A Week On The Wrist: The Breguet Marine 5517

What you see here is a watch that we did not expect to encounter at Baselworld heading into 2018, but perhaps we should have. It’s the completely redesigned Breguet Marine, a line that fits more comfortably within the Breguet fold with its new look than previous iterations did. It picks up and runs with a handful of design codes seen last year in Baselworld with the Breguet Marine Equation Marchant 5887. That was an incredibly complex talking piece of a watch that came with a visible cam for the equation of time imposed onto a tourbillon, in addition to a perpetual calendar display. Here we have a simple automatic with date. If last year’s release was the Marine talking piece, this year’s is its flagship.

HODINKEE Senior Editor Jon Bues shares his thoughts in this latest installment of A Week On The Wrist.


lexidium says:

30 thousand dollars doesn’t seem like an outrageous price? ? ? ?
I wouldn’t want one if it was 300 dollars. It’s awful but cudos to Hodinkee for showing a bit of criticism for once.

Martin Fuhs says:

That was a lukewarm review. Not sure Jon really liked the watch.

jackspot says:

I expect the guys at Hodinkee understand that this has ended any relationship they had with Breguet… perhaps I’m wrong.

However, it’s refreshing to see a more critical [/balanced] video that outlines the positives AND the potential negatives.

Nice job, Hodinkee.

Paul M. says:


MBsavage says:


Kerian Temel says:

Why is there so much dust on the surface of the dial @ 1:31

Mike K says:

Great Video! For that price in a blue dial, I would rather have the AP Jumbo or an FPJ CB. Just my personal thoughts Cheers, Mike K

Pibbles 'n Bits says:

Wow, $28,700…….

Matthew Yii says:

Can we do an episode on the type xx?

Jake Morris says:

The previous generation was so much better, a shame that Breguet ruined it to jump on the integrated lug sports watch bandwagon.

m1 says:

Great video. Nice camera work!

Patrick F says:

Great video, great review. Well done Jon. I agree with the criticism of the numerals and I wish the titanium version wasn’t phone in as it is – could have been an interesting option at the price point.

burak uestuen says:

Ugly and nice at the same time.

JG Harts says:

Thank you for the nicely done video.

The Suburban Gentry says:

This watch is GHASTLY! Not fit for a gentleman. Keep up the great work Hodinkee. Onwards and upwards.
Best regards,
Sir Willie Stroker

J G says:

Sooooo nothing about actually wearing it? Thanks

Hyper Droid says:

*Damn right! Clearly resembles Patek Philippe.*

Farhan Rahman says:

Subs without crown guards are the best vintage watches imo

dovyhk says:

Very well done review, Jon. A fair one on this Breguet.

User says:

Week on the wrist = Not a single wrist shot

Hitesh Lad says:

We want more, more, more content! 🙂

MrBusytimmy says:

Trash. Utter trash

Iliq Dimov says:

Who is he referring to about the clasp?


An actual sincere review for a change ….

SB SB says:

NICE, but on the wrist looks no different than $99 Seiko

Garry Perkins says:

The lum is just too strange. I never thought applied numerals could be creepy before this watch.

Tarkoon Miller says:

I am looking for hodinkee book put I haven’t found it in my country yet

TwentyOne Five says:

There’s a lot in this watch that should appeal to the modern $30K watch buyer. Eg, blue dial, white gold, integrated bracelet, cool design on dial, and 40mm diameter. Designed to sell I’d say.

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