Watch Winding 101 – Setting the Date & Time on an Audemars Piguet

In this Watch Winding 101 video, I show you how to properly wind an Audemars Piguet (AP) and set it on time.

APs tend to be a bit more delicate thank Rolex watches. For example, you can’t yank the crown on an AP like you can on a more robust Rolex without screwing something up!

Unlike a Rolex watch which has a spring action pin that holds the crown in place, what holds the actual crown into an AP watch’s movement is a very tiny adjustment screw. It’s can become a watchmaker’s worst nightmare if they tighten that screw too tightly.

Because of this, what happens sometimes when people are a bit too rough when manipulating the crown on an AP, is that they end up with the entire crown in their hand! This sucks, but it could happen if you’re not careful. If this happens to you for whatever reason, do not try to jam the pin back in. Instead, you should take the watch back to the store where you bought it or send it straight to Audemars Piguet.

Setting the Date and Time on an AP

If I haven’t wound the watch in a while, I like to first turn the crown around 10 times after I pop it to the first position. That should be enough to get the movement wound up and going again.

IMPORTANT: When the hour hand is between the 11 and 1 o’clock positions is when the watch’s movement is getting ready to switch the date. At that point, it’s not recommended to turn date wheel to change the date.

What I do to avoid potentially breaking the watch is first set the time to 6 o’clock, then changing the date.

Just remember that none of the movements while you’re changing the date or time on an AP should feel forced. If something feels weird or off, then you’re probably doing it wrong. Stop, reassess, and try it again. Don’t damage the movement!

Just remember to follow my instructions and be delicate when winding your AP or setting it on time/date.

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NapoleonsTriumph says:

Dammit 4:39 of my life gone learning how to wind a watch I’ll never own. That was interesting though and now I’m gonna be more careful pulling out the crown on my Timex.

Uvechjucorsu !!! says:

Nice content Eric ,you should have told about the 26120 dual time and the 15202 too ,the date is really particular to set on these 2 pieces.

Mrturbineboy says:

Excellent video. Thank you.
I have noticed the AP chrono’s are a lot more finicky than Rolex or Omega chrono’s.
More videos like this please.

It appears what works for Rolex does not work for AP’s when it comes to watch winder’s. My AP appears to be a directional (clockwise) movement. Do you recommend AP’s stay on watch winders when not work ?
What do you recommend for winder’s for AP chronographs.

The Emperor says:

I want to like AP so bad, but I just can’t. I can appreciate it, but can’t.

Just a miffed Rolex fanboy here.

Thumbs up for the tutorial though. Well explained and presented!

Rick Marsh says:

Great information ,always heard APs where more delicate then Rolex but nobody ever explained it like that, thanks Eric

SenseiKai says:

It’s fucking unacceptable to have such a flaw in such a watch.

BlackKorv says:

My god i love AP:s

Cant afford one yet but i really get exited when i see one. Awsome pieces.

User Name says:

Great reasons not to buy an AP.

Amer Helmy says:

Great Vid. Thank you for the heads up.

Matt says:

You’re the absolute fucking double of Joe Proctor off Power.

James Travers says:

Any other pointers for the new AP Chrono 26331?

Rajazraj1992 says:

Man on my daydate moonphase all is done by the crown you have to be a mathematician to set that you have to go to a Pacific time and go forward and back to change the date and a different time forward and back to set the day I just set the time and leave as lol

BeyondWrittenWords says:

Wrong info here, this guy doesn’t know the basics. To set the time and date correctly do the following: Put it six o’clock. Set the date one day before the current date, then rotate the hours to get it past midnight to current date and then keep rolling until you get the current time.

SonicShenmue says:

I always wind up the watch first, then set the time plus one minute and last I do the date.

Iman Waheed says:

Why you have that cheap chinese restaurant music at back?

itsleo says:

Hey Eric, great stuff…surely everyone will appreciate this video! This happened to my 15400 about 10 years ago, had stem n crown in hand! screwed up the keyless works shortly after…btw nice Supers!! Till next week guys!

RazorRon says:

AP’s are done, one trick pony brand. And it’s nowhere near Rolex’s level of tough.

killamist666 says:

I always set the date to yesterdays date, Then use the hour hand function to advance the date to the correct one, also you know that you’ve passed midnight & won’t have the watch changing
the date at midday.

armando cardenas says:

You never talk about Gerard Perregaux or F. P. Journe …… Don’t you like them … ?

Phyrexian GHXST says:

my favorite watch that all black offshore

D K says:

I own several rolexes…..AP 15400 steel blue dial was my next purchase….after what I’ve heard and seen in your video and others, I’m seriously considering going Patek Aquanaut travel time…it seems the aquanaut is much tougher for an everyday watch…
What do you think Eric ?

Nice video and keep it the great work.

Wolverine X men says:

Me wearing a G shock
My brain : lets watch a video about how to wind a expensive watch that your broke ass can’t affort
Me : fair enough likes video

only1 says:

I was lucky enough to find this out out by searching on forums

This video is a must watch by everyone with an AP

Great content!

Donnie Darko says:

The Rolex guy that cleaned my milgauss told me set date always around 6am because 9pm-3am (left and right of 12am) is the“danger zone” of tension the date change geartrain engages the main geartrain. If you try to change the date with the two meshed up bad things happen to all those tiny gears.

thehermanli says:

Thankfully I’ve never felt the need to change the date between 11pm and 1am. Also, having a watch winder can remedy this problem most of the time.

geo tombo says:

Great video Eric. Well explained.

Rachdanon X says:

I own the diver and don’t see how setting an AP is any different – strange emphasis for a video.

Buwsur says:

This is why I only wear Squale LionShark

first name surname says:

here before 1k+ views haha. good to see you again eric. have a nice day . love from Pakistan !

Peter Walker says:

Admit it Eric, your heart belongs to Rolex

nO dUde says:

Can you do a review on the watch STORM HIXTER WATCH MEN
I would like to see this review because I have this watch and it’s bracelet is almost identical to an AP’S BRACELET and I don’t have a an Ap and that’s why I would like to see a comparison / review and ive never seen a copy of an ap from a legitimate watch makers

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