My Watch Collection 2018 Part 1: Chronograph Watches – Omega, Breguet, Zenith, Heuer

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Dis Count says:

re — boot = re – soiled bag philler

Bernhard Koenig says:

Did you shoot this in a homeless shelter?

Na Na says:

FMD did he ever get anything right ?

Dis Count says:

cant wait phor part 2 …………so I wont ………bye

cosmin cosmin says:

I can’t…

M F says:

Whatever happened to “ Rowleeex, phuckaroonies, Rowleeex, it’s got to hurt, phuckers!”? Will you be adding the dreaded Skwaleeee to your collection, bigboi? You might as well………

Jerel Powell says:

Work on your channel, you have too few views per video for someone that’s been doing this so long.

THX1138 says:

That Aquanaut will eventually become Archie’s brail watch, even blind people feel it’s a piece of shit !

James Willis says:

In the jungle, the TGV jungle, the Lionshark sleeps tonight….

Adriano Nast says:

Aaa gotta tell you. Aaa gotta tell you. Aaa gotta tell you. Aaa gotta tell you. Aaa gotta tell you. Aaa gotta tell you Aaa gotta tell you. Aaa gotta tell you. Aaa gotta tell you. Aaa gotta tell you. Aaa gotta tell you. Aaa gotta tell you.

Lester Watch Reviews says:

I watched this on 400% speed and I still frickin died of old age before I died of boredom.

A GATES says:

You have 4-5 good watches and the rest are mediocre, not luxury at all, you have done EXACTLY what you told US not to do – filled your box with average affordable stuff, sad sad sad.

jonathanclarkewater says:

Sell all that dog shit and get one nice piece.

Mad Man says:

bra gay

guess what says:

Are you kidding me? You just did a watch collection vid a few weeks ago. And we see these damn watches in every paid review you do.

klo schuessel says:

state of the collector: terminal

M Smith says:

When you can tell Archie boy is hungry as fu@k he munches up words. lol

Buwsur says:

More great original content from the Pontiff!

LLD says:


ajt222 says:

That’s a little head perched precariously on a blubbertastic body . Paul wobbles but doesn’t fall down.

The Artist formally known as Dick Dastardly says:

I shan’t bother commenting, it’s all been said bephore.

Mouise Hay says:

Wow, great content. I’ve always wondered what watches you had, I was really surprised to see you have a Speedy man on the moon!

Andrew Pereira says:

Zenith el premeo or the New Breitling NAV a timer?

Club Soda says:

I’m worried about Archie’s weight gain. He got heavier this summer

Matthias Heuberger says:

0:40 so you blame dave for having a collection that’s been bloated with mediocre pieces

Cas Hau says:

…is this the 3565th or the 3566th time Archie reviews his watches??..

M Smith says:

You get a 6 on the f#cking shitter scale .lol

summerrr1 says:

Great state of the collection vid Arch. Can we have a quick update on your mental state next . Thanks.

Marc Judge says:

Glad you eventually bought yourself a zenith el premero. They are fantastic watches.

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