SIHH 2019: Talking watches with Audemars Piguet CEO François-Henry Bennahmias. (Part 1)

François-Henry Bennahmias is one of the most charismatic personalities of the watch industry. With his latest release of the CODE 11.95 he got awfully criticised, some even wanted him to resign. I do recommend you not to believe everything you read and see. Before you make up your opinion please watch this video.


Tesla says:

dude r u crazy ?
if you have some honor > i suggest seppuku

City of Gentlemen says:

Why did it cut off? The last question wasn’t addressed in video 2 either. But from what I gathered, it seems people were right when they said all the years were put into the movement and then the watch was rushed to production. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think he said the movement was in development until 2017. Then they made the watch itself.

Craig O'Brien says:

Definitely one of the Top 5 best videos from SIHH 2019.  Great to see the “elephant in the room” being discussed so openly by both of you.  The Code 11:59 is out of my price range, but I do find the more times I see the pictures, the more I like it (except the date window loctation).   It will be very interesting to see if the ripples from SIHH 2019 continue for this range.

sypen1 says:

Well when you invite VIP guest for an invite only event no ones going to tell you to your face their true feelings about the watch.

Sb Sb says:

The new AP’s collections are absolutely amazing. The can top patek very soon with these sort of watches

Lex S. says:

F-H B. is very clever. I agree with him. Even A. Linz is not convinced of the 11.59. People say only “Wow” when they see the price of the watch.

MrVoayer says:

Francois-Henry Bennahmias’ humour, honesty and self confidence is contagious !

Pavel Podlešák says:

I personally think that the watch is beautiful, especially the rose gold perpetual calendar with the starlit sky dial, however the price is not right for the version with just a date complication. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a daniel wellington watch, but I surely wouldn’t pay $26,800 for it. There are thousands of more appealing (and more complicated if you wish) watches on the market at that price range.

Cam M. says:

The shit storm was very much deserved. Hopefully they can fix the dials for next year, offer one in steel, and get the product on track.

Bob Graham12345 says:

I hope for the CEO’s sake these watches do well. It’s horrible to see how people want him personally to fail. He has done his best, he has put his life and passion behind these products for 7 years. I don’t personally like the dials but I really hope in person everyone loves them and they sell well.

If you want him to fail personally and don’t know him or don’t have a real reason to hate him then you’re an simply being a horrible person.

If you are one of those people then ask yourself, he’s the CEO of one of the biggest watch brands of all time. What have you done recently?

Atelier de Griff says:

Very interesting interview, thank you as always!

BB GTturbo says:

8k subscribers…..

Michael Howard says:

This design is beautiful destined to become a classic. Hope I can get one day.

jishnu renugopal says:

As much as I’d like to bash the 11.59, the CEO seems like a great guy! Very honest, open and something refreshing to see in the Swiss watch industry. I wish him well in his future projects.

john dandola says:

I don’t need to be on the Titanic to realize the ship is sinking….Code 11.59 – not a worthy endeavor to divert the time and energy of AP resources.

Cédric Conter says:

I am 20 years old and adore my Omega Speedmaster and adore the Code 11:59 too! If I had the money to buy one, I would fot sure

russell996 says:

What a great guy.

J says:

6:28 “it doesn’t look like a daniel wellington” lol cant believe he actually mentioned that

Mohammad Waly says:

A nice exchange. Thank you Alexander for being objective and for not being impulsive. I hope to be able to see watches from this collection in person

0017Bulldog says:

I’m just a seiko wearing jackass, but I think the Code 11.59 is awesome. Love that they took some risks with it. You wait, this watch will end up going down in history as a great one.

Val Stepanov says:

very personal touch interview. great job alexander

Squiggly phrank says:

Daniel willington is lovin life right now!

Michael Burkhalter says:

Finally, great honest interview, speaking frankly about the huge reaction online… good to have this type of platform (WA) where you get a personal insights.
Congrats to the WA Team
Only area of improvement, audio quality

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