BREGUET BOX UNBOXING – The joy of full box and papers…… Thank you eBay

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Max Carter says:

We all know Archie is reselling the Bregay in a month

Peter Martin says:

Archie. Just get a job, your life would be so much easier…

That so called box is a piece of s__t if ever there was one. How can they make a watch if they cant even make, or for Pete’s sake buy a decent box, for crying out loud?

NightSmoke says:

How many thousands of dollars (money from daddy) have you squandered from your children? I truly fucking hate you with every fiber in my body.

akula1055 says:

Archie I think that since you have the Breguet, you should sale the Omega and buy some shares with that money. Why you want to have 2 chronos.

Thomas Williams says:

fat dumpling

michael mead says:

I admire the way you take pride in your watches and the extra mile that you go to for your critters!

Greg Midland says:

Plastic shit. It would cost ten dollars to make it.And this is the crap he spends other peoples money on.Pathetic

Mark D says:

you went from a solid gold Sub to this ?

AkuNoHana says:

Noticeable softening of your Archieluxury character for a more wider appeal and really awful and cringy begging that seems to last forever. You’ve loss your edge mate.

gmshadowtraders says:

From a Patek Calatrava to this.

Magikarp says:

Why all your shirt necks look like shit?

flukom says:

looks like a plastic toy box for a kids action figures

EuroPile says:

Free Santa Dildo in the box!

The Emperor says:

shiny horse shit

B J B says:

To skip the e-begging start at 2 minutes 14. Paul paid 290 USD for a phucking box? PHISTED PHUCKED and DOWN SYNDROME BABY.

Ming Damerciless says:

Hang on … is Archie showing off his sourced fake papers?

delusion brain says:

Throw that box in the garbage.

Paul Kent says:

I like ArchieLuxury, he is a man of great knowledge!

Robster 008 says:

The Japenese Phestive Phisting pen glorious Archie!!!

Steven Monash 62 says:

Yeah.. that is how it works.. buy the watch.. then the band.. then the box and papers wtf

Morris Nell says:

Thats where your superchat money goes too.

Abv21 06 says:

Phist me deep Arch

I roll a Stoney. says:

290 bucks for that useless shit? Phuck me dead!

Jerry Mathers says:

Clearly you need an Opinel No. 10 to open that box with pure class.

Dia Beetus says:

Dumb cunt can’t help himself spamming this shit. The power of Christ compels him to post the same shit over and over and over again. Even this shit box video was done before. Here is dumbphuck buying the same box, years ago.

James Joyce says:

Ten minutes of obese Pontiff fumbling with a box.

Howard Pascal says:

Archie ,$290 can help you buy food so you don’t go hungry

Rodneys Reviews says:

That box is like something you would get with a Pulsar or Casio, 290 USD ! Get the phuk outta here

LLD says:

the japanese are soo nice…they give you extra crap..its always nice to get extra crap .lol

Haxx says:

The unboxing of a box. High quality luxury content

Cliff Wheeler says:

$290 for that crap box? Every time you closed the lid the plastic lens fell out. Absolute cheap and nasty garbage. The irony is, you now spend over two minutes at the start of every video begging for money just to spend it on crap like that hideous box.

Indigo says:


Vladamir says:

Shouldn’t the papers have the serial number to the watch?.

Steve Rushaw says:

Just two minutes of EBegging…judging by the views prepare bored with the dross….

Dis Count says:

unboxing the dislikes

delusion brain says:

The only thing good about a box is that there is less chance its a stolen watch if they have the box and papers but even then someone could just buy a box like in this video and pretend like they bought it new.

Paul Austen says:

You got ripped off Archie 🙁

Mark Phister says:

Is this boxception?

Chaim Magal says:

$290 for cheap plastic? WOW!

Jeffrey KRUPA says:

“I’ve got papers for the Breguet now!”
Um, no, you havn’t.

flukom says:

Let’s see what happens if you drive over that turd box with your civic

Ming Damerciless says:

How can a $15k watch possibly come in a box that cheap?? It looks like a box for for budget tools! And whats with the hollow watch cushion?? Is anything original?

KG Linehan says:

Hey Arch.. that box is a absolute SHITTER!!!

fully mechanical says:

One could buy a shittah for the price of that idiotic bummer box

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