15 Things You Didn’t Know About BREGUET

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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Is Breguet a luxury brand?
What is the most expensive Breguet watch in the world?
How much does a Breguet watch cost?
Is Breguet better than Rolex?
What is the best Breguet Watch?
How much money does a Breguet watch goes for?
Where to buy Breguet watches?
What is the best luxury watch?
What are some things that you didn’t know about Breguet?
What are the best Breguet facts?

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checkout our channel to know where your money goes when you buy a flagship product………for which do u pay for device or the brand….

Viraag Verma says:


Ali Kamil says:

can you do a vid about AP

Ramin Udash says:

1st commentor 5th viewer

omnipotentum says:

i love breguet

Kenneth Evans says:


Exiple says:

you should do a vid on Audemars Piguet

Viknesh Visva says:


dhruva m.k says:


BrandoSpoke says:

i really want to know who does the voice for this channel

Deepak Nigwal says:

I’m always fascinated by the brand, Breguet has marked some serious benchmarks in Horology. Even I personally used some mechanisms in my college project, which were totally inspired by the breguet watches. I respect Abraham L. Breguet and other watchmakers, bc I learned a lot bout some serious micro mechanics involved and even implemented them.
I will own one soon…

Thomas vasala says:

15 things about marvels and DC please………

biggybtoussaint says:


David Ferrer says:


Swarnadeep Banerjee says:

can you please make a video on Seiko, a kind request @alux

Frank Caruso says:

#3… everyone involved was dead by the time it was done. that’s a failure.

Antonis Kleanthous says:

Alux.com can you do a video on louis vuitton?!

GTA Pro says:

Hey Alux, Could you make a video about how billionaires spend their green.

C1nZ says:

can you do a video on jim ratcliff?

Satchidanen Armoogum says:

So Paris is not in France anymore?

DeApplePiez says:

Ya learn new things every day!

The Great Rad K.A says:

Great video as usual. Do one on Jaeger lecoultre next.

Christian Cederfrost says:

Talk a little faster.

Ian Perez says:

10 things you didn’t know about Formula 1

Ibrahim Aden says:

please do a video about Kenya

Bilal World says:

can you please do the richest accountants

Amr Khaled says:

like from Egypt 😀

Facts Box says:

Why do all the luxury brands come from Europe?

Ashmeet singh says:

1 st

Red Pinch says:

Alux, can you do a video on bill gates?

Joe Al says:

Breguet today is different from the original. The Swatch group bought the name and not sure if the factory is in the same location?

I have Breguet pen 🙂

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