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zcharg0 Harry says:

Archie you should drink whiskey on the rocks with soda water…like winston churchill. Very nice

prinkipo1917 says:

AP’s always look like cheap ugly watches from a market stall to me anyway.

L8bro says:

That’s why you go for an Overseas, Archieboyeee! It’s got a robust movement, more waterproof than your explorer2, and more antimagnetic than a Rolex Milgaus. Great video, btw.

Alfred Romeo says:

all this watch stuff is boring Arch….lets see some more vending machine vids.

Steliano Al-Rashad says:

Who is this guy?? Is he reviewing about a watch or is he seriously cracked up effing & blinding every 2 words lol

Shafir Iqbal says:

Quick wrist watch check…. hmmmm …let me guess??? the explorer!!!!

Tom Wessel says:

Stop drinking big boy, it is fckin up your organs.

Matthew Maltzoff says:

Not exactly very chic for a guy with luxury in his name and a 41mm AP on his wrist

George Pulliam says:

get that thing removed from your head u fuck.

Vincent Wainwright says:

Archie, you’re an animal Sir & I love it. Thanks for the pedagogy buddy

Mario Lopez says:

Is it the same for the new Ap’s?

DavidSylvester7 says:

worst part of AP? They’re a ONE WATCH BRAND. All they have is the Royal Oak. No body cares about any other model either then the AP. And its bad news when a haute horology brand has brand ambassadors.

tmac20031 says:

They are ultra thin?

waynerjson says:


Smith John says:

Actually i don’t care what the Swiss did with the Juiws in WW2.

JDave Foster says:

Nice one Archie – great vid!

Hulio2205 says:

just whiskey from Scotland is called scotch… get your shit together you hypocrite!

Morris Nell says:

Best vid in a long time well done Archie..

Fraser Nash says:

The beginning of the end of your channel was when you sold the AP and Pateks. (Rolex. Whatever.)

Tom Lucas says:

15202 wonderful watch

BourbonLegend says:

What does it mean, lead crystal glass?

Kurt Nunn says:

when are you going to remove that tag from that fine tumbler, Archie?

Adrian Barnard says:

Archie are you colour blind? You’re wearing a yellow shirt dude!!

robfilmer says:

get that kennel cough looked at, Arch.

Thomas Heeley says:

Hey arch new vid idea here, put $50K into a vlt

IceyKicks says:

Ugly bastard

Maxengines Tech says:

hs fueled on wisky…a lot..

El Cuento says:

What pisses me off about AP is the Royal Oak. Although the interior may be very sound, the exterior design of the watch is appalling. Very cold, impersonal, lacking in elegance.

Nuno MC says:

Irish scotch ?!!

chogno98 says:

I subscribed back. I hate myself.

My Opinion says:

3rd and 4th arsehole….quality Archie:)

MK. Harvey says:

AC3 suddenly went class.

Kameron Cole says:

i’m relativity slender person, so i don’t think an audemar would match the contour of my body.

ChevyBM says:

Good review again 😀

Battfordmusic says:

See this is great content, more stuff like this arch !

Jonathan Collins says:

Teelings at 9am….u lucky bastard.

sutats says:

The servicing of an AP as a percentage of the watch’s retail price is in line with Rolex.

daniel vasquez says:

thought that fucking mole was about to talk its that fukn big ! holy shit

MrEleven1181 - Luxury Reviews says:

Archie you had the wrong AP the newer royal oaks 15300/15400 use the 3120 movement a great solid movement that’s been tried and tested to be amazing quality

Frank Sclafani says:

Jack blacks brother

robfilmer says:

if you can’t afford to pay then stay out of the game. high rollers only.

Werner Blazejewski says:

Are you crooging up Archie? You sound like the Devil is coming for you! Why would you buy a watch like that? Missguided Money!!! Suckers like you are born every day and takers are lining up to get your Money! P.S. Drunk people don’t live long !

Austin Daniels says:

Great video!

FLUF_GOD Channel says:

you had me there for a while then you lost me at jews

Rob4Motion says:

Fuck me dead !

Guy Gadbois says:

lead glass… that explains a lot

stikowsky says:

why dont you just buy a replica hahahah

Ken Able says:

Great Shirt! What brand and where to buy? Thanks

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