Why are Audemars Piguet watches appealing to women?

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We know that for many Audemars Piguet is all about the Royal Oak, especially its sportier versions, but the brand has done what it takes to appeal to a more feminine market.

For instance the Millenary is a collection which is encountering more and more success on various markets and Eleonore will today why she thinks it is so.


Michael Cote says:

How do they make the frosted gold? Machine?

Herman Ingram says:

Because they have crappy taste?

Horology Middle East says:

Great to get Eleonor’s perspectives on AP’s new women’s watches. AP’s definitely on the right track but I think they need to move away from having diamonds in all the women’s sizes. While I’m sure some women like the diamonds, I’m increasingly seeing women opting for watches without them because the bling on top of the precious metal cases and colorful dials make the watches suitable only for serious dress-up occasions.

Zach Blass says:

I don’t understand the need to differentiate male/female as I feel at this point all genders would happily wear the same pieces. The chanel boyfriend watch is a perfect example of this. Rolex watches are basically genderless. Daytonas are unisex, as are submariners and datejusts. Any vintage mens watch today would flatter all wrists as I believe 34-38mm is the best range (even though modern tastes dictate 40-42mm).

Sb Sb says:

Ap is hot and you are also hot

alter3go says:

A watch filled with “testisterin”?

Andrew Holt says:

Elinor and Peter Speake-Marin are both very good additions to watches.TV. AP are nice watches and have a large range on their IPhone app catalogue. Your friend Aurel Bacs has a platinum jumbo model apparently. I like the 42mm and 44mm RO Offshore and money no object would get the matching Platinum and Rose Gold. To complete my fantasy I’d like to marry Elinor.

John Hughes says:

What an interest commentary, Nice to see Eleonor back.

Przemysław Jan says:

Sorry for this comment. She is hot!

Thomas Lee says:

no marc, no care

ChrisFromSweden says:

Eleonor and some more videos on ladies watches will make an excellent addition to this channel. Keep up the great work!

Danny Wong says:

She looks sleepy sexy

SPX says:

Well helloooo Eleonor! Bye Marc André…

Tommy Rin says:

The size of that purple Royal Oak is probably what I like most about it as would it also work for men.

And as for the Millenary, AP should consider switching ideas and attempt this for men because, because I really love this design, I think it’s the most practical and sensible watch shape there is in proportion to the wrist.
It flows perfectly horizontal along the wrist.
I believe there is so much to explore with this design.
That would be refreshing.

Great video.

Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek says:

AP are doing very well in creating a well designs for women, and very successful in the Royal Oak line in general. Thanks for the great video

Tejas Sreenivasan says:

wow !!! never been 1st to comment

dimitri pappas says:

AP? Really? Not the Hublot “Big Bang?”

Zach Blass says:

My only critique for the channel is that when on camera, it shouldn’t feel too much like listening to someone reading rather than speaking. If Im being “read to” I’d rather just do so myself!!

watchesali swiss says:


Bladeknight Bleu says:

3:10 I love the dial design ideal but man, the case and the watch look overall are ugly af, no matter how many diamond was engraved 😐

sutats says:

Hmmm…she’s wearing the same clothes and accessories from your video from 2 months ago

Sam Wade says:

I LOVE that frosted gold!

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