Entry Level Breguet Watches #150

One of the most storied watchmakers in the history of watchmaking is Abraham-Louis Breguet, the namesake of the Breguet watch company. Fortunately for collectors, there are two entry points; one for sport and one for dress, and while the price differential initially is great, on the pre-owned market, they find equity!


malthus101 says:

Señor Sanders…. What about the servicing costs on these “entry level” Breguets? 😉

Captain Zed says:

Hell Bill
Very interesting video. I have admired Breguet for a number of years and through various buying, selling and trading I currently do not own a chronograph. The Type Xx and Type XXI would certainly be solid choices.

Zev tobe says:

I wish there were a used Breguet with an enamel dial for around $4000… Actually, on that note, Bill, perhaps you could make a video on watches with enamel dials!

Blueshirt Buddha says:

Another wonderful video Bill. The Type XX is definitely on my future acquisitions list. Love the Classique as well.

James Wong says:

From what I heard, the Type XX is not finished to the same level as the 5157.

Inkhaurt says:

Hi Bill! I think the cheapest pre-owned Classiques 5157 you can find go for $7000 and that from Russian and Polish sellers. Other countries start from $8.5K-$9K pre-owned. …….. The cheapest offer you’ll find condition 0 would start from something like $12K for the yellow gold model.

As far as Type XX, I dislike the modern ones because of the thin lugs and because they look bloated with those domed crystals. Instead I found my niche in Breguet Type XX generation 2 Civilian from the 70s (Pre-SWATCH Breguet) with Valjoux movements and they go for 20K but totally worth it in my opinion as it’s grail-worthy. Here is a beautiful example on a beige nato:


As always thanks for the watch fix, Bill!

Bob Rouleau says:

Hi Bill, I’m surprised that you didn’t mention the Breguet Marine. Dressy but you can wear it all day every day. On a rubber strap it is a diver and on leather very dressy.

Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek says:

Thanks Bill for the great informative video, i think Breguet Type XX and Classique 5157 are great watches, and also affordable to buy, but i think that servicing it might be the biggest issue, as it might cost a ton. What do you think a watch collector should look for before buying Breguet watches?

A Shot in the Dark says:

Well done Mr.Bill .

Redskins Pride WGIL says:

Hey Bill,
I learned a lot today.

digggert says:

indeed very tempting and beautiful watches. I’d probably opt for that Type XX with the nice (former) Lemania Movement

NSsomething says:

Nice one Bill.

meson1 says:

For those that are interested, the _Armand The Watch Guy_ channel did a video last Novemeber entitled _Story of an Icon: (Breguet) Type XX Pilot’s Chronograph History_ which (obviously) goes through the whole history of the Type XX from inception to the present day.
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqNTBgc9564

Bill Cosgrave says:

The Breguet ref. 3807 is a beautiful watch to me since I am primarily a chronograph collector. The look of the Blancpain dial is very unusual, although the movement sounds interesting. Good video. Take care.

Tony P says:

Another excellent video Bill! Really like the type xx what about service costs though?

Rich Buddy says:

Hi Bill. I guess you are a member of the world insomniac club. I’ve been in that club for a couple of years now. haha. Also the strap on Don Haines watch looks awful; it must be something he put on. Doesn’t look Blancpain. Imagine for a minute, a glossy blue crocodile strap.

Tanzeel Ansari says:

That’s a really good price on the Classique, it’s a beautiful watch for sure Bill!

AlexxxxxSaysHi says:

I love your calm and informative videos, thank you very much for creating this content.

If ever I want to see a selection from a particular brand, this is the channel I come to.

ForbinColossus says:

@1:16 Don’s Fifty Fathoms is a beauty. My quibble about it is the bezel appears to have a heavy acrylic resin coating that cheapens it. In fact, it looks much like this $150. Seiko 5:

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