Unboxing Audemars Piguet Watch

The Audemars Piguet watch costs more than most people’s cars. Watch this video to see me unbox the Audemars Piguet watch.

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This video is about Unboxing Audemars Piguet Watch


Nick Briggs says:

My guess was rose gold! The blue and rose gold contrast on that watch is spectscular! When I sold vacation ownership (time shares), mind you this was my first sales job… the CLOSERS all wore expensive watches and back then I thought it had more to do with showing the prospect that they didn’t care if they didn’t buy, and they already had money. That is part of the game in time share but I do believe now that it had to do with (1) connecting and (2) confidence. To be a great closer you have to have 1 and 2 and a watch can exemplify those characteristics. Great video. Thanks!

PatmanChan says:

Holy S#it what a watch! After this video, I had to go on their website to check out their watches. My goodness… their Flying Tourbillon’s what I hope to wear one day.

Jimmie Goh says:


Christian Moje says:

Sifu Dan..Now I know the difference between a $ 50.00 cost watch compared to a very expensive watch..Yes I know exactly it TELLS THE SAME TIME ! But the way you present it, it feels like uplifting the same mind of a rich and even you made some connections to other rich mind people..

Jazz Courtenay says:

Richard Mille

Adrien Adjei Sowah says:

My dream watch is a gold Rolex with nice diamonds (I don’t know much about watches)

Dan Lok says:

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ChillyMole says:

I would get the Submariner in Oystersteel and yellow gold from Rolex Sifu

Edward Park says:

Hi Dan, it’s Edward from HTC season 4. I’m going to get me a Richard Mille RM 11-03 McLaren. But that will take a few years. So for my vision board 2018-2019, I purchase Hublot Spirit of Big Bang King Gold Blue. I will show you next year 🙂

Yonathan Evan says:

Patek Phillippe for sure Dan!

Sukhdev Rajan says:

That is one hell of a wealth trigger… love it!!

Ruackel Easton says:

the same watch you have is my dream watch

qbrrw says:

You made a good choice on this one. I’d go for the same but with rose gold bracelet

zezang 99 says:

the watch is beautiful but i find it a little too much bling bling and i would rather prefer something more discrete like a.lange&sohne or a patek philippe. of course it’s just my opinion.

ren cab says:

I’d go for a Patek Philippe Nautilus

Bobby Ohnio says:

Love these

Mihail Alexe says:

I had once the opportunity to put one on my wrist. Loved it***

Kevin vliegen says:

I would love to get a
Jacob & Co watch wen i grow i am gonna get it i believe it but take a look at them they are really just beautiful buth the diameter is kinda big but becous there is a lot of glas its just perfect

Dany Bel says:

Richard Mille RM-55

Christian Moje says:

From Shoes, Clothes, Watch and Eye wear you are a walking Million Dollar Man..Now you are a real proof of Accurate Thinking made you Super Rich…How to be like You?

Utshav Rana says:

Probably I”d buy LOUIS MOINET watch. I love the colour of your watch Blue with Rose Gold.

Ken the Eagle says:

LOL Casio? that cracked me up. 😀 A gold moon watch would be awesome.

Dimitar Cholakov says:

rolex submariner blue

Nicolo Machiavelli says:

Lol you actually unboxed my dream watch right there in the video

John Carr says:

That’s easy, my dream watches are 1st Patek Philippe, 2nd Vacheron Constantin. I am looking forward to having a collection of watches from these 2 brands, I don’t want any other watch in my collection, I am loyal to what I like.

Isaac agada says:

I would be getting the Rolex and AP at Dubai soon

Ten Summersets says:

Black Rolex Seadweller Deep Sea

Alişan Konyalı says:

ulysse nardin maxi marine

Zohairr Saeed says:

My Dream Watch: The Bao Dai Rolex… only one in the world!

ammo Harris says:

I would get an AP Dan…. never heard of them before in my life until you just showed me and told me about them .very nice presentation to,, love it, from the box to the watch there handsome

KnownBrand - Digital Branding & Online Marketing says:

a Hublot named Tebow; strapped up with a Gator band…. because yes I’m in Florida

Daniel Abeygunawardane says:

jaeger lecoultre master grande tradition grande complication

Abhishek Shende says:

Hey dan I am from India can I be a high ticket closer ?

Theflips says:

Damn dan

Rocky Wijaya says:

Patek Philippe Nautilus sir

Jaki Chan says:

1985 1st edition calculator casio watch

Nash Njf says:

My dream watch is exactly what you just bought…

Just Code says:

Tudor or omega are some of my favorite, though Dan’s favorite brand is something I’ve never heard of- and I love it…

Fugen フーゲン says:

omega seamaster planet ocean, wish i could work for you, for the person i could become.

ken huang says:

These 5 watches below would be my favorite watch if money isn’t an issue

1. Omega blue side of the moon

2. Patek Philippe 5270R-001 Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase Chrono Opaline Index Rose Gold


4. Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity Blue

5. Girard Perregaux tri axial planetarium

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