AMAZING WATCHES – Breguet Reine de Naples

Breguet’s Reine de Naples collection is inspired by an early bracelet watch A.-L. Breguet created for Bonaparte’s sister Caroline, Queen of Naples. With their customary care and precision, Breguet’s watchmakers have created a symbol of feminine refinement in a contemporary jewellery watch.

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Idk What says:

Can you even tell the time on this thing?

Jim Bastian says:

Looks like a watch the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland would wear. Hideous.

Andrew Mark says:

Is Archie transitioning? he seems to have an interest in “flamboyant” watches of late.

Christopher Wood -MDH- says:

Hunk of fucking garbage Archie.

James Lynch says:

That watch is rancid

hcavn says:

This “watch”, if you don’t already have it, will infect you with HIV, and in a few years time you will die of AIDS.

Darth Vader says:

One phor the ladyboys☻

Pizda Mati says:

And they said that you can’t polish a turd…

rsync says:

Archie sucks fat black cocks

John Rambo says:

I love when AC3 tries to pronounce watches, it’s one of the funniest aspects of this channel.

long jim says:

Watches nobody can afford sucker

frieswithmayo says:

Very well done Arch… for those clearly unaware, this watch is said to be the very first wristwatch, ordered and created in the very early 1800s by Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples and Napoleon’s sister. The imperial family was a major client of Breguet. As the first wristwatch ever, it is therefore a major piece in watch history, ranking equal with major icons. A top classic piece in the industry. As for style, it is fully in line with the neo-Roman/Greek design adopted in fashion, architecture, interior design in the early 1800s. Neither Patek nor Rolex have a watch created in the early 1800s that has this place in watch history. As for the original piece ordered by Caroline Murat, it belongs in a museum if preserved and stands equal to the world-famous Faberge eggs ordered by the Russian imperial court. Supervid Arch, true recognition of an absolute watch masterpiece.

Uncle Joe says:

Another damn ladies watch, what is wrong with you phat boi?

Rumblejungle says:

A ladibois Breguet, top and bottom not proportional with a diamond at the bottom in case you forget where to look first, encrusted with…never mind.

Robin C says:

Shaped like an egg so you can phist it up your arse more easily

Brian From Zircon Security says:

No gold rotor, that 80’s Gucci style leather band, I’d call it a miss.

Lewis Hall says:


hcavn says:

A jewel encrusted TURD,. that not even a bender like Liberace would have touched with his own kok.

And forget giving that to Nana Kim, or any other street meat Bangers ladyboi – phuck, you’d have more chances getting into their anoos with shower and juice.

Tony T says:

Pubacidal maniac.

Mousy Pluta Prestige says:

Looks like something out of my nightmares. You watch wearing wankers have weird tastes.

Leon says:

Raine de NIPPLES!

Thomas Williams says:


Dis Count says:

Bogane Reigne in De Nipples

Eduardo Villalobos says:

Looks like this Breguet has a nasty litle penis down there ( 6 o’clock )

JohnstonPettigrew says:

You have completely lost your mind to syphilis.

Sam Anthony says:

Lucky your horns are symmetrical

Nasty Vinyl Cun7er says:

Breguet crown of head nipples

Dis Count says:

” partial display on the back “…….? wait …….its not ova .. theres more ?

Pea Stone says:

You should try living in reality Archie..

Amintas Neto says:

Ladyboys #1 choice

Kieren Moore says:

Such an iconic model, this ‘Breguet EGGscrement’ …

Lewis Hall says:

Looks like a normal watch in Hall of Mirrors at the Fair. What a monstrosity. Just goes to show money can’t buy style

Cas Hau says:

The perfect drag-queen’s watch….


Ultimate LADYBOYS watch for top tier phistages

fully mechanical says:

Reine de horns ( at the 6 o clock position)

G Man says:

Looks like hammered ass reminds me of a cheap fashion watch found at a department store in the clearance section.

It's all gone pear shaped says:

christ, that’s got to be the ugliest watch I have ever seen. wear it fatso, it matches your face and body.

EuroPile says:

I think Nana Kim would love it!

phootluke1 says:

phecund dislike. by the way sophistication and Naples are the exact opposite

Mad Man says:

Phisting pheminine bra-gay!

V P says:

Its sad to know that the people typing in this channel release the vitriol against almost any watch that Archie shows, except for the lowly rowlecks. Breguet is legendary, in fact it is a league above Patek because they are older and have more innovations in watchmaking. The coin edging, petit tapisseries, needlepointing and guilloche pearlage are amongst the best in industry just below A Lange and Sohne. Any man’s wife should be lucky to have this watch. Luxury watches have quirks.. only people with expensive tastes can understand that.

Frank Rocco says:

Shittur….shittttturrrr shittttrrrshittturr

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