

HachiZenki says:

Good to see you changed your mind on the Breguet Marine because Putin is a fan. Bad mouth Breguet and you might wake up with a severed horse head in your bed.

Banjo-Boy-Montreal says:

Who would buy a Breguet dive watch, a divers on a leather strap? Dogshit!
A. Lange, Zenith, JLC, IWC, U-N and many others are above Breguet.

likeris subruknem says:

this is reason why I respect ARCHIE

Mick says:

Quality vid Arch, quality !

Amintas Neto says:

Some meaningful thoughts from AC3. There is hope..

Pasquale Spagnuolo says:

Totally agree, great vid.

OnPointFirearms says:

Good vid, Archie.

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