Unboxing My First Audemars Piguet Royal Oak & Stowa Marine Classic 36mm Watches

Christmas has come early this year as I unbox my last two big purchases of 2018.

In this video I share my initial impressions of the first Royal Oak I’ve ever owned by my favourite haute horology Swiss brand Audemars Piguet.

I also take a first look at a custom made Marine Classic in 36mm by the legendary and highly underrated German brand Stowa. Join me today in a bit of pre-holiday indulgence and jubilation!

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William Miller says:

I like the AP, if you don’t mind my asking, how much it set you back? :-

Daniel McClurg says:

So good to see you’ve recovered from AIDS

David Salchert says:


Fernando Alvisio says:

Congrats TGV … nice watch!

WalterDavidRiffmon says:

Thanks! I was happy to see your Stowa purchase. Last Christmas I git the regular 40mm with that exact movement. I love looking at that movement with those blues screws! That movement makes the watch thinner than the auto version.

Alary Nin says:

hi, dont get me wrong but, if the watch is yours, and not for sell why do you have to use gloves to manipulate it? aint that a bit “too much”? cause in the end whats the point to get a thing from your hardwork to not even touch it? help me to understand please

HorryCountyBoy says:

Royal Oak Quartz or Bulova Royal Oak Quartz…. which would be the value choice if going battery.

UrbanEDC LTD says:

AP Royal Oak, my dream watch, great purchase and thanks for the video Tristano, enjoy it to the fullest, you deserve it brother


Yes! I’m getting a new Stowa classic Flieger 40, no date manual wind, for Xmas! (Actually using funds from another watch sale but having the wife wrap it for Xmas without being able to see it). Congrats on your Stowa!

supboy666 says:

Wow just found out about Stowa. It’s beautiful.

Polar Roller says:

The Romans on the Stowa is way classier than the Arabics…..Great pick.

Carson Stern says:

My boyfriend and I are fans and just freaked out over this. CONGRATS TRISTANO !!!!

koopz says:

that stowa is beautiful!

Adman1175 says:

Does absolutely nothing for me. Glad you seem to love it and at the end of the day, that’s what matters. I’ll predict with almost certainty however, that you will be flipping this thing very soon. I’m SO glad you didn’t flip your beautiful sub for this! Great decision.

Da A says:

A super thin case is an attractive point for me and as long as there is no jumping seconds hand I don’t think being quartz takes away any class from the overall feel.

digijams says:

Congrats, it is YOUR watch and what YOU want to wear and that is all that matters. Maintenance costs do matter after the $1100 I paid for my Oyster Date.

GreaterThan _ says:

So glad to see a review coming on the stowa 36 with the manual wind movement. Thats my next dream watch. Granted I am in high school but nevertheless absolutely gorgeous

max rieger says:

A two hander in quartz makes sense as you don’t have to deal with a ticking second hand. My first “nice” watch was a Tag 2000 quartz – still have it and wear it regularly – especially when I’m doing something that might not be great for a mechanical movement – enjoy the new purchase!

Chia Rhun Kwa says:

Amazing Stowa! Why did u go for the hand-winding movement?

Miguel Vargas says:

That is a beautiful watch. I am thinking I am becoming a snob because I don’t love it because is quartz. I like that it doesn’t have a second hand so we don’t have to see the second hand tic tac. I if I had money I would steal that idea from you and get it, it looks that the Philipe that I am in love with. How much are those watches? you said a quarter of the automatic, is it 5000?

HoWilbur HoWilbur says:

Both those watches are pretty sharp.  Not a huge fan of the RO, but got to admit, this one looks pretty good on you

p n says:

Ap looks like a socket wrench i dont see why people like this watch. Rolex and patek look much better.

Pat W says:

congrats. maybe you can get me one for my birthday today

Andrew Avalos says:

Congratulations to you and seasons greetings. I’ll be getting my first Automatic watch, a Seiko 5 this Christmas. As a child I had 2 watches. A Casio F-91W and a skateboarder fashion watch in my teens as a gift from my mother. I found your channel some months ago and have learned quite a bit more about watches and Horology as a whole. Keep up the good work! 🙂

Bobby Smith says:

Gratz man beautiful Royal Oak as with anything as long as it puts a smile on your face who cares what others think……..

red Indian says:

Please make an episode on black to black watches, black steal/black titanium to black bezel black case watch such as Tudor ,Rolex has deep sea all black etc.i believe so does AP Royal oak Reviews would include high end Swiss, Japanese movements and entry level watch. Do not please include rubber as alternative to steel or titanium. Black to black looks so elegant specially the deep sea or Tudors with rubber thank you.

s quay says:

Do you think you could do w review on filipo loreti watches please?

0017Bulldog says:

Never been a fan of the RO, but I am now.

Paul and Sue Roberts says:

The background illustration should have been HMS Royal Oak and not HMS Hood…just a thought.

Nhut Le says:

Does this manual mvmt has the hacking function?

Richard T says:

If you’re happy then TUG is happy for you!

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