Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off His Epic Watch Collection | GQ

What’s in Robert Downey Jr’s jewelry box? Watches—lots of them. RDJ explains the real—and maybe not so real—backstories behind his stunning timepieces

Sit down with some of today’s top actors, musicians and athletes.

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Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off His Epic Watch Collection | GQ


Sagres d'Amor says:

Is he parodying himself? He comes across as clueless about watches.

Vidhyut Gadia says:

I wish he treated those timepieces with respect. He has no idea about the craftmanship behind those beauties and he thinks you can know a lot about a man by seeing whats in his jewelry box.

GreatHero8Bit says:

My brain can not process this video. I’m looking at watches being tossed like useless pennies and I think I heard a jab at Seiko. You just don’t insult Seiko. It’s. Not. POSSIBLE.

Anime Maniac Otaku says:

My favorite actor of all time

mordor jerkford says:

avengers : infinity watches

goerge washington says:

pub for pateck ?

Player7 says:

“Hold frame.”

MANXAN H says:

What no Ironman sport watches ? An ironic watch cause well it’s opposite Ironman it’s cheap and breaks alott u should get a Casio gshock easily EASILY THE COOLEST WATCHES ON EARTH AND TOUGHER THAN ANY IRONMAN SUIT

Han Solo says:

I was waiting for the timex.

Cade Johnson says:

That Omega is fake

Onut K says:


Guns n stuff says:

cocaine makes u crazy

Jacqueline Evans says:

I have a made in hong kong.

mkjjohn says:

i like that ring he has

numaan rehman says:

Swatch Skin Review Cool Watch

Sandy Sunflower says:

My god, hes so gorgeous, I wana curl up in a little ball and make screechy noises *_*

Daniel Hwang says:

what his limited edition dora watch?

deweys says:

“timepiece” lmao.. so artisinal

100% Entertainment says:

He’s too over confident and makes bad jokes

Haider Ali says:

Iron man needs to have a Timex Iron Man. where are the marketing people?

Big Mouth Strikes Again says:

look at me im rich

luthmhor says:

Robert Downey Jr: because talking fast must mean I’m intelligent.

Robert Browne says:

Now I’m hungry for Shawarma.

Abhimanyu Anandan says:

Nothing compared to doctor strange collection

Altair Ibn La-Ahad says:

lmao saw his sleeves and thought it was a bape shirt at first

Michae Plush says:

Hay Bobby real men don’t have a jewelry boxes. Maybe you do but teal men don’t.

Tony G says:

I hate this dude

Vando GG says:

He looks better with facial hair

Trollioli says:

I always forget that RDJ is a Wing Chun expert.

Jade it is says:

I don’t feel so good-

MadHatter1337 says:

RDJ and Jeff Goldblum need to hang out and film it for our amazement…

infamouscoma886 says:

Rolex makes probably the most over priced piece of meh watches. There ugly small nothing unique or anything don’t get what the point of them is.

Hyde says:

Can’t wait for his epic lift collection show off

Overspray Collector says:

He is a dickhead.

Meme Queen says:

Only RDJ can say “my watch costs more than your rent” then proceed to throw the watch on the ground whilst being filmed

Duane Buckner B says:

“What is this, a seiko?”

Mittens says:

How was he ever not tony stark

Why does he want to retire as tony stark

Bradly TheRadly says:

I honestly don’t like him in real life that much

John Shibley says:

I’ve always felt you could learn a lot about a man by the way he handles expensive, beautiful objects which many want and can not afford.

Dick Plummer says:

I have a citizen eco drive and it was expensive for me to afford. Hey Downy, toss one of those my way! haha.

ZuRriX says:

That is how you show off your watches. They are nice, you don’t make a big deal about it, you make jokes, you have fun.

Cruz Florez says:

He looks like he does coke

grx20jb w says:

Must have a good sense of humour to bag out Seiko and display what appears to be a fake Omega???

Asss BOOM says:

What a gentleman

nanda kishore Rajkumar says:

Man…. U r tony stark….. Why collect watches when u can invent your own watch which transforms into a suit……. Why bother?

Jupiter Eye says:

What jewelry box? I haven’t met a man with a jewelry box in over 30 years years.

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