This Audemars Piguet Dial Is AMAZING: Audemars Piguet 15400 Royal Oak Review

Audemars Piguet 15400 Royal Oak Review | Horology House
Fighting for a place on the wrist amongst brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, A Lange and Sohne, is no walk in the park, yet when you are a part of the Royal Oak lineup, you would feel quite comfortable walking amongst these elite brands.
In 2012 Audemars Piguet introduced the 15400 to the collection, a modern interpretation of the original, with a 41mm case and display caseback.
In this review I take a look over the good, the bad and question whether this is really sports watch, we also get up close and personal with some macro footage of the incredible dial.
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SPY 1691 says:

I’ve never seen the details in the dial before, amazing! However if you really want a treat try to find the VC Overseas Dual time (V2) with the Silver/White dial. I think you would get a great response to compare or comment on these.

Wilson says:

Just subscribed. Big fan of your work. May i request for santos de cartier review next? Medium size if possible

City of Gentlemen says:

I catch myself just randomly looking at the gleam on the bracelet all day long.

martin jean says:

Your videos are great , thanks for your good work

Hafiz J Mehmood says:

That’s a stunner right there. Fantastic review mate and keep up good work. I don’t agree though that just because it has 50m water resistance, it may not be a true sports watch. Most of the activity trackers in the market, that are meant to be worn for sports only are not more resistant as well 🙂
But let’s be honest, no one wears a luxury sports watch for actually sports. It’s category is sports watch but it’s a sporty looking jewellery in its true form. I agree Rolex are more durable and versatile for sports, but then again they are not technically and literally a luxury watch – they are a sports watch. This is a luxury steel sports watch. I hope I’m making some sense here 🙂

Len Powell says:

Get that balance bouncing away! What a great shot! Cheers.Len.

Jacob A says:

I’m not a beat rate snob, but if I’m paying this much, I want 28800 or better.

Tristan Pouw says:

Bidirictional rotors are actually less efficient than unidirectional rotors. The assumable reason for audemars piguet togo with bidirectional winding is to mitigate rotor wobble, which Some people find rather obtrusive. (Certain Miyota movements are very well known for this fact)

peggy69peggy says:

Fatastic video and totally agree with the admiration for the design and craftmanship. The finishing of the watch is outstanding (expected from AP).
Your criticism of the watch is very subtile but they are deal breaker for me. The RP is often called a steal sports watch. Seeing the facts of the 5ATM water resistance, the unprotected crown and the polished surfaces can only result int the conclusion that it is not steel sports watch.
Sadly a Rolex DJ41 is a better steel sports watch (10ATM, screw down crow). The AP RO with is more a steel dress watch on bracelet but for the cost of a gold watch. The other issue, because of the value of watch you better not scratch it. Therefore it can only be worn very carefully and not as a daily watch.

Adam Bernard says:

Great video, and a “culture classic” watch, too!

david konsto says:

I couldn’t even afford the box! A truly elegant timepiece. People have asked me why I look at watches such as this when they are quite clearly out of my grasp. I simply say, I enjoy watching the pursuit of design perfection. I like to paint but I can also appreciate the mastery of Da Vinci. Just look at what people are capable of producing. It is a sport watch but a very versatile sport watch.
The watch quality is matching the video quality.

Happy New Year!

bagus prasetio says:

Man, u’ve done it again, great vid. A sport watch is as the name suggest, a watch that you can wear doing sporty activities and I don’t mean chess I mean physical activities without worrying too much. This AP I would say it’s a luxury watch with a sporty looks, it’s a damn good looking watch but I would not wear it while working on my car

Edwin M says:

I would recommend it…for me.

P R says:

Great review. 100m minimum for sports watches for me. Keep up the good work in 2019

Suresh Obhan says:

Love the watch but the 50 meters water resistance is a let down..A sports watch to me is a watch that I can possibly do anything with viz-swimming, cricket etc…a watch that I don’t have to worry about in any situation..don’t get me wrong but when i think sports watch the only name that comes to my mind is GShock….what happened to the give away?? Good luck for 2019…

Tirta Bambangwirawan says:

Really beautiful details there ! Thank you

Phillip Luu says:

Chris mate that 50M water resistance is enough for swimming and such, also don’t be afraid of scratches – embrace them. Looking forward to more watch reviews in 2019.

Ammar Al Shaya says:

2:29 my OCD is running in circles round my head

Ben Evans says:

A sports watch has got to be a good looking watch you can take anywhere and do anything with and not have to think about the watch not delivering whatever it comes against?!

Horology House says:

Wishing you all a happy, and an amazing 2019.

Bryan LP says:

The Royal Oak is a dress watch made for people who love sports watches. It was never a sports watch to begin with. If you want a sports watch, then get a Submariner.

Taylor W. says:

Truly beautiful. One of the Surgeons at the hospital I work at had this same watch. I must admit, I noticed it and had a watch-nerd geek-out moment to myself. Obviously, I’m not gonna bother him to mention how awesome his watch is, haha, at least I don’t think so. But it is sw-e-ee-et!!

Auttie B says:

Petit not grande. Grande is reserved for the offshore isn’t it?

Floflo H says:

I’m with you on the water resistant for sport watch. It has to be able to follow me, if not diving, at least to the beach and swimming pool.

Luciole Dizerot says:

A sport watch for me:
– Screw down crown
– 100m water resistance at minimum
– Relatively shock resistant or sturdy movement
– Made in stainless steel, titanium, or rubber (G-Shock)

John Galt says:

Chris, a happy new year to you my friend! What a job you have done with your channel this year! As one of your early subscribers, I will be proud to watch your channel grow in the coming years. Thank you for your quality content and your carefully considered opinions. Onwards and upwards in 2019!

Craig O'Brien says:

Another great video, Chris. This watch is above my pay grade, but I really enjoyed your overview. Happy New Year!

Spencer Berke says:

It’s so beautiful.

raul lopez says:

I love this piece. My royal oak its with blue dial, i prefer this. Incredible iconic watch

Mad Stevens says:

a sportswatch is only a sportswatch when the pontif aproves. period.

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