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Money no object, we’d all be wearing Patek Philippes, F. P. Journes and the like, but unfortunately that’s not the case. With rising RRPs and a healthy collectors’ market, the best watches continue to get further out of reach for many people. But there’s hope yet, and we’ve got three of them right here.

Featured Watches:
Longines Legend Diver L3.674.4.50.0
Omega Chronostop 146.009
Breguet Type XX 3820TI/K2/TW9

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Fransamsterdam says:

Why is it so uglys? (The Longine(s))

Jesh Patel says:

Dude I love the way you review watches man! Will you review some of the Old Omega Watches? Like the ones that made 10-15 years back? Thanks

anotae says:

Any chance to get your opinion on marathon navigator by gallet, please. I know is not glamourous but means a lot to me, please. thanks

Abhijith J says:

Would like to know about this watch called Titan Edge. Can we expect a video on that?

1589chicago says:

I find that watch 34mm to 38mm are most appealing to me, wrist 7.5inch, 42mm works too but smaller watches just look right in y opinion.

Ed Tacey says:


Puneet Mehta says:

Please review Doxa 300 (sub or searambler).

ZTian says:

Thumb up if youre watching this video on your Patek

Stanley Johnson says:

what happened to your latest video?

Wenshi Peng says:

more Grand Seiko videos please!

Ahmed Raza says:

plz plz plz tell me what are the best longines watches to buy from new collection . thnx

Alex Fedoseyev says:

Breguet is very cool.

Ryan Bradbury says:

I dont think you pronounce the g in Bregeut like that

CK ROY says:

Eloquently produced, Breguet is above Brietling on the horological pecking order!

Alex H Kane says:

Breitling, by a mile. If Leon can risk his life smuggling instruments to the RAF. The least I can do by way of thanks is wear my Avenger Seawolf with pride!

Daniel Bengtsson says:

Do a video on vintage breitling over all. What is the best one at its price? Which has the best movement

ricky dedos says:

Seikos are my favorite. They’re quality and affordable. if i ever have enough, my first high end would go to a Seiko Grand then the jlc master tourbilion. haha. maybe if i become a successful composer. ahhh dreams.

M E says:

The Rolex OysterDate Ref.6694 is a watch that fits with the other watches you mentioned

Skip Powell says:

I’d love to see “TheMilitary Submariner: a History.” The 5517 is my grail!

Harry Brown says:

What is the song at the beginning

The Gobbel says:

what camera does he use to make these beautiful videos? anyone that knows?

Adrian says:

You’re pronouncing Longines very wrong.

tonym55 says:

Why did you remove the “5 weird watches by Omega” video?

john doe says:

Outstanding video, as always, but I could not disagree more with your opening statement. PP’s flimsy WR ratings and substandard warranty would not excite me at $3000, much less $20,000. Nothing about PP or FPJ excite me at all, but I guess I should be thankful for that.

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