5 Watches SHOOTING Up In Price – If You Want These Watches Buy One NOW !

5 Watches SHOOTING Up In Price – If You Want These Watches Buy One NOW !

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk about 5 watches that have really been going up in value and increasing in price. Watches like the Breguet Marine, Omega Speedmaster MK40 and Rolex Milgauss. For one reason or another these watches are shooting up in value and you should pick one up IMMEDIATELY if you are in the market for one. Happy watch buying!

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Big Chip On My Shoulder says:

Great vid!

J Lo says:

Lil offensive to one-eyed chicks.
But you’re right about herpes. Fuck that shit.

wpherigo1 says:

This one of those classic Federico videos. Great insight and commentary from a perspective most of us don’t / won’t have.

Nvme Nil says:

Go workout, bro, so that your watch will look great on you.

Heimdallr says:

Seems like allot of discontinued watches are shooting up in price these days. Could just be because of the general boom in the world economy. People have more money to spend, they buy luxury watches. When the next recession hits in 202?, many of the watches will probably go right back down again. That’s probably the time to buy if you can wait that long;)

Usman Ansari says:

My AD back in the US had a white dial Milgauss in stock for months (maybe still does), and I thought about picking it up cuz Fed said months ago it could be collectible. But…I knew I just wouldn’t wear it, so I didn’t bother.

Thomas Hudson says:

thanks for the updates and the hard work,,

George Koukourdelis says:

I own both the Rolex watches one I purchased from Delray watch for a awesome price!! The other I bought else where but asked Fed for his opinion, and he gave it with no hesitation!!! Thanks again my man!!!Almost time for my next one! My son will be wearing these watches down the line! If you never purchased a watch from Delray you should start!

FatSamEIE says:

I think steel Rolex sports are all becoming rare as rocking horse shit so the ones that are less desirable will start to become more desirable as people give up on ever owning a batman/daytona/pepsi/hulk etc

No One says:

Not to sound like a smart ass, but is the picture of the Breguet La Marine the ugly one or the desired one?

10:10 Tock says:

excellent topic. agreed on the breguet. Old one is SO much better looking.

Onkelhumptydumpty says:

You need more watches under a Grand in your Shop,Maestro.

xtreme psy says:

Frederico: you don’t need a suit for this iwc. It’s very versatile and fits a polo very good! Can be worn casually and elegant. Great watch!

jimmy sanjana says:

Hi Fed, what do you have to say about the Rolex Milgauss with Z blue dial with green sapphire crystal ? Is it creeping up too because they are difficult to come by even brand new ?

Peter Picallo says:

Ooh…my brother has that Speedmaster!

Mark Playford says:

Yep about the only Rolex models I liked you have just mentioned (white dials), hey ho I f they were out of reach before they sure will be soon!

robinheiz says:

I just picked up the milgauss with the black dial and clear crystal. This model has been discontinued as well I believe. Just love this watch. It’s also my first Rolex.

Steven James says:

Which watches keep the best time?

Dmitry Shostakovich says:

Video sempre al TOP. Complimenti!

Kostas Papadakis says:

I have tried the white Milgauss and most underwhelming Rolex I have tried. Do not see this watch gaining value anytime soon

Ryem3 says:

Fred, how about the Rolex 116600? Plenty of reasons I can think of.

Will Clevett says:

Urgh bad news on the Reversos, those are my favourite watches and I’ve not managed to pick one up yet!

JungleEddie says:

I am curious if the Sea Dweller 116600 with the 40mm case is in this category. 43mm is too big for a lot of people and no cyclops makes it preferable to the new version and the Submariner for a lot of people as well. The short run makes these rare .

Grace Avous says:

Great video Federico! Could you do a similar video on ladies watches? You have female fans too 🙂

razvanon says:

it’s ok …they’re all out of my league

Tony Hill says:

Thanks for the heads up, it’s always nice to hear what a dealer is thinking. Following trends is not wise though, you risk being the one holding the baby. Trying to forecast watches that can only rise is a bit like saying stocks will go up…………. or maybe not. 🙂

William Evans says:

I have one of the original Speedmasters discussed here. Definitely a favourite with its splash of colour and relatively compact case diameter.

EuroPile says:

Yes I noticed the price on the Breguet Marine GMT old style creeping up 2nd hand is nearly at original retail now!

jonnypescado1 says:

Everything seems to be going up. Grey market Longines and Tudor are up hundreds (high%), Oris seems to be tightening up. The economy seems to be doing alright.

John L. Fjellstad says:

If people are buying the previous version because they don’t like the current version, but they used to not like the previous version, does that mean that the current version will shoot up in price later too? (For instance the Rolex Explorer 2)

rumporridge1 says:

I got that MK40 and when I wear it no one knows what the hell it is. Definitely a conversation piece. Wear it on a black leather strap. Fits my wrist perfectly.

edesge says:

Could you make a video on the Tag Heuer Monaco V4, i couldnt find any good videos about it on youtube.

lee S says:

I always thought the same Speedmaster but with the deep blue dial was way more beautiful and attractive.

Dan Manoliu says:

i know a place where you can find the omega mark40 for 2100 usd

Bob Martens says:

A triple date pornograph!

frieswithmayo says:

Who in his right mind would pay such prices ? That Hodinkee Speedy version is worth 1200-1300 in my book and I would never buy it. Keep your money and buy a Speedy Pro classic.

Brian C says:

Breguet Marine – buy not because the old one is particularly nice, but the new one is so ugly it makes the old one more valuable, funny watch logic! 😀

hondacbx1975 says:

Buy a 16550 Explorer ll white dial thank me later..

Kevin Lipson says:

What a pleasure to watch a valuable and informative video. When I compare this to Theo and Harris it’s like comparing Patek to Mvmt

Constantine Horozov says:

Great video, can you please tell us your thoughts about Monta watch, and new micro brands in general, thanks in advance.

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