Patek Philippe vs Audemars Piguet

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This week we have a Patek Philippe vs Audemars Piguet Review.

Patek Philippe Unboxing:

Audemars Piguet Unboxing:

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ManzSdS says:

I have 2 Panerai: Radiomir Black Seal and Luminor Marina, Longines, Raid, Junkers and other…. Du you like Panerai? Really…I don’t like too much AP… Rolex…ok, but I prefer Datejust model. Ciao!!

Greg Mieg says:

AP looks more masculine

Dan Avasilcai says:

Great video

frieswithmayo says:

Beautiful pieces !

Carlos Garza says:

I wouldn’t even aspire to owning any of these, but my choice is the AP. As others have mentioned, the bracelet makes up for the whole watch. Amazing how you captured the play with the light.

Stephen Pruszenski says:

Any chance we could see a Rolex Cellini.

Jeffrey Phamigo says:

Very strong title

Victor says:

what is your wrist size?

Nico Filipino says:

I don’t know ow if I missed it, but what size if your wrist? Thanks!

Iman Iman says:

Chehgadr pul doyree fml

thehermanli says:

As much as i enjoy the nautilus and how it fits on my wrist, i am not a fan of the dial layout of this particular model so I would go with the much simpler ap for this head to head..

My ideal choice between the two brands with models that have similar functions, would be the 26574
from ap. the dial is just so well executed that i could forego the power reserve function.

regardless, excellent acquisitions and videos as always.

meson1 says:

4K with great lighting. Your beautiful photography showed off those pieces wonderfully. Sometimes it’s hard to show off watches on camera. And it’s often difficult getting a good enough look at them on Youtube. So please, keep up the good work.

lecorsaire says:

Both come with really excellent boxes but Patek’s box and papers are just have an even more luxurious feel. This is why Patek is #1 and any serious collector will tell you that it doesn’t get better than Patek. Even someone like Mr. Biver who worked for AP, helped restart Blancpain and today runs Hublot is most proud of his vintage Patek collection.

muchas gracias says:

Would love to see you do a video on the Rolex Milgauss, a watch which I feel is much underrated.

Richard - says:

Thanks for sharing your video. How much wrist time does each get over the year?

3LIT3PS3ER says:

have you worn the PP properly since owning it? still looks immaculate.

Cars n' Watches says:

Both are stunning

G Vij says:

AP is a cool watch-design is very industrial futuristic. I might add one to my collection if I have a good year. I’ve got Seamaster Bond and Bond Chrono, Rolex Air King, Rolex Day Date white gold, a few Seiko’s, Casios and others. As said love more budget reviews there isn’t that much of a difference in caliber between the dearest and cheapest in my eyes just the design.

Five Year Waitlist says:

Great comparison. The bracelets on both really do look exquisite. I’m a bracelet fan…

Roberto Sánchez says:

the 5712 is the winner for me and the bracelet is much more comfortable and has a higher waterproof capabilities, more complicated… much more beautiful also

Louie Tzepher says:

Gotta go with the AP, so much more versatile and smoother.

tskwared667 says:

I wanna know why anyone would pay so much for a clock on your wrist I genuinely don’t get it, especially such ugly ones as these.

WARD says:

How have I missed this video yesterday 🙁
Love it as usual! (haven’t actually watched the video yet but i’m sure i’ll love it)

Edit: Yep, I was right.

GEARY says:

Can you review the Cartier Santos? Cheers.

Massive Hero says:

The 5712 wins this showdown, a work of art.

Priv Info says:

I had an AP Royal Oak about 4 years ago .. and it just didn’t click.. sold it for a small loss and got two more Rolexes instead (shrug) .. it was nice, but .. I don’t know.. was just odd looking and feeling and I didn’t like the clasp after wearing it for a few weeks.. I think it was around .. 20k .. but the box was different, wooden lacquered, and the manual/papers were a larger book if I recall.. Anyways.. that PP looks nicer IMO ..

ayenman says:

Patek wins this round

Magnánimo Máximo says:

Cheap and ugly watches.

LDplays says:

The PP has more of a classical beauty look. The AP due to it’s thick octagon shape looks more bossy. They are both very beautiful. I would like to know your opinion on the Casio Edifice line for the smaller budget 😉

Thomas Russo says:

Patek all the way no seconds hand and no screw down crown on the 15202 15300 much better watch

Almen Bibic says:

Keep breaking down all the parts from unboxing the watch and showing everything inside.

Dynamic Joe says:


Harshil Patel says:

have you considered of having a hublot in your watch collection?

Grfy Ddgf says:

I love patek but AP wins this round.

Rehan Khan says:

How rich these guys are

Matheesha Kirtisinghe says:

Very nice. Great review sir….

footballcoreano says:

Those are highest and most delicate craftsmanship, most complicated engineering and fine art!!!

Roots Pablow says:

Both stunning watches!! I’m just puzzled as to why AP kept the second hand off this model. I would miss that mesmerizing sweep.

Moh Jawad says:

Plzzzzzz. G-SHOCK vs swatch

Negative Gains says:

This could’ve been a really long video. Thanks for making it simple!

gmshadowtraders says:

Both watches are a horrendous waste of money. Yes they look good, but c’mon… I can easily buy 1 thousand dollar watches that are more interesting.

Michiyo Lim Jia En says:

I don’t know why for some reason the ap looks is awkward and weird it doesn’t look good or expensive at all when comparing to the patek! And it is ugly to be honest .

Francisco J. Sepulveda L. says:


Mohammad Ali Khwaja says:

The Jumbo certainly has presence but that 5712 is just something else!

Marlon Hester says:

Not that I can afford any of these, but a little part of me would die every time​ I bumped either one of these on a table or any other object while I’m wearing them.

Rajan Birring says:

Can you show us cheap but good watches

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