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If you want a timepiece that echoes the classic British and French pocket watches of the 18th century, then it’s to Breguet that you’ll need to turn your attention. Simple, yet beautifully executed, plain, yet immediately recognisable, Breguet’s nod to masters like John Harrison, Thomas Mudge and John Arnold has become a style of its own within the wristwatch community. But there’s a new kid in town offering that same look for just a tenth of the price, one Frederique Constant. Should Breguet be worried?

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Sayan K Das says:

Desk has changed

Sanghoon Lee says:

Breguet’s styling is too dainty for my taste.

footballcoreano says:


Ca Te says:

All brands exaggerate in price! But, some, even more!

Sumanth Shankar says:

please do a review on some of the watches from Longines and Raymond weil

Kaushik Pawar says:

G shock > Breguet

Publius Velocitor says:

The Frederique Constant is beautiful, and a great value, but Breguet has nothing to worry about. A Breguet customer is buying into the brand history, not value as measured by quality and features per dollar. They’re both great watches in separate categories, not competing head-to-head.

Gugun Arief says:

How about exclusive review about Oris cal. 110 or others? I think that they have amazing stories about their brand.

mena seven says:

The Frederique Constant is a beautiful watch while Breguet is a wonderful watch. Abraham Louis Breguet not only invented new mechanical watch technology, he was the watchmaker of the European Monarchs.

bigdick heavyweight says:

i would never ever ever buy a frederique constant, there is something just so, so………….i cant put my finger on it, but no never would buy one.

Peter Aremone says:

At 5:15 one can see the pathetic quality control at Breguet.

There is a large speck of dye inside the ‘U’ of “BREGUET”.

At 5:23, one can see lots of specks of dirt in the sawtooth waves.

Stefano Lomartire says:

It’s unfair to the Frederique Constant though. I think it should have been compared to the Breguet Classique 5157

George O'Shea says:

I love these videos so much.

DuKirpalani says:

Orient Soma!

Tong Zou says:

Lol this is gonna make FC look bad, Breguet is on of the top 5 watchmakers in the world, along with VC, Patek, AP and Lange

Neill Levine says:

Wow. A great analysis, thanks.

A1MYT MCOC says:

Breguets are my favourite watch!!! Just stunning!

Alex Lavezzari says:

That Breguet is absolutely gorgeous!

A Human from Dimension C138 says:

Would u please make videos on classic pocket watches?

SkySpirit says:

So Frederic Constant is some sort of cheap imitator of grandious Breguet ?

The Suburban Gentry says:

Both simply ghastly. When is this site coming around to winning watches like McCabe, Squale and G-Shock Metal. Well until then, onwards and upwards.
Beast regards,
Sir Willie Longfellow Stroker.

Liam Gillen says:

I think I read that the name ‘Breguet’ on the Eiffel tower isn’t to honour A-L Breguet and that it is for L-F-C Breguet, his grandson.

Ed Gein says:

IV look so much better than IIII

Nuggetswithcheese says:

Can you please review the Jacob & Co Astronomia? I really want to hear your breakdown of it.

StellarBlue1 says:

Now it is a “Casio-Breguet”.

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