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In a universe of chaos, time seeks to bring order. It’s a manmade concept, completely contrary to the randomness of nature, yet we as a species have sought to perfect it for millennia. Today we have digital, atomic solutions to finding ever more accurate ways of keeping an even beat, but before the electronic age, mechanical was king. Reliable, precise and without a volt or amp to be seen, the mechanical watch is both a historical wonder and modern treasure. But how, exactly, does it work?

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Nil P. says:

What are some nice watches under 5 grand that showcase the actual clockwork inside the watch, just like this one?

giles lamb says:

All the watchfinder videos are great .. I always look forward to what’s next on the channel. keep up the great work ..

LordLakeon says:

Rolex Cellini Date please!!!

Phil von Bienert says:

you should get an oscar for your work! its amazing!

The Watch Hipster says:

Absolutely brilliant!

spencer song says:

that breguet just made me hard.

florent florent says:

superb watch. superb video

MrVoayer says:

Romantic story and an interesting timepiece !

Antoine Roy says:

Keep doing a great job, real pleasure to watch

TheJet says:

Great video! This channel’s content is very professional and educational. I’m enjoying it even when I’m familiar with the subject of the video. Great!

stardust4711 says:

your knowledge is unbelievable.
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Alwyn Louis says:

Patek nautilus 5980 and 5712 please. Great video as usual.

manduheavy vazquez says:

One the best pioneers ever. Greatness.

Joseph Smyth says:

Time is a ‘man-made concept’. Someone didn’t pay attention in physics class 😉

Remco Been says:

Is it possible to to compare a seiko 5 movement to a omega or rolex? I think this would be very intresting.

Aitor says:

Outstanding video. So much valuable info and great editing.

brown beAR15 says:

That watch is awesome any Similar alternatives under $1000 price range?

MartialDriscoll says:

Beautiful. A video on the George Daniels escapement?

Хашимов says:

the warm white balance added to the picture is a bit too much. All white and grey stuff look yellow. Otherwise one of the best watch content on youtube.

Omar Abou-Zied says:

This video is a concise celebration of the Humanities!

TodayStartsTonight says:

Can you please work on the visual department? i feel like listening to an audiobook/podcast with a static screen shot of you holding the watch. When im watching a video I want to see new images and visual aids. Thanks

Memotherapy says:

Amazing video! I’ve been looking to learn about mechanical movements for a while now, and this video does the perfect job of explaining how it works as well as it’s historical importance. Excellent visuals and narration. Many thanks!

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