BATTLE OF THE SPORTS WATCHES – Rolex Explorer II Vs Breguet Type XX

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Morris Nell says:

Archie just makes my day.

Thomas Høier says:

Rolex Explorer 2 42mm

robbieyh says:

I never laughed so hard in my life Archie you are just too serious and you were sweating at the end God bless

billy gates says:

those 2 are peasant watches. 

Jason.m Walsh says:

Fuckin pissed myself watching this one…. what’s he been eating that day.

RaiderInNY says:

The person who wears the Explorer 2: “This person doesn’t understand foreplay.” HAHAHAHA.

Chris Claypool says:

Spend some money when you sell the watch and get rid of those moles!!!!!

Kevin Van Hauwaert says:

Well….if nobody is going to ask it. What the fuck is that nippelthing sticking on the side of his head? Seriously sell one of those overpriced watches and get that thing removed. It’s hard to concentrate on what your saying, with that thing sharing screentime with you.

GA J says:

Who does the laundry now the Mrs has fucked off?

NallePu83 says:

Archie everything under 10 000 is DOGSHIT!

bwkern3 says:

Berkley 3RD will take the Brequet anyday

Ross Hatzis says:

Get Help .You are loosing it big time.

Cone Head says:

the explorer is just too booooring. the XXI wins any day.

Lennart Andersson says:

Fuck count 31

ryvr madduck says:

Archie is a true con-a-sewer.

djvartan says:

All Archie talks about these days are the Explorer, Breguet and the Man On The Moon. This is really boring now.

billy gates says:

i have spare $10k every month so what should i buy fuckers?

celestialfix says:

This was really humorous Paul.

Sharkbiteleft says:

I take a shot of Tequila every time Archie says F**KERS !! For the purpose of a sports watch I would recommend the Rolex. I own a Breguet Reveil Du Tzar alarm watch for everyday wear. I’m not a real Rolex fan but for sports watch purposes the Rolex Explorer II is a better choice…its more of a workhorse than the Breguet.

delesdog says:

Two heavy hitting chronographs?? Pour another Archie….

Sharkbiteleft says:

Archie…Please give me your opinion on something I am considering. I am a Breguet and Lecoultre fan but I was actually thinking about Graham as a dive watch. I just would appreciate your overall opinion on that. Thanks Archie.

In the black says:

lol it is funny as hell

Steve Fridell says:

I really believe this video is the definitive example of a comparative review of these two sophisticated watches. You should send a copy to both manufacturers with your demands for compensation. Excellent, maybe Watch time would print an unedited piece as well. Good luck Fucker!

ZCT808 says:

“He may have a homosexual encounter if it came his way…” Best line ever Archie.

DLH says:

Battle of the featherweights

Chris Claypool says:

I have a feeling year from now no more archie!!!! Boooooo

Midnight Fapper says:

In the car world, this piece is a “Jaguar” X-type.

Ethan Vardi says:

Breguet more likely to commit murder. How does he come up with this?

Raaj Purohit says:


perfect7liberty says:

Archie, I don’t think people understand you…or appreciate what you do…keep up the good work…love your reviews!

RaiderInNY says:

Big boy… you know how I feel about the Explorer II. Especially the newer 42 mm version, white dial, is a beauty. Same with the polar white 40 mm. That is a daily wearer, a banger. 

Al Bundy says:

Two chronographs……………

Hahahahahahahahahaha………. You’re a jerk!….

Suj says:

Fuckin LOL at the threesome “troie de tage” LOLOLOLOL

Vanessa Mercedes says:

The explorer II isn’t a chronograph arch. You slipped up there choosing ur words at the beginning… Still love you you phat phuck

Stranded Alien says:

Probably the most comprehensive and researched comparison ever done.


Ofcourse you’re gonna take the fucking Breguet! It’s more fucking expensive! But wait, you definitely have resemblance with Churchill hehehehe. Apart from having a fucking Breguet, both of you looks like a fucking fat Bulldog

LA90004 says:

What size straightjacket does Archie wear: XL or XXL?

mafia1953 says:

I’m involved in threesome and I don’t have either

danneskjo1d says:

A very sophisticated and informative overview of two luxury watches and the characteristics of their respective owners.  I own a Breguet Type XX and blushed a few times.

Vanessa Mercedes says:

Hahahahaha his characteristics of owners of the watches are PRICELESS!!!! I fkn love him so much…

Who would have thought as i am quite the sexy 25 y/o women and no i am not Asian and not from bangerz. But arch why you sweating so much towards the end? Do i have to worry that you are close to having an heart attack??

Iqbal Roskolnikov says:

Very interesting view on Breguet personality considering how much you yourself love Breguet. So my question is that the personality driven paradigm that you illustrated for Breguet, does it come with your personal homosexual, stealing, whoring and pretentious experience who have done threesomes as well?

Satan'sOnion says:

OK, so Breguet is for murders. glad we cleared that up.

Peter Morley says:

Rolex stink, you can get one at the mall for God’s sake. It’s a high priced Timex. Sheite. It’s horologically insignificant.

Redz Ch says:

similar price

Jason Ong says:

What a waste of time. The Polar wins before the blink of an eye. Nuff said.

B Rock says:

great vid…love the qualities of the Breguet owner…LOL

Ethan Vardi says:


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