Is the cheapest Breguet really a true Breguet? TYPE XX Aeronvale Transatlantique

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Redneck says:

That Breguet looks like a QVC watch.

Steven Monash 62 says:

The fly back is jammed like a shitter…I went to a Horologist shop recently here in Perth.. the Breguet was priced at 25,000.. think it was 2013.. not sure.. but the sales lady said it was marked down from 48 thousand…and it was in white gold.. quite nice..She explained to me the difference between a limited edition.. and re-issue…the former I think she said was better. The re-issues tend to flood the market…

N D says:

Big boy is it possible to discuss different watches on this channel?

Antonio Littera says:

Is TAG a real Heuer?

Random Ragna says:

Type XX has to be considered inhouse.. Cause Breguet owns all Lemania´s intelectual property.

Gizmo TheWestie says:

Get the new Tudor chronograph. Now that’s a movement to discuss on your channel. Just a beautiful watch.

SDA 203 says:


Zeddington says:

Little fat man who sold his soul,
Little fat man who sold his dream…
Pathetic little fat man,
No one’s bloody laughing,
The clown that no one laugh’s at,
They all just wish he’d die.
He’s so depressed at being hated,
Fatso takes his own life,
He blows his stupid brains out,
(But the twat would probably miss).

metrognome says:

melt it down to an ashtray

sinosleep007 says:

thank fuck you went back to the old intro.

The Magic Poncho says:

You are gay

Mark Kortum says:

The watch is the Aeronavale, not aeronvale. Pronounced air-o-na-val-e.

CDNCarGuy says:

Man on the fucking moooooon!

Johnny says:

So this type xx doesnt have a real inhouse movement then. So its a shitter. Every other brand except Omegas man in the moon are shitters as you use to say if they dont have a inhouse movement. With this logic this Breguet must be a shitter as much as you say all Certina, Longines, Tissot and every other brand who doesnt have a real inhouse movement are then.

Mike Dennington says:

cheap is cheap is as is cheap on this channel

tbonemillz says:

Tudor Black Bay Chrono is the WAY 2 GO!!!!

Dia Beetus says:

What is “Aeronvale” , numbnuts?

they're just moles says:

what a boring video. upload something worth watching, do a video where you hurt yourself for views. cut yourself and light your hair on fire, it’ll bring in a shit tonne of views.

Amintas Neto says:

Nasty vicious Breguet

annanake says:

Nice vid don’t forget paid reviews there drunky ? Seriously NATOs go on Seiko skx n shitters like that ! Not o phucvkin MAAAAN OOOON THE MOOOON !

EuroPile says:

How many more phukin vids about this watch?

Targa Florio says:

Think you’ve sold me on the Breguet Big Boy! lol Nice one Archie. Great Vid.

Denny says:

So what you’re saying it’s a Benz with reliable Toyota engine.

CavsAllDay says:

way to educate the phuckers

Zeddington says:


Hollywood Smile says:

Archie “Not so Luxury”…..the carpet doesn’t match the drapes (if you know what i mean)
I am talking about your profile doesn’t match your lifestyle.

Chris Boulas says:

“cams wheel” better brush up on your watch knowledge big boi! First, a cam isn’t a wheel, it’s a lever. Second, it’s only a singular cam, so it’s wrong to say cams plural.

Mad Man says:

Its just FUGLY, thats the problem!

Zeddington says:

Is that Baguette halal?

Ronny Paul says:

The Breguet you have is a fucking faker.

Tom S says:

Bre-gay. The look on your face when you realised it was to small for you was priceless

nalhcal27031984 says:

Classic Achie is back!!! Keep these coming…

hcavn says:

Is the cheapest Breguet really a true Breguet? TYPE XX Aeronvale Transatlantique

nope, it’s a homos watch

JDave Foster says:

Nice one Archie – great vid!

CavsAllDay says:

byooootiful vid again Arch–glad you got the aeronvale back!

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