Visiting Audemars Piguet NYC Wearing A Casio – My Top 7 Bucketlist Grails + Watch Giveaway

While I await my Universal Geneve Polerouter to be returned from service (in order to film the final part of my annual state of the collection!) I’ve decided to share my top 7 “bucket list” grail watches with the good gentry.

In today’s video I visit the Audemars Piguet boutique store on 57th street in Manhattan while wearing a Casio watch, with the goal of trying on a Royal Oak I have been lusting after this past year. Will this visit affect my decision? And how did the upmarket store treat me considering I wore such an obviously affordable watch? Join me to find out, and to explore some of the watches my dreams are made of.

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Watches included in the video are the Patek Philippe Power Reserve Moon Phase 5054J, Rolex Explorer 1016 “Space-Dweller”, Universal Geneve Tri-Compax Chronograph, Hanhart 417ES Flyback Chronograph, and the Credor Signo Skeleton GBBD998(6899-00A0) BF319940.

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Darrell Drake says:

Breguet classique 7727..white gold.

Nick Miller says:

I don’t know how I missed your earlier video about the Catalina, but I wish I hadn’t because I was literally talking just a few days ago about wanting a watch that combines a Flieger dial and a diver bezel, and specifically a 12 hour one at that. The only thing I pictured differently was having the minute numerals 5-55 on the dial (more like a Type B Flieger) to compliment the 1-12 on the bezel.

stitchpo says:

Wait a minute, TGV–when you walk into AP, exuding pure class and style, the Casio is nothing more than a welcome touch of ironic humor. But when I walk in, with my dad sneakers, dad jeans, and dad Casio–now that’s a real test of an AD’s sense of inclusiveness and compassion.
In most watch stores, dear TGV, are you recognized as a very well-known reviewer? Or can you still fly under the radar a bit?

Miguel Sosa says:

go for the AP TGV!!! greetz from Buenos Aires

Yevgeniy Melnik says:

Nice channel! Very informative =) but hope to see a bit shorter videos in the future (under 10 minutes). Keep it up a good work!

Arab Myself says:

wow that chas frodsham watch is beaut, i want one!

Severin Kühne says:

My grail Watch is the Breitling Cosmonaute from 1962 18k gold. I’m a big fan of Breitling and for me the Cosmonaute is a masterpiece.

A B says:

I love your casio! My dream holy grail watch is a reverso ….but….i keep dreaming.

DanielChias67 Chias says:

Hello TGV, faboulos Casio, to me it´s a must in my collection, it reminds me the first time in New York 1983 with all the electronic shops, an me 14 years old freaking out about does Casio watches, Roger Moore 007 gave up his LED Pulsar and changed to LCD Casio., well it´s a part of my life and the Casio will have a nice space between my Seiko Turtle, my Orient Ray and Mako and my Citizen watches. P.S. By the AP in silver, look very decent. Great show, greedings from Switzerland!!!!!

Coolbill34 says:

My grails include the A.Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk, JLC Master Geographic in white gold, and the Glashutte Original Panomatic Lunar. Though an Omega Planet Ocean with the blue dial in titanium will probably be the next major purchase…

Aniq Anuar says:

i really like these sub 38mm watches

Brian Minett says:

my seiko just broke. I need a timex or a new seiko, you got me hooked on watches

Bob Wilson says:

Realistic Grail: H. Moser & Cie Endeavour Moon, yellow gold with blue dial.
Sold-my-company-to-Google-for-a-hundred-million Grail: Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Planetarium

Ged Barrow says:

The 1016 is getting well into double figures now anyway! I’ve never seen a space dweller for sale? I would imagine big bucks if they are as rare as you say! Some not so rare early subs fetch 40k +

steve johnson says:

The breitling Navitimer

neil ziesing says:

1986 Rolex Daytona Oyster Chronograph 6263.

Doug M says:

Impressed with your grail choices TGV, certainly quirky and atypical compared to most folk who just aim for the usual suspects….
My approach to building my collection is to get great examples of all the major complications…chronograph (got a Zenith El Primero), top diver (got Rolex Deepsea), World timer (got JLC Master Compressor) and so on, with moonphase, Perpetual Calendar and others on the list. Combine this approach with the buying orientated around major life events makes the whole process feel real and focused rather than just an exercise is spending money! Keep up the good work!

Sean Tuhakaraina says:

My grail list:
Rolex 1665 (year of birth)
AP Royal Oak 39mm Chrono
Richard Mille RM 11 (i just like it)
JLC grand reverso

sgr_skll says:

recently i udnerstood that there are two watches that I would like to own – Tudor Black Bay 58 and the only Tag heuer that I like, Monaco, Steve McQueen with that gulf dial -amazing watch.

Spencer L says:

Man, your intros are always something else. Atta boy

Patrick Lenihan says:

This may have already been said, but I liked TGV being concerned that his viewers might think he was being cheap in preferring the $16000 AP Royal Oak as opposed to AP’s even more exotic offerings lol. Also, I didn’t know about the Royal Oak being linked to the Royal Navy ships of the same name. As a naval history buff this makes the AP Royal Oak personally more interesting.

tazblazing says:

And I been watching few of ur videos due I have no experience in any kind of watches and I end up picking movado for close to 1k …

The Watch Lounge says:

I think I’m go to the ad wearing a plain t shirt and under Armour pants and my el premero see if they even recognize it with me dressed not as a bum but dressed comfortably I guess you can say lol .

Chris B says:

Great intro as usual, keep up the great work!

Mike Andre says:

First of all … amazing channel and amazing reviews!!!

About your bucketlist, i think i would choose C. Frodsham with arabic numerals as my no1. That ceramic white with with blue hands and markers it’s just mind blowing… love the shape of the case (classic and modern in the same time), the rail type minute markers, the seconds’ dial, and a very interesting and unique crown position. Unfortunately, besides the price tag, i was also “cursed” with 6.25″ wrists. But if they would make it in 36mm, that would be my dream dress watch. For a diver i could go till 42mm but not for a dress watch.

Usually when i see integrated bracelets i simply move away immediately, but for this AP i would make an exception! It really matches the case design, but i still think it’s an inconvenience in choosing and changing straps/ bracelets and I still think is not a very honest way of making watches. It forces you to buy everything from that specific brand. I had that experience with a watch and after a decade the bracelet broke and even the brand itself could not replace it because they were not making it anymore. It probably would’ve drove me nuts if it had been an inherited watch or if it had a sentimental value. For this reason i place the AP no.3 on this list, with no.2 the Credor.

Love the fact that you had the courage to enter AP with a Casio! That cracked me up… lol. It reminds me when i visited a midrange watch store (I won’t mention the brand and place here) wearing a Casio calculator watch that I had since elementary school (with a huge sentimental value) and i noticed some laughs behind my back. Obviously that put me off and I made the purchase from another brand.

Regarding the NTH, i think you and Chris have done a great job. Size is also perfect. I think you couldn’t pick a better name. I’m into old planes as well and Catalina is a perfect name for a pilot watch. A Latin name like you said, and coincidentally Catalina was my grandma’s name as well. She got me into watches 🙂 She used to wear a vintage 36mm Doxa, very similar in design with your vintage Omega, the “Dunkirk Omega”. That is the first watch i remember seeing as a kid and the first watch that got me into horology. For a more detailed opinion on NTH Catalina and its design, you can see my comment on your video that you made back in may.

BTW today i purchased a new G-shock model G-100BB that just got in the G-Shock stores in my area and i remember you were a “sucker for military tactical blackout watches” (your own words not mine) … hahahaha… this is an ana-digi blackout version, very clean dial and design, very simple and basic… you might be interested to take a look at it and i would love to see your own review about it. This is another G-shock besides DW-5600 that fits small wrists perfectly.


tazblazing says:

What the name of ur intro sound track.??

Jamie Parker says:

My grails are mixed from a Dominos Rolex Oyster Perpetual to a yellow gold Rolex Daytona with a white dial to a white gold Patek Philippe Annual Calender on a bracelet with a diamond bezel (diamonds done right can be tasteful)…best watch I have handled was a platinum Patek Philippe Perpetual Calender on a white gold bracelet (just one day in the restaurant)

Austin Andes says:

I’m still pretty new to watches and I am interested on vintage automatics. I can look on Ebay and find quite a few watches with no strap for under $100. Is it a good idea to try and invest in something like that or should I steer clear of the risk all together?

Yannick Scholman says:

What do you think of Fromanteel?

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